How To Root Nexus 7 (2013)

This tutorial explains you how to root Nexus 7 2013 tablet. By rooting your tablet you can install a custom ROM, undervolt or overclock the processor, install rooted apps, add multi-window support etc.

But one of the disadvantages of rooting is it voids your device manufacturer warranty. Also, it deletes all your data’s so you must take prior step to save the data before start to root your tablet.


The best option is to backup all your data’s by using appropriate backup applications. Plenty of backup apps are available on the Google Play Store and Android Market. So, choose the one that you likes.

Procedure to root Google Nexus 7 2013:

1.First download the nexus root toolkit from here

2.After that double-click the .exe file and install the program.

Root Nexus 7-2
3.Next when prompted select the Nexus 7 v2 option and choose the android version and build number of your phone by navigating to the path Settings > About Tablet.

Root Nexus 7-3

4.Next go to Settings > About Tablet and tap again and again until you see the option that you are a developer.

Root Nexus 7-4

5.There you need to turn on the USB debugging and plug-in the device using original USB cable.

Root Nexus 7-5

6.Next open the toolkit on your computer in case if you did not do so previously.

Root Nexus 7-6

7.Press “unlock” option in the toolkit and wait until your device is the reboot.

Root Nexus 7-7

8.When it is prompted select the “Yes” option. You can use the Volume Up button and then power button.

Root Nexus 7-8

9.By doing so, your tablet gets a reboot.

Root Nexus 7-9

10.Once it is rebooted, go through the setup process as normal until you get to the home screen.

11.Next re-enable the USB debugging option by going to the “Settings > About Phone”.

12.Tap the Build option over and over again until you are seeing a developer option on your tablet.

13.Enable the USB debugging option, plug your tablet using USB cable and check the box for custom recovery and click the “root” option in the toolkit.

Root Nexus 7-10
14.Then wait for few minutes to complete the process. The device gets reboot.

Root Nexus 7-11

15.To check whether your phone was rebooted or not open the app drawer. If your tablet was successfully rooted you can see the “Superuser” app.

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