How To Root Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562

Samsung is the most trending manufacturer in the mobile world. They manufacture many phones in the affordable prices. This tutorial is to explain how to root Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562.

Before proceeding with the tutorial, if you are a newbie must check this tutorial.



1.First make sure your mobile have the battery percentage level of minimum 70 to 80%.

2.Next enable the USB debugging mode by following the path Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging – Check box).

3.Next make sure you have backed up all the important data’s using appropriate backup applications.

Disclaimer : Follow the given below procedure at your own risk. I would not be held responsible for any damage.


1.First, download and install the Samsung KIES on your computer. In case if it is already installed, just ignore this step.

2.Next, download and extract the root files on your computer. After extracting you will be able to see the given below files.


3.After that connect your phone to the computer using USB cable and copy the file to your SD card.

4.Then Power OFF your Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 smartphone and allow it to enter into the download mode.


5.To enter into the download mode press and hold the Volume Down button, Home Button and Power Button at the same time for 4-7 seconds.


6.While you are in download mode, you will see a yellow triangle like in the given below picture. Continue the process press the Volume Up Key.


7.Now, open the Odin3 (which you have already extracted in the Step#2) on your computer. Then connect your phone to the computer.


8.Once you have connected, Odin will automatically detect your phone and show the “added message.”


9.After that click the “PDA” button and select the recovery.tar file that you have extracted in the second step.


10.Now, click the “Start” button in Odin to start the flashing process.


11.After that you will see a Green Pass Message in Odin. Now, you can disconnect your phone from the computer. During this process, your device will restart automatically.


12.After that again Power OFF your phone and enter into the recovery mode. For that, you need to press and hold the Volume Up button, Volume Down button, Home button and Power button for few seconds until you boot into the recovery mode.

13.In the Recovery menu, select the “Install zip from SD card > Choose zip from SD card > Install SuperSu”.

14.Once flashing is finished, select Go Back > Reboot System Now option from the recovery menu.


That’s it! Now, your phone was rooted. To know whether the rooting process was successfully finished, open the app menu in your phone. There, if you see SuperSU app, you can conclude that your phone was successfully rooted.


  1. sir I followed above steps it getting fail.

    plz help

  2. it has error in serial com port

  3. Sathish says:

    Hi, can you explain at which step you are getting the error?

  4. Arshik Sood says:

    it gets an error”E:whole file verification failed”

  5. muhanmed masrur says:

    When i copy supersu to sdcard it shows unsupported file ….WHAT TO DO?

  6. I think your version is not supported. What version are you using?

  7. muhammed masrur says:

    4.0.4 …i just now gone to recovery mode it says signature fail and other two error occured..pls tell in details..THANKS

  8. how to install android kitkat in samsung glaxy gt-s7562

  9. I am not sure whether it is possible. But I will have a look at it and will let you know.

  10. i hv followed the steps you have mentioned below even im getting error..E:whole file verification failed”
    signature failed..

  11. same problem sir what i do

  12. sir i am used s7562 (4.0.4) , i follow the all steps on your website but when see the pass massage on odin , i disconnect the phone , when i boot the phone into recovery mode only stock recovery show and no option available install from zip card only available option apply update from sd card , when i select file then installation failed , please help me , reply on my email id

  13. Same problem here…!

  14. Aayush Kalra says:

    Hello sir.I followed each and every step given bellow. Every thing went good. After following all the steps, i download root checker. It said that my galaxy s dous does not have root access. I was confused because i followed every step….plz help sir.
    I’ll be very thankful.

  15. Vinyas Rao says:

    Sir, if rooting fails can i b able to use my phone…some say that we wont be able to repair it if something goes wrong.

  16. Sir … cannot install superuser ….. the recovery is installed after that when i go to recovery menu m… it has an option install update from sd card ..m. when i choose …. super user file … iit shows installation is aborted 🙁 … plss any solution

  17. Hi, try again from the first step. If the recovery installation went fine, then you will surely be able to install the super user file.

  18. Hi,

    Even if your phone gets bricked during rooting, we can resolve the issue. Don’t worry about it.

  19. Getting error
    E:failed to verify whole-file signature
    E:signature verification failed

  20. It seems the recovery.tar file given here doesn’t work anymore. I have given an updated version of the .tar file now. Try now!

  21. where is the upadated version of .tar file

  22. hello sir,
    s duos GT7562
    i am Getting error
    E:failed to verify whole-
    file signature
    E:signature verification

  23. sir, i followed u till the 13th step… after that when my phone does its work… it suddenly says :
    E:failed to verify whole file signature
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted

    Now what i am supposed to do??? u have posted a link above stating that its for the UPDATED VERSION of the recovery.tar file…. BUT when i clicked it… it showed me a list of links how to root various phones and etc….
    SIR, i am asking for the specific link to the UPDATED recovery.tar file!!!
    i hope u will help me…
    and by the way ur site is the most SYSTEMATIC AND INFORMATIVE in the category for PHONE ROOTING WEBSITES!!!…. i will tell all my friends about this SITE…. I TRUST THIS SITE!!! bcoz just before this i rooted my SONY XPERIA C2305… it was very quick and helpful!!!

  24. Here is the rooting package link: where the updated .tar file is present. Use it.

  25. Ashish Kumar Saini says:

    Sir I Followed All steps and all steps were right but the last step of installing SuperSu had beed aborted so please solve my issue coz on starting my phone its displaying an error sign of yellow triangle shape.

  26. Hi, when I am trying to run odin3 v1.85.exe, it is opening a data file downloader, which is creating a zip file Odin3 Which on trying to unzip giving error “archive is either in unknown format or damaged”.

    I am not getting the interface given in step 8 at all. Please guide what I am missing, or what needs to be done here.


  27. Visit here: and get Odin. I have given plenty of resources for download Odin.

  28. after doing the process of odin i remove my battery.after that when i restart the phone and check if it is rooted by rootchecker it says that it isn’t rooted also if i go to your next step it doesn’t give any option to install from sd card

  29. Denyialbhai Mecwan says:

    hello sir . I pass odin steps. nut when install form sdcard super user is not done. installation is aborted msg appear. I reapet your steps many time but not helpfull.

  30. Follow the steps given in the video tutorial!

  31. For those where the super user install fails:
    When the phone auto-reboots after the “PASS” message in ODIN, You must remove the battery just as the phone vibrates. Otherwise the stock recovery will overwrite the flashed recovery file.

  32. Thanks for the tip!

  33. Denyialbhai Mecwan says:

    hello sathish sir, I cant move ahed step no.13 . I Pass odin step. install recovery.tar. when I try to enter recovery mode phone enter android recovery mode not in cwm mode. I go to install super user from sdcard but “installation aborted ” msg appear again n again. please help me. I open your mail reched your web page. give me link or step how to install custom revcovery.

  34. It should work. Please watch the video.

  35. It was a success! thanks Mr Sathish! 🙂

    guys i tried a lot of times and it is the pain in the ass. it never succeed.
    why? because im not following ALL the instuction BEFORE.

    Root your PHONE with a battery charge BETWEEN 70 to 80%! i ignored this before

    then on the part of the steps that requires to remove the battery when the phone vibrates… Guys during the vibration remove the battery quickly! do not let the vibration finish.

    by the way my android version is ICS 4.0.4

    thanks again and good luck guys

  36. Glad to hear!

  37. Sir,

    I have been able to follow all the steps as per the details given by you…. but when i reach the recovery mode there is no option of “Installing zip from SD card”

    There is an option of applying update from external storage but it doesnt work for the zip file copied in the sd card.

  38. i have done all the step still i am getting E:signature verification failed…

  39. Dude still it is not working,,,,i have tried with 70-80% battery also,,,,,giving two error while installing updates from SD card,,,,,,,,,,,
    Plz Help ,,,what to do????

  40. I am not sure what you are doing wrong. Check the video. It will work!

  41. same problem occured with me too. Please reply 🙁

  42. Chintan Ramani says:

    In odin i am not getting yellow thing (0:COM7) after that we need to click start but i am not getting that thing only please help…….

  43. hrushikesh says:

    same problem hear

  44. hrushikesh says:

    तेरी ये rooting की प्रोसेस डिब्बेमे पैक कर के फेक दे .
    एकदम बक्वास

  45. Download and install Samsung USB drivers. Everything will work properly then.

  46. Rakesh Liya says:

    it show aborted

  47. Try again. It will work for sure.

  48. works for me dude…………..
    thx a lot

  49. Amit mishra says:


  50. Why? What error are you getting?

  51. Simple way to root your phone, just download
    root master and open it
    after that
    turn on your mobile data and click on root in root master app. That’s it

  52. I’m facing the same problem too…

  53. Thanks for the tip man!

  54. In the last step, where we need to install SuperSU from recovery mode,

    while installing the Update-SuperSU v1-1.80 (which i downloaded from it gives the following error message:

    — Install /sdcard–
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying update package..
    E: failed to verify whole-file signature
    E: signature verification failed
    Installation aborted.

  55. root

  56. Dear, Mr. Sathish,

    When I downloaded and extracted the ”roots files” from link that you are provided I did not get the files “SuperSu’ that you mentioned above. Where as I got the below mentioned items in a .zip format. Its only the is matching with your list of files given above in your site.


    Do this files files or need to down load again from any other source. Please help.

  57. Same problem with my phone.. please inform me if you get the solution, please.

  58. shreeyansh says:

    sirr……….i had download samsung usb drivers on my pc……………… while instaliung…….
    …… error occurs which says that………”intallation failed mobile phn or any other drivers is connectd remove and restart the comp “……intead of no other hardware connectd to it……………..plzz let me know …..iits sol. and how to remove first insstalled drivers

  59. sir i completed all ur tutorial………it is successfully completed……..i also have the superuser app installed on my device…………but when i opened root checker………it says that the device does not have root access…. 🙁 please help

  60. m not getting the option install zip from sd pls help

  61. i have done every thing and i have opened superuser for the first time but i didn’t see the root checker or the allow or deny message in the first start up ???
    any help pleas

  62. It worked guys. Just add this step:
    After flashing recovery.tar when the device restart, you should remove battery.Otherwise, the system recovery will overwrite the CWM recovery.
    @Akash: I think, you missed this step.

  63. The same problem

  64. i was successfully completed flashing with Odin and than i was gone to recovery mod and select the zip from sd card it is showing message as: E: fails to mount / sd card(no such file or directory). what should i do plz help me.

  65. in Samsung mobile is not go to recovery mode

  66. Hi,
    Root is done but when i open play store
    It shows the their is no internet connection but mobile data is on and also run other applications but preloaded application didn’t

    Plz tell me the solution

  67. I’m unable to install Zip from sd card… when i try it says
    E:signature verification failed.
    What do I do? 🙁

  68. Roshan Singh says:

    Sir, i cant access to the download mode.. is it requires wifi or not??? and i have superuser3.1.3

  69. It does not pass it fails what to do

  70. thanx for the solution

  71. Kingroot.exe download and install connect ur device PC kingroot software run and rooted ur device

  72. When the rooting is not complete,it will harm the phone or not?

  73. Mandeep Kaur says:

    hello sir i am getting problem while i second time restart my device. wen i trying to install the package and restart it its start normally. its not open in a recovery mode. what is the problem occurring i don’t understand. can u pls just help me to solve it. i also tried again from stating but facing same problem again and again. May be with the first step it install some file in device so how can i erase those files and getting start from the beginning. Please do me a favor.


  74. jayant raut says:

    odin is not detecting my device !!!!!!

  75. Thanx For Helping …. I have done

  76. NUSRY IQBAL says:

    sir, i followed all the steps..& done it successfully. but odin’s reply also PASS. but when iam checking by root checker, there is error which is telling not rooted.&also there is no #superuser

  77. like my phone

    Will this harm my phone

  78. i cant get option in recovery menu’ install zip from sd card ‘……….

  79. gundamaiah says:

    “added message was not showing in odin after connecting my samsung mobile using cable

  80. hey dude thanks for all that but I’ve a query will u please give the solution.
    THE QUERY is what exactly is recovery.tar ?
    you have used it but how.
    I ve already download ODIN3
    and superuser-3.1.3v.
    will u let me know.
    as soon as possible rest all thing are perfectly explained!!!!!

  81. recovery.tar is a custom recovery file. When you install it via Odin, you will be able to boot into the custom recovery and from there on you will be able to install SuperUser.

  82. You haven’t installed the USB drivers or the drivers you have installed are not working properly. Fix it and you will be able to see the Added message.

  83. Good day. Pls my phone is not going into recovery mode. What should I do?

  84. Sathish says:

    You will have to flash custom recovery first using Odin.

  85. it shows “failed to verify whole file signature” and hence gets aborted
    while in recovery mode

  86. I’ve downloaded the root files from the link u gave above, but I didn’t get the file “SuperSu’ that you mentioned above.
    i found these 2 : CWM-SuperSU-v0.96 & CWM-Superuser-3.1.3
    which one should i use ?

  87. You can use any of them.

  88. Thanks bro, it worked fine
    now can you recommend me the best + safest mod to install on my phone ?
    it’s kinda very very slow and i wanna make it better

  89. ok i take back my words … the root didn’t work
    i did all the steps right and like in the video u gave in comments
    and at the end i found the superuser app icon so i thought it’s rooted now
    but with root checking apps it’s not rooted
    can you help ?

  90. So i followed all the steps till the end, but no rooting and i think something wrong happened to the phone
    how can i remove the root and all the stuff that have been changed ?

  91. Check whether you will be able to install and access applications which only supports rooted devices, then you will know for sure whether your device is rooted or not.

  92. Successflully completed ! Thank you

  93. You are welcome!

  94. Hi ser,
    I followed your instructions to root my s5 dous but when i reached the booting screen and choose the first option i get this messages :-
    2012 giantpune
    [-] can’t get a handle on it-1permission denied
    A demon matirilzed while booting. Erorr code 18. Su binery was not written.
    Please let me know what is the problem. My phone android system is 4.4.2
    than you

  95. Karan Singh says:

    Signature Verification failed while installing zip file in recovery mode.

  96. sasikumar says:

    Sir I Install the lolipop on samsung s dous after installation it doestn’t switch on please help me

  97. Which tutorial did you follow for installing Lollipop?

  98. Dear Sathish,
    Thank u for your guidance. My phone is Samsung Galaxy GT-S7562i duos which has no front cam and flash for back cam. It’s back cam is 3M. I think GT-S7562(S duos) has bit differ features. I wonder whether this procedure is compatible for my model(GT-S7562i). Pl also let me know whether dual sim, camera, touch etc. make no trouble after rooting by this procedure. Thanks.

  99. Sathish says:

    Well, I haven’t tested this procedure with your device. If you are interested, you can go ahead and do it. Or else, wait until I test it myself.

  100. I get this error
    Can’t open the serial(COM) port.
    How to solve it, please?

  101. could you install this without a sd card?

  102. Sathish says:

    Nope, you can’t!

  103. Sathish says:

    When do you get this error?

  104. I am not able to start my phone in recovery mode as shown in step 12.

    12.After that again Power OFF your phone and enter into the recovery mode. For that you need to press and hold the Volume Up button, Volume Down button, Home button and Power button for few seconds until you boot into the recovery mode.

    Please help.
    Model S7262

  105. In step 11 instead of getting pass it gives fail and the above error

  106. all thing is sucess bt while i have install supersu it said no su binary is install what to do and i have check root it tell me your device is not rooted properly how can we instal super su from pc to samsung device without from direct instal from samsung.. bt while i check it from oneclick root.apk it tell me your device can root plz help me while switch on button of sammsung it shows me triangle yellow does it mean rooted or what plz help what should i do now… sir

  107. Sir, if I root my phone so what improve in my phone

  108. Sathish says:

    You can do a lot of things. Check out this article to know more:

  109. i have flashed recovery file 20-24 times from odin now i want to remove these files because i was not able to root gt s7562 properly using ur method
    i hve rooted device using other way

  110. The recovery I have given is not gonna cause any issue. So don’t worry about it all. If you have rooted your device using another method, share it here so that others can follow it as well.

  111. Hi I try to root my Samsung s duos. After I enter into download mode I connected phone to laptop and opened odi exe file but there it is not detecting my I cannot go forward please help me what I have to do now.

  112. sayyedirshad says:

    My samsung sduos lolipopp apdet

  113. Question… I’m a newbie about this root thing… if i root my Duos… thus all my contacts and Files will be delete or not?

  114. Sathish says:

    If you root your device by following this method, yes it will get lost. So take backup and then root your device.

  115. Hi, friends …Root your phone in one Click with Root Genius. I already tried it.It works…..

  116. Good job you are doing here.

    I have gt kies and all the root fies. But whenever I try connect my s duos 7652 to pc, it keeps showing ‘usb drivers not sucessfully installed’. I have downloaded diff. samsung usb drivers, all showing same thing. My pc only recognises the phone as another drive, so I can copy data out and into it. Does anyone know a link to a tested and woking samsung usb driver? Or is it problem with the pc?

    I use win7, usb debugged ON.

  117. Try installing the USB driver given here: and connect your device. If it doesn’t work, use a different USB cable.

  118. Thnks for your response.
    1. Is download mode the same as Factory mode? I asked this because when I pressed down and held the three keys (vol down, power and home buttons) and releasing them, I was only led to Factory Mode with this options:
    . Full test
    . Item test
    . Test report
    . Clear eMMC
    . Reboot.

    I CANNOT SEE ANY YELLOW TRIANGLE OR MESSAGE as in no.6 above. Am I in the right direction? If yes, what option do I select here? Or is there anything I am doing wrong?

    2. The usb drivers in the link is v1.5.49.0. I tried it but my phone still show ‘drivers not installed successfully’. I also tried diff. USB cables. Pls what could be the problem? I REALLY WANT TO ROOT THIS PHONE.

  119. Sathish says:


    Download the USB drivers from here:, install it in your computer and then try again!

  120. sir. iam press down button up button home button and power button but not coming cwm recovery button press but come normaly mode. please help me .

  121. abhinav bisht says:

    does i need sd card for this

  122. Sathish says:

    Yes, you certainly do!

  123. anjit pandey says:

    I followed all the steps mentionedmentioned but when I booted in to recovery mode it was not cwm ….but it was my stock recovery….pls help

  124. Ankur Patel says:

    I have completed all procedure on my phone (Samsung GT-S7562 DUOS) successfully. but after rebooting phone, SUPERSU icon doesn’t appears on screen.
    does my phone rooted? as I can not see any changes in phone.

  125. mobile network signal strength reduced after rooting ,no signal in 3g mode. !!!

  126. after completing root ,root checker saying ‘root access in not properly installed’!!

  127. Sathish says:

    If you see SuperSU app in your device, then your device is rooted. Forget what the root checker says!

  128. sir, when i tried to install the superuser apk zip file in the android recovery mode, i was facing a problem.
    it shows me error –>”E:failed to verify whole-file signature” and “E:signature verification failed”
    and at last it shows, installation aborted. what should i do sir? please help me

  129. I cannot still get my phone drivers intsalled successfully on my pc bt with a wide reading thru d internet I was able to discover “kingroot” app and this did d job within three minutes even without pc. So my s duos 7562 is now fully rooted and tested.

    1. I’m now faced with how to install custom rom, if possible without pc. Pls how can I go about this? Remember no usb drivers have worked so far.
    2. Using kingroot to root the phone now made “kinguser” app installed automatically on my phone. Since much importance is attached to “superuser” app before installing rom, can I still go ahead and independently download and install “superuser” app on the same phone?