Tutorial To Root Moto G Android Phone On Any Firmware

Moto G is one of the smartest phone from the Motorola manufacturer. So, if you are a Moto G user and want to root your phone just follow this tutorial.

Please be aware that Unlocking and Rooting the smartphone will void the manufacturer warranty. So, think twice before you decided to root your phone.



1.Please, backup all your internal data’s before try to root your smartphone by using appropriate backup application so then it will be safe.

2.Next enable the USB debugging option in your phone so then it can communicate with the computer.

3.Next make sure the battery percentage level of your phone was at least 75% so then your phone doesn’t get switched off during the middle of the updating process.

Steps to root Moto G Android Phone:

1.First, go to official Motorola website and unlock the bootloader of your Moto G phone.

2.After that go here and download the latest version of Superboot.

3.Next extract the contents of the zip file inside a new folder called as “moto” in your desktop.

4.After that open the command prompts in your computer and go to the “moto” folder.

5.Next turn off your phone by pressing the Volume Down button and Power button together. So, then your Moto G phone will enter into the bootloader mode.

6.Once it entered into the bootloader mode connect your phone to the computer with the help of USB cable and then enter the given below commands based on your computer operating system.

If your operating system is Mac enter this command:


If your operating system is Windows enter this one:


7.Once the process is finished, you will be greeted with the Super SU and Root Access installation message.

If you want to confirm whether the Rooting Process in your Moto G smartphone was successful, just download the Root Checker app from Google Play Store and check its status. Just in case, if the rooting process was not successful just try the hole process once again.

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