How To Upgrade Karbonn A25 To Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

If you are a Karbonn A25 user and want to upgrade your phone by using Android 4.3 Jellybean follow this tutorial. With the new version of the android operating system, you will get more benefits on your phone. Once you have rooted your phone, it will get more features, more security, and faster performance.

Keep in mind that since it is not an official firmware, you must root your phone to install this. In case if you are not sure whether your phone was rooted or not, download the “Root Checker” app from Google Play Store and check its status.



1.This upgrade procedure may wipe your data. So, it is recommended to take a full backup of important data’s using appropriate backup applications. Plenty of apps are available in Google Play Store and Android Market to back up the data. So, download the one which is convenient for you and backup the data’s.

2.In addition to the SMS, MMS, Call register, Contacts, Images, Videos, Files you are recommended to note down the APN and MMS settings also. Because, this too may get deleted while upgrading your phone. These settings are important for surfing the web.

3.Next enable the USB Debugging option in your Karbonn A25, so then it can communicate with the computer.

4.Finally, check the battery percentage level of your phone and make sure it is not less than 75%. If it is low, it may get switched OFF during the middle of the process.

Procedure to upgrade Karbonn A25 to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean:

1.First, download the ROM Manager from Google Play Store and install Clock Work Mod Recovery on your phone.

2.Next download the Karbonn A 25_4.3 Jelly file from below. Since the ROM file size is 128 MB, I have split the file into 3 parts:


3.To combine these 3 files into 1 use the WINRAR, and extract the files into zip format. If you encounter any problem with the ROM, maybe because the ROM have corrupted during the download process, just retry to download the ROM.

4.Once you have downloaded the ROM, connect your Karbonn A25 to the computer using USB cable and copy the downloaded ROM to your phones SD card.

5.After that, restart your phone in the recovery mode using ROM Manager. When you are in recovery mode, go to ROM Manager select the “Backup/Restore” option to back up the data’s (in case if you do not backup the data’s already, otherwise simply ignore this one).

6.From the recovery menu do a total data erase including the Dalvik Cache. Once completed, go back to recovery menu and choose the “Flash ROM from SD Card”.

7.Go to the location where you have copied the Jellybean file on your SD card and follow the directions for installing the same and let it finish the process.

That’s it! Now, your Karbonn A25 was successfully installed with the android 4.3 Jelly bean. Enjoy its new features and performances on your phone.

34 thoughts on “How To Upgrade Karbonn A25 To Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

  1. sir..i have rooted my phone..n yesterday i had change my phone’s “font” and “boot logo” but after rebooting my phone it just stuck on the boot screen and become hang…how can i get rid of it.. i had done factory reset to my phone but it doesnt work either…plzz email me with the answer okay.. i will be glad to you.

  2. hey just install ubuntu on your phone. It helps to get rid of you from this problem. Many tutorials are available in YouTube regarding that. So, check them to install Ubuntu on your phone.

  3. Anyone tried this update? Any problem u noticed? if there is some bug in it, please let me. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks 🙂

  4. rom manager says ur device doesnot support cwm recovery…. wat to do plz help…. m using rooted karbonn a25….

  5. I have rooted karbonn a25 and I dont think any custom rom supported by A25. Is this really working or not??? If yes,then I would be happy to update my android version.

  6. Hi.. I got a problem. I have done all the process but at last ur is showing “SIGNATURE VERIFICATION FAILED”…:'(:'( WHY…!!! PLZ HELP

  7. Do you want to upgrade your Karbonn A25 theme to Samsung Galaxy S2 or do you want to just root it? I don’t understand your query. So please explain clearly.

  8. i am having Karbonn A25, Problem is to installing Apps is getting failed with error message you do not have enough space, while in my SD card 4 GB space available, hence i wanted to upgrade but my phone warranty is about to over so can not take risk on it. If i will upgrade the Android OS here this problem could be fixed or not.?? Can service centre upgrade the OS ??

  9. hi, i have karbon A25 and from last few days it is giving these problems since i uninstalled facebook from my phone.
    1. touch key pad is not working. i cant type anything.
    2. applications have become eratic.
    3. battery backup has become extremely low.
    4. i cant download any application.
    can any one help me

  10. I am not sure what is causing these issues. Trying rooting the device and see whether it fixes the problem. Or else, you have to reinstall your device software.

  11. Is there any stable Costom ROM 4.1 Or above available for KARBONN A21 please suggest the link.
    I have rooted and installed cwm recovery for Karbonn A21

  12. You can root your Karbonn phone just by using a poot.apk app without needing any computer assistance:
    Search it in google

  13. How can I change my karbonn a99 Android jelly bean version from 4.2 to 4.3. Plz help me ….

  14. Hi,

    I haven’t tried rooting or updating the device yet. Will publish a tutorial, when i do.

  15. i’ve tried all of them. but i think that link is properly locked. do u have any alternative option to download, Sir?

  16. but when sir? im very exited to install jelly bean in my phone, so plz sir give me alterative link. or nything to easy to download rom

  17. Hey , I was hoping you could help me find a stock rom or custom rom for my rooted Karbonn A50s .
    Right now, it’s stuck on boot loop and i need a rom to flash. Please help

  18. i want my karbon titaniums9 4.2 android version to kitkat how to upgrade plzzz help me