How To Root LG Optimus L5 E610/E612/E615/E617

If you are using LG Optimus L5 E610/E612/E615/E617 smartphone and want to root any of the devices, just follow this tutorial. The steps and rooting file are same for all these four models.

Full credit goes to the XDA member XxXKINGMAKXxX, who has come up with this procedure.



1.Before start with the procedure, just check your phone model number and ensure about the same.

2.Next backup all your internal data’s which was available in your phone using backup applications. Because, the given below procedure will wipe them completely.

3.After that ensure the battery percentage level of your LG Optimus L3 E400 smartphone, it helps to avoid the power issues while unrooting the device.

4.Make sure the LG USB Drivers are installed on your computer. And also note that the drivers are available only for Mac OS and Windows.

Disclaimer : Proceed the given below procedure at your own risk. I would not be held responsible for any damage that occur to your phone.

(a) Root file

(b) IS11LG_SystemBackupTest.signed.apk

Installation instructions to unroot LG Optimus L5 E610/E612/E615/E617:

1.First go to Play Store, download and install “Astro File Manager”

2.Next go to “System Settings > Developer Options > Enable USB debugging”. While you are performing this step, your mobile should not be connected to the computer. You can connect the phone after the USB debugging is enabled.

3.Next go to “System Settings > Security > Enable Unknown Sources”

4.After that copy the APK “IS11LG_SystemBackupTest.signed.apk” in the root package to you SD CARD. You can do this by connecting your Mobile Device in “MTP – Media Sync Transfer Mode”.

5.Now using “Astro File Manager” go to My Files 2 or Local Storage 2 and install “IS11LG_SystemBackupTest.signed.apk” into your phone.

6.After that change your mobile connection mode to “Charge only mode”.

7.Next you need to open the app after successful installation. You will see a message “Hello World”.

8.Now reboot your phone by holding the power button for 15 seconds. Please make a note that, the app should be kept open while rebooting.

9.Once the phone is completely rebooted, just run the “root.bat” if you are using Windows or “” if you are using Linux or “” if you are using MAC OS.

That’s it. The rooting process is finished. Now, you can find the superuser app in your device.

 NOTE : If you have any issues, after rooting your phone just reset your phone and then resolve your issues.

3 thoughts on “How To Root LG Optimus L5 E610/E612/E615/E617

  1. i follow the procedure to root my LG-e615, but i have problem regarding the last step :
    Once the phone is completely rebooted, just run the “root.bat” if you are using Windows or “” if you are using Linux or “” if you are using MAC OS.

    Where do I run root.bat? in my desktop or phone, and under which program to run it.


  2. after upgrading my lg e615(f) duo from ice to jelly through lg suite the keeps on blinking at the logo.Please help