How To Root Micromax A87 Ninja 4

If you are a user of Micromax A87 Ninja 4 smartphone, then probably you are searching a right tutorial to root your phone, so then you can increase the RAM of your phone. This is the right and easy tutorial to root your phone.

Micromax A87 Ninja 4


1.First, backup all your important data’s that you have saved in your Micromax A87 Ninja 4 smartphone. Because rooting procedure will wipe all the data’s in your phone. If you have a backup, you can easily recover all your data.

2.After that check the battery percentage level of your Micromax A87 Ninja 4, in case it is low charge them fully. This will help to avoid the power issues while rooting process is going on.

3.Next enable the USB debugging in your phone by navigating to the path “Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging”.

Java JDK for 32 bit (Please ensure that you are following this method on 32-bit operating system. You can check that by right clicking on my computer).

(a)Android SDK

(b)Unlock Root


(d)Micromax USB Drivers

Disclaimer : Follow the given below procedure at your own risk. I would not be held responsible for any damage that occurs to your phone, in case you do not follow the procedure properly.

Procedure to Root Micromax A87 Ninja 4 smartphone:

1.First download and install Android SDK and Java JDK from the links.

2.Once you have downloaded, the files connect your phone to the computer via USB cable.

3.Once you have installed Android SDK, go to the folder where you have installed it (Default should be C:/programs/Java).

4.Search a program called SDK Manager in this folder and double-click on it to open.

5.Now a popup window will appear, just select Android SDK tools and Google driver. Don’t select any other option and click on install option.

6.Once it has been installed successfully, grab the file “ADB-USB.ini” and put into the directory-C: user name> android.

7.After that install the Micromax A87 USB drivers and install Unlock root on your computer and start it up.

8.Now you will see a big green button with a label “root.” Hit this “root” button, the rooting process will begin on your phone.

9.If it asks for a device, just select Micromax A87 from the list.

That’s it! Now you have root access in your phone. If you want to check just download and install the Root Checker app from Google Play Store. It will show the status of your phone.

6 thoughts on “How To Root Micromax A87 Ninja 4

  1. How Can I root access my Micromax A27 mobile on my window 8.1 laptop.Plez give me the help sir

  2. I get an error while runing unlock root. It keeps prompting me to install driver. If i say yes, it will repeat the same message and if i say no it goes back to root option. I don’t know whats wrong. I had fully followed all procedures as slated above. Please resolve.

  3. Sorry my mistake. Actually the problem was placement of ADB-USB.ini and android. folder. I had mistaken the location mentioned in the above article (step 6) and placed under directory c followed by username. Should be in root folder of User’s profile directory (%userprofile%) which translates, if window is installed in c drive, to “C:\Users\[UserName]” but the text in step 6 says c:\[UserName]. Please correct the same.
    Nevertheless thanks for the article. I have managed to root my device.
    Another query I want to pose is the unlock root application is reported by MSE as suspicious and vulnerable. I’m not sure of the threat level but can we trust the application?

  4. Yes you can trust the application. It won’t inject malware or do something fishy activities.