How To Root Sony Xperia T Smartphone

If you are the user of Sony Xperia T smartphone and want to root your phone, just follow this tutorial. After rooting your smartphone, you can install any custom ROMs and apps which require the root access. Xperia-T-LT30


1.This rooting procedure will wipe your data. So, it is recommended to take a full backup of important data’s using appropriate backup applications. Plenty of apps are available in Google Play Store and Android Market to backup the data’s. So, download the one which is convenient for you and backup the data’s.

2.In addition to the SMS, MMS, Call register, Contacts, Images, Videos and Files you are recommended to note the APN and MMS settings also. Because, this too may get deleted once you root your phone. These settings are important while you are using so note down that.

3.Finally, check the battery percentage level of your phone and make sure it is not less than 75%. If it is low, it may get switched OFF during the middle of the process.

Disclaimer : Follow the given below procedure at your own risk. I would not be held responsible/liable for any damage.

Procedure to root Sony Xperia T Smartphone:

1.First, download the root package from here.

2.After downloading the file, just places them on your desktop on your computer.

3.Enable the USB debugging option on your device by going to Menu>Settings>Developer Options>USB debugging.

4.Connect your phone to the computer using USB cable.

5.Double-click on the RunMe.bat file to launch the root utility.

6.It will ask you to choose the mode, select Normal mode.

7.Select Root option in the tool.

8.Next follow the on-screen instructions.

That’s it. Now you have rooted. Congrats!

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