Tips To Fix “Not Booting Error” In Android Phone

If your android phone is not booting properly for any reason, just try the given below steps. Definitely, it will help to rectify the error.

This problem may persist due to bad hardware or Android OS corrupt or by the use of the errant app. So, by doing any one of the given below steps you can fix the issue.

not booting error

1. Remove Hardware:

Due to hardware problem sometimes you cannot boot your PC. So, if the SD card or any other hardware plugged into your device just unplug it and then check whether it solves the problem on your Android phone.

2. Reinsert the battery:

If your phone doesn’t start for any reason, then pull out the battery from your phone and leave it for the minimum of 10-15 seconds. But don’t try this process for the mobiles which doesn’t provide the option to remove the battery.

After 10-15 seconds, just reinsert the battery and then see whether it fix the issue. Although this process does not seem to be logical, it works fine for almost all the phones.

3. Power issues:

If your device is not turning ON, then it may not have enough power since, every device requires minimum power to turn ON. So, just connect your phone to the power adapter and let them charge fully.

It is not advised to use the connection to a computer as it is not enough to power the Android phone. Many people use the USB port to charge the device, but, in this case, it will not work.

The another reason for this issue is due to the old battery. If it is old, it never done its work efficiently. So, it is better to replace the same with new one.

4. Hard Reset:

If none of those above steps are working then at least try to reset your device. But remember that the hard reset will erase all the data in your phone.

Usually, there is a provision provided to go with the hardware reset of your phone before the phone loads. So, just look out for the same in your manual for particular instructions and get your phone into the recovery mode.

For most of the phone, it is the combination of Volume Up button and power button. If you are using Samsung phone then you need to long press the Volume Up button along with the holding power button you need to press the menu button too.

Once you have entered into the recovery mode, you must click “Clear cache/Factory Reset and Wipe Data” options.

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