Tutorial To Flash Stock Firmware In Samsung Galaxy Core GT-i8262

This tutorial explains how to flash stock firmware using Odin on Samsung Galaxy Core GT-i8262 smartphone.

Flashing the stock firmware help you to get manufacturer warranty back on your smartphone. As you know, the warranty of your smartphone mostly voids when you try to root your phone. At that situation, if you face any problem and want to be normal, just flash the stock firmware and be safe.



1.Just take a full backup of your smartphone, before trying any thing newly in that. So, that if anything goes wrong, you can recover all your data. So, do a backup with the appropriate backup applications. Plenty of backup applications are available in Google Play Store and Android Market.

2.Next, ensure the battery power of your phone is sufficient to proceed this procedure. In case, if it switched off during the middle of the rooting process for any reason, it will cause undesirable consequences on your phone. So, charge your Samsung Galaxy Core smartphone fully or at least up to 80%.

3.Check the model number of the phone before proceeding this procedure in “About Phone” section. In case, the model number is different don’t follow this procedure, because I’m not sure this will work in other models too. If it causes any problems, I would not hold responsible for that.

4.Finally, download the Samsung USB Drivers especially which is available for Samsung Galaxy Core smartphone and download the same on your computer. Once it is installed just reboot your computer.

Disclaimer : The given below procedure might brick your phone, in case you are not following the instructions properly. So, make sure whatever you are doing is correct and at your own risk. I would not be held responsible for any damage.

Procedure to flash Stock Firmware on Samsung Galaxy Core GT-i8262:

1.First download the Odin from here and save it in your computer.

2.After that extract the Odin file on your desktop.

3.Next download the update firmware.zip (depend on your country) from here and save that too in your computer.

4.Now, extract the contents of firmware also and save in your desktop.

5.After that turn off your phone and boot into the download mode by pressing Volume down button + Menu button + Power button simultaneously.

6.Once you have entered into the download mode, a “Warning” message will appear on your phone.

7.After that again press Volume Up button to enter into the download mode.

8.Then again open “ODIN 3.07.exe” on your desktop and connect your Samsung Galaxy Core GT-i8262 smartphone by using USB cable.

9.Once the connection is established with Odin, an “ADDED” message will be displayed on the Odin interface.

10.Also the ID: COM section will be turned to blue or yellow color.

11.Next click on the PDA button and select the Gt-i8262XXXXXX_i8262XXXXXX_XXXHOME.tar you extracted on the desktop (please note the file name may be different to you).

12.Now click the start button and wait for upto 10 minutes to complete the process. (Don’t even touch your phone while flashing the firmware, because it will brick your phone)

13.Once the process is finished, you will see a PASS and RESET message on ODIN application.

14.Your phone will reboot automatically, and you should be booted successfully.

15.That’s it! Now, you have flashed the stock firmware successfully on your Samsung Galaxy Core GT-i8262 smartphone. Enjoy!

Here are some noteworthy points for your reference:

1. In case, the ODIN get stuck anywhere just close the ODIN. Disconnect your phone from computer by removing the USB cable and then again connect the phone to the computer. After that again open the ODIN and repeat the tutorial.

2. If your phone gets a boot loop (i.e it get the boot animation again and again) reboot the phone into the recovery mode by pressing Volume Up button + Down button + Menu button and Power button together.

Then perform a “wipe data factory reset” > “wipe cache partition” and then choose “reboot system now” option.

34 thoughts on “Tutorial To Flash Stock Firmware In Samsung Galaxy Core GT-i8262

  1. i have done it till the part for connecting the USB cable..but after connecting nothins is showing on ODIN interface…help

  2. Reinstall the USB driver. If the driver is installed properly, you will see something on ODIN!

  3. my phone was brick because the time i did this tutorial my pc shutdown by itself. now i cant get into download mode. how to fix it. please help me :'(

  4. Flash Stock Firmware man. You can unbrick it. Or let me know your mobile exact model number. I will provide a working tutorial to unbrick.

  5. I cant enter recovery mode by presing vol up+power+home key
    In galaxy core i8262.
    Help me……

  6. Hi, I followed a different guide to installing a custom rom. It required me to install CWM Recovery. I successfully installed CWM Recovery but now everytime I boot shows a yellow triangle warning and boots to CWM Recovery. I’ve already wiped my cache and partition as the guide told me to do so. I’m stuck now at CWM recovery and the yellow triangle warning. I would highly appreciate it if you can help me bring back the official rom for my Core i8262 to work.

  7. Hi, I recovered from above stage by pushing a cwm recovery in recovery partition.
    After this I installed a Kitkat build1 by Vaibhav ,but it is got a boot page of whirling circles ,from which it is not proceeding or got stucked there.
    Please help! me if any body knows about it how to fix it.

  8. the id:com is not turning blue or yellow .
    i installed drivers also.
    i checked in device manager that there is ! this mark in samsung mobile usb cdc compsite drive

  9. hey first i rooted my samsung galaxy core i8262 and after i got new version ..but i did factoryreset now nothing is working ….what to do now to unroot ?

  10. Did you follow the method given here to root? Let me know. I will need to know which method you have used to provide the unrooting tutorial.

  11. hey plz help me.i have finished all step but in last step that indtall from zip file.
    I choose loolicop rom file.
    its successful done when phone is rebooted phone show only Samsung logo!?!
    it cannot start. I m waiting 4 hours for it when it start.
    so solutions give me.
    what should I do for it.
    nd give me plz something to do it.
    for loolicop install.

  12. Yeah.well I was facing same problem just 3 months ago. So,I searched on Google and found that during installation process some partitions get corrupted and give same thing you told.
    To fix it you have to flash that rom directly from download mod. After this install again as you were doing before. Now see this time it must work. For your knowledge I am running lollipop in my galaxy core.

  13. my galaxy core’s wifi is not turning on
    I have flashed, factory reset
    my phone
    but still not turning on

  14. I’d just did it and every thing done right
    but when the phone boots nothing is changed!! contact, apps… nothing is deleted or changed
    any idea why?

  15. Go to Settings -> About Phone and check which version of Android it is showing up there and let me know.

  16. Pls help. I install lallicop 5.0 and lost my official rom pls is there any means of flashing to the original rom?
    please help my phone keeps on freezing

  17. Please i am in Ghana and i can’t find the rom for ghana. Pls can i download anyone for my phone in ghana?

  18. What is ins and inu stock ROM? There are the same ROMs.what is for me? I can’t understand what I download?