5 Best Apps And Mods For Rooted Android Phones

Once you have rooted your android phone and want to check about all the available apps and mods, check out this article.

Without discussing any other things, let’s go directly into the topic:

apps for rooted android phone

1. ROM Manager:


Once you have rooted your android phone, next thing you have to do is to check some cool ROMs that are available for your phone. ROMs are just like the new skin of Android phone, it entirely gives the new look to your phone and also add many features.

One of the simplest ways to install custom ROMs is to download the ROM Manager app. This app allows the users to flash their Android phone easily and also to install the custom ROMs within few clicks. This application was developed by the ClockworkMod team; they are one of the most renowned rooted Android app developers.

Click here to download ROM Manager from Google Play Store

2. Titanium Backup:


After downloading ROM Manager, you are highly recommended to download Titanium Backup. It highly helps the user to take a backup. Instead of just save the settings and personal files, Titanium Backup saves everything on your android phone including apps, data, and all other settings.

Compare to other backup applications, it is the most popular and recommended backup to the new Android user. Because, by using this application you can backup everything within few clicks.

The another use of this titanium backup is; you can use this to uninstall any application on your Android phone, including the annoying pre-installed apps.

Click here to download Titanium Backup

3. LMT Launcher:


With the LMT Launcher, you can override what all the gestures in your android device do. You can even change what swiping to the right and left does, for instance, and you can even create new exciting new gestures like diamond or square.

This LMT Launcher is all about using your android’s touchscreen to its full potential. You can even create invisible swipe areas all over your screen. It is currently available only on the XDA developer forum.

4. Multi-window Manager app:


Most of the devices don’t have the ability to run multiple apps side-by-side. After rooting your phone, you can easily run the application windows side by side for the ultimate Android experience.

It is especially helpful if you want to post something on Facebook and also to Twitter at the same time, or browse the internet while hearing songs, etc.

Click here to download Multi Window Manager app

5. SetCPU:


From the name itself, you might guess the function of this app. It helps to increase the CPU speed and performance. Also, it helps to save the battery life of your device. So, if you have a bit of lag when playing resource-intensive games like Subway Surfers, then you can utilize this app to increase the CPU speed as well as performance.

Download SetCPU from here.

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