Detailed Guide Of Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro (GT-I8552) – [CWM, Root, Unroot]

If you are a Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro (GT-I8552) smartphone user and want to install clockworkmod recovery on your phone or root/unroot your phone just follow this tutorial. Without much any other introduction, let we go directly to the process. But before that don’t forget to follow the given below prerequisites.


Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro Root, Unroot
1.Before trying anything newly on your phone, you must have a backup of your data’s, so that if anything goes wrong you can recover them.

2.Then charge your phone battery fully, otherwise it will get switched off due to low battery.

3.Next enable the USB debugging option in your phone by following the path “Settings > Developer Options > USB debugging”.

4.Download Samsung USB drivers of your device and install the same onĀ  your computer.

Disclaimer : Follow the given below procedure at your own risk. I would not be held responsible for any damage that occur to your device.


To download the appropriate files visit this links.


1. CWM Recovery:

1.Remember that the Odin flashable file must be in .tar or .tar.md5 format only.

2.First download and extract the Odin v3.07 file from this link. Run it as an administrator.

3.Next switch off your device and connect it to the computer with original USB cable. You should see a blue rectangle with COM:xx and saying it is added.. Now put your Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro (GT-I8552) smartphone in the download mode. To enter into the download mode, you need to press Volume Down button, Home button and Power button simultaneously, when it vibrates release the Power Button but keep pressing left ones.

4.You should have a triangle with an Android janitor while it is saying download. Now press the Volume up button to continue the process.

5.Next go into the PDA section and select your .tar file (CWM Recovery).

6.Do not check any option there (The F.reset time and auto reboot options are checked by default). So, just uncheck the auto reboot option.

7.Next click start button. When it is finished, it will say that “Res OK” in Odin.

8.Once you have seen the message, remove the USB from your phone and remove the battery and put it back and go to recovery mode.

9.To go into the recovery mode, you need to press (Volume Up button, Home button and Power button simultaneously).

That’s it. Now you will be in recovery mode.

NOTE : Don’t click the reboot recovery in advanced option in CWM recovery as it will cause bootloop. Also don’t do factory reset from phone settings. Only do factory reset from CWM recovery and if you got bootloop for any reason just flash CWM recovery again.

2. Rooting Procedure:
1.Go to CWM Recovery (Press Volume Up button, Home button and Power button simultaneously and when it vibrates release Power button but keep pressing the left ones).

2.Next select and apply the update from SD card (select the first option).

3.Then choose or and press yest to apply the update.

4.Now click the Reboot option.

That’s it. Now you have rooted your phone.

3. Unroot:

1.Go to CWM Recovery (Volume Up button, Home button and Power button simultaneously, when it vibrates release Power Button but keep pressing the other ones).

2.Next select the update .zip and apply the update from SD card (select the first option).

3.Then choose and press yes to apply the update.

4.Now click the reboot option.

That’s it now your phone is unrooted.


When you restart your phone, you will get yellow triangle warning. To remove this, just download the “Triangle away” app by chainfire. It will also change the status from official to custom (only in the Odin mode and not in Settings).

42 thoughts on “Detailed Guide Of Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro (GT-I8552) – [CWM, Root, Unroot]

  1. I am unable to enable USB debugging on my Samsung GT-I8552. In fact, I am not even able to enable the Developer Options. I have tried clicking seven times on “Build Number” but nothing happens. What could be the problem? Thanks in advance.

  2. I am stuck in the recover mode..
    I bismistakely updated the super su and now I am in the clockwordmod recover mode..
    I tried flashing the rom again but it shows the recovey screen again and again..
    if I reboot it will show the same screen..
    please help me bhai!!!!

  3. when i press the power button of samsung galaxy grand quattro, it starts with a yellow warning and goes to cwm recovery mode.. what to do? home screen is not displayed

  4. My home button is not vibrate when m press.what to do my phone model is Samsung galaxy grand quttro

  5. Installing CWM is a different process. Root your device first and then install CWM. Once done, you can install any custom ROM made for your device with the help of CWM.

  6. I am unable to connect to iball dual pendrive to samsung galaxy grand quattro….this pendrive is easily connecting in other mobiles…plzz give me solution asap…:(

  7. I was able to root my Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro / Win (GT-I8552) following a guide by someone else which is similar to yours. One instruction on early part of the guide I followed is that the device has to be turned off after being connected to the PC and ‘Added’ on Odin. And then the USB has to be unplugged afterwards. After this part is where going into the device’s “Download Mode” comes next.

    Do you know why we really have to turn the device off after being “Added” on Odin, and before entering “Download Mode”?

    Is “not turning off and unplugging the device before going into the Download Mode” the reason why some people following this guide are stuck in the recovery? Sorry for the question but I am just curious why the this guide no longer requires a shutdown and disconnection.

    Thank you, Sathish!

  8. hi want to install custom rom for my galaxy grand i9082
    how to choose best rom for my galaxy grand. plz give download link of best custom.

  9. Hi,

    There are plenty of ROM’s available for your device. I will choose the best one and will write a tutorial based on it shortly.

  10. I want to root my phone Samsung galaxy grand i9082 4.2.2 I am trying many time but I have failed to install cwm recovery mode.
    is ADB Driver important to for this work.

  11. Official firmware download kar le aur odin we flash krle ho jayega mere bhi aaj aisa same hua tha aisa kiya toh hogya thik.

  12. My phn samsung quattaro switchd off suddenly. Tried to swtch it on but cudnt. Batry fully chargd and tried it only shows samsung on startup screen. Plz suggest solution..

  13. Actually i am stucked in the recovery part. when the recovery mode starts the second option is apply the update from sdcard and when i select it asks for the path but i am not able to select the zip superSu file nothing appears there what should i do.

  14. Have you transferred the SuperSU zip file to the SD card? If you did, then it will show when you select under the option “Install zip from SD card” in CWM.

  15. Hi people, help me please… How to enter download mode? When I’m pressing vol down+home+power device is not vibrating, appears logo of Samsung GT-i8552 and phone is entering factory mode, all menu items are on Korean language. “entering factory mode” appears for less than 0.1 sec

  16. When I try to connect my samsung galaxy grand quattro to my pc through usb cable my pc shows usb not recognise. ……..but when I connect other phone through same usb that connects…..I think I need usb deriver for my phone or there is something else……..plz tell me the exact solution regarding to this problem

  17. USB driver is the problem. Download the USB drivers given in our website and install it in your computer. Once done, try again.

  18. Bro plz help me
    meine root mara gti8552 ko to success hua but jab lolipop ka custom rom dala tab vo recovery mode me atak ho gaya hai
    so plz muje uske factory/official rom ki link bhejo na yaar nhi mil raha hai meine dundha

  19. Well this means you’re stuck in bootloop and now you need to flash official frimware(stock rom) via odin.

  20. I was rooting my samsung galaxy Grand quattro GT-I8552 using Kingo Root guided by some one.Finally when clicked the Finish button, phone swiched off. Started booting on and off but not turning on. First a Trangular symbol comes. Then next page writes “Samsung galaxy grand win/gt-I8552. Again on next page samething writes on top to left and right side. Please solve my problem. I am very much worried.

  21. sif mera phond mene jab wipe data/ factory reset kra to vo loding oar atak gya h plzzz help

  22. Hi Sathish,

    I am not getting supersu file in the recovery mode, even though i had the file in my phone memory and also in ext. sd card….. what to do…….

  23. hey.i was already install cwm.but whenever press those key mobile restart and vibrate cwm settings are not display.please suggest how can i install custom rom,

  24. I have Samsung gt -18552 which of recent stated automatic gps turn on. how can I remove this

  25. i had flashed my rom on low battery thats why my phone got stucked in recovery mode …when ever i try to reboot or update it came back to recovery mode..pls

  26. Hi, you can fix this issue by flashing stock ROM recovery. If you don’t know how to flash it, let me know. I will write a tutorial here.

  27. Hi
    I am having Samsung grand quatro.My phone’s vibrator is not working.Can anyone tell me the reason why this is happening and its solution also

  28. after rooting phone getting restarted again and again every 5 to 10 min plz give me solution