How To Root HTC Desire C Smartphone

Have an HTC Desire C smartphone and looking for a simple way to root it? Then check out this tutorial.

The HTC Desire C was launched back in 2012, and it is still one of the best smartphone available in the market. Once you have rooted your phone, you can install the custom application and gain root access on your phone operating system.


Pre requisites:

1.Before start to root your phone first take the backup of all your internal data’s with the help of backup applications. So, then it will be safe, if any thing goes wrong while you are rooting you can get restore your data with the help of backup applications.

2.Next check about the percentage level of your phone, in case if it is low less than 75%, charge them fully. So, then you never face any power issues while rooting.

3.Enable USB Debugging option on your device by following the path Menu > Settings > Development > Check USB debugging box.

Disclaimer : Follow the given below procedure at your own risk. If any damage occurs to your device by following this procedure i won’t take any responsibility/liability.

Procedure to root HTC Desire C Smartphone:

1.First download the rooting file from here.

2.Then Unlock your bootloader using

3.After unlocking your phone copy the downloaded zip file into your SD card. (Please do not place it in any subfolder or folder).

4.After that reboot your phone into bootloader. For this you first pull out the battery and reinsert it and then hold the volume down+power button until you booted your phone in bootloader mode.

5.After that, use volume up button and down button for scrolling and power button for opening the option.

6.Next choose the recovery and press the power button to click the option.

7.If you are in stock recovery then you will see, the red exclamatory mark now press volume up button + power button to go into recovery.

8.Next scroll down to “Apply Update from SD card” or “Apply Update from Zip” and open it.

9.Next scroll to your file you saved in your SD card and flashed it.

10.Once the flashing process was finished, reboot your phone.

11.That’s it! Now you have done; your phone was rooted successfully.

To check the status, download the “Root Checker” app from “Google Play Store”.

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