How To Root Samsung Galaxy Fame GT-S6810

If you are a Samsung Galaxy Fame user and want to root your phone, try this tutorial. This tutorial instructed you to use motochopper tool to root your phone.

As you know, the Android phone never completes without root access. If any software update was available on your phone, just update that immediately, before rooting.


Because, after you have rooted your phone, you could not be able to do the software/firmware update directly from your phone. Instead you need to update them manually.

So, check twice about that in your Samsung Galaxy Fame, before you have decided to root your phone.


1.The first backup all the important data’s which you have stored on your Samsung Galaxy Fame smartphone.

2.After that check about the battery level in your phone, in case, if it is less than 75%, charge them fully. So, then you never face any power issues while rooting process is going on. In case, the phone was switched off while rooting due to low battery, your device may get bricked. So, be cautious.

3.Next enable the USB debugging option on your Samsung Galaxy Fame and connect the same into your computer. After connecting your phone, just ensure your computer recognize the phone. If not install the USB driver for Samsung Galaxy Fame on your computer.

Procedure to root Samsung Galaxy Fame smartphone:

1. First make sure the USB debugging option is activated in your phone.

2. Next switch to PTP mode on your phone. (For this you need to connect your phone to the computer then go to notification bar and select “Connected as a media device” (Touch for other USB options)).

This will bring the “USB PC connection” menu and you will have 2 options, select as media device (MTP) or camera (PTP). The PTP mode allows you to view all the images inside your phone. This mode is important in case, you are going to work with ADB tool, so besides USB debugging mode the PTP mode also need to be activated if you want to use ADB tool.

3. Next download the motochopper tool from here and extract the zip file at anywhere you like.

For example c:/motochopper/motochopper/.

4. Then execute the run.bat and then press the enter to continue the process.


5. Once the process is finished, reboot your phone.


6. Now, you check your mobile it was successfully rooted and has root access.

You can confirm the status of rooting in your phone by seeing the Superuser app in app drawer.

8 thoughts on “How To Root Samsung Galaxy Fame GT-S6810

  1. I rooted my galaxy fame useing motochopper..super user also created…bt in file explorer its shwn phn not rooted..

  2. I m also not connecting with these procedure while connecting it self it is showing that USB is not connected some malfunctioned and windows does not recognize it .what is the solution please tel me.

  3. Either you haven’t installed the driver or the USB cable you are using is not good.