How To Root Samsung Galaxy S Duos Without PC/Laptop

Update: I have updated this tutorial with a new working tool. Just download it from your phone and follow the on-screen instructions to install it. This is the tutorial which explains how to root your Samsung Galaxy S Duos without using computer or laptop. By using this tutorial, you can root your device directly from your phone whether you are at the home or anywhere.

In Samsung Galaxy S Duos (S7562) smartphone, it is very easy to download rooting file on your device itself.

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Procedure to root Samsung Galaxy S Duos Without PC/Laptop:

Root Samsung Galaxy S Duos Without PC/Laptop

1.To get started, go to Settings -> Device Administration -> Unknown Sources (tick the box to enable it).

2.Now, download the rooting package to your phone. Once done, install the poot.apk on your device.

3.Next, open the app. It will ask you to download and install Ministro II app. Just follow the on-screen instructions to visit Google Play Store, download and install the app. Once done, you will be asked to update Ministro library. Just click on “Yes” to update it.

4.Once you have done that, you will see two options: “Press here to Poot” and “Built in root check.” Click on the first option. After a while, you will see the following three options: “Get Superuser,” “Get root-checker” and “In-built root checker.”

5.Now, select the first option and download the Super SU app from the Google Play store. Once done, reboot your device.

That’s it. Now you have finished rooting your Samsung Galaxy S Duos (S7562) Android smartphone without the help of a PC or Laptop. You can download and install the “Root Checker” to check your device’s root privileges.

That’s it! Now, your phone has root access. Enjoy!


  1. Where i want to put that rooting package?
    External sd card, or sd card?
    Pls reply…

  2. Gayathri Govindaraju says:

    SD Card

  3. its did not install says “signature failed” . how I can fix it.

  4. signature verification fail, why?

  5. It says signature verification failed


  7. it didn’t work :3

  8. It’snt working … Saying signature verification failed

  9. Shubh Kumar says:

    Will this Delete All My Phone’s Data

  10. Nope, it won’t. But to be on the safer side take a complete backup of your personal data using Samsung Kies.

  11. its did not install says “signature failed” . how I can fix it.

  12. The problem is the rooting method doesn’t support all variants. For those who are getting “Signature Verification Error” try this method:

  13. Shuvankar says:

    Why my Samsung galaxy s duos doesn’t show any recovery mood???? Plz give me a suggestion……plz

  14. Hi,

    What does it show when you try to access recovery mode? Do let me know.

  15. sachin choudhari says:

    Samsung Galaxy S Duos 3 SM-
    G313HU root thise devise plz

  16. SUSHANT KUMAR says:

    it doesn’t work??? when i press the button it directly open with a any work…

  17. Hi Sushant,

    What button did you press and what happens after that?

  18. Hi, I will surely post a rooting tutorial for your device shortly.

  19. SUSHANT KUMAR says:

    volume up + home + power button

  20. SUSHANT KUMAR says:

    and then the device start’s up normally

  21. It should take you to the recovery mode. Try to hold these buttons simultaneously for few seconds.

  22. Any other way to root please tell…

  23. hello sir,
    i am Getting error
    E:failed to verify whole-file signature
    E:signature verification failed

  24. not working
    signature verification failed

  25. why do i need to root my samsung s duos? plz advice me 1 thanks

  26. Rooting the device will help you to install custom ROM firmwares (running on Advanced Android versions) or it will help you to install apps which only supports rooted devices.

  27. Mohamed Emara says:

    plz can you put a link of rooting
    package for galaxy s dous ( GT S
    7562 ) … thanks

  28. gopi krishna says:

    How to root sduos 2 with out PC andlaptop

  29. I will publish a tutorial soon!

  30. Buddy…
    How To Root Samsung Galaxy S Duos Without PC/Laptop
    That zhip file was canot download why?

  31. Hi,

    I have updated the tutorial. Follow this new method. It will work for sure.

  32. ANIL KUMAR says:

    wasting my time in trying to connect my smartphone with my laptop.
    is some one listening, ? do i have to download any software ? what is it and from where to download?
    so many things on screen , nobody to help.

  33. Just download the rooting package (poot.apk) to your device, install it and follow the on-screen instructions to root your device.

  34. waw.. it’s working sir thanks thanks thanks thanks.

  35. sir android 4.4 kitkat full installing.

  36. Glad it worked!

  37. I have downloaded that rooting packkage but poot file is not there in that. Please help

  38. Hi. Do u have rooting app for gt7582? Tnx

  39. sunil upadhyay says:

    how to root samsung galaxy star pro gt s7262 ?? plz hlp…. tnx

  40. Syed Nadal shere Ali says:

    how cn we root samsang galaxy s dous widout computer or system. plzz wid full explain n download link.

  41. That’s what I have explained here mate. Follow the tutorial.

  42. Hi Sunil, I will publish a tutorial right now in the main page. Follow the procedures given in there.

  43. It shows error 18 what is it

  44. stephin james says:

    Can u tell me? Can use this methods in galaxy d duos 3(SM-G313HU)

  45. Nope, you can’t use this method for S Duos 3. I will publish a separate rooting tutorial for your device shortly.

  46. It doesn’t work
    Pls give me a ri8 process to root my s7582 without pc

  47. Sure. I will let you know pretty soon!

  48. shreeyansh says:

    asking some binary code or unit in super su

  49. Just update it man!

  50. shreeyansh says:

    how to update it sir…..pldzzz let me knw soon

  51. Afroz khan says:

    after update ministro library it say Your application encountered fatal error and cannot continue in my samsung s duos
    please help…

  52. Afroz khan says:

    After update ministro library its show Your application encountered fatal error and cannot continue. in my Samsung galaxy s duos
    please help…

  53. i tried ti root my s duos according to your tutorial on how to root s duos with out pc after presing the button press here to poot button my device restarted and notting happend when i opened the poot app again it said some fatal error occured app cannot start plz help me to root my device ..!!!

  54. Shams Siddiq says:

    poot app is not working pls give an alternative procedure … dude i read other comments and many ppl are facing same problem help us !!!!!! thanxx in advance

  55. It is working well for most people. Well, if it is not working try the manual rooting with computer:

  56. when i click .press here to poot is’t say .error code 22: su binary not written..pliz help

  57. hi how to un root again after rooting plz tell me for Samsung s duos 7562

  58. Hey sathish

    error code: 87 “Su binary was not written,You need to restart your device

    What to do

  59. Hey bro…
    Finally rooted..!!!! Using poot.apk

    Thanks for tutorial…

  60. You are welcome!

  61. On clicking press here to poot its showing error 22.
    Su binary file is no written…
    What should i do???

  62. How to root my Samsung galaxy s duos 2 GT-7582 without pc

  63. Please says something mala maza device root karayacha a aahe.

  64. You can use the iRoot apk file to root your device without PC.

  65. I can not find any poot.apk in the file i downloded plz help

  66. After i clicker press to poot it says errpr 87. “Su binary not written restart your phone”….help plz

  67. How buddy im having same problem that you were having

  68. Go to the Android Rooting resource page in this site. You will find the Poot.apk file in there.

  69. suyog malkar says:

    How to root my phone Samsung galaxy s duos 2 jellybean to kit kat

  70. Hi,

    You can’t root your Phone from Jellybean to KitKat. You have to root your device and then install a custom ROM based on KitKat to enjoy its features.

  71. Hii please also find a way to root samsung neo prime sm-g360h.thanxz..!!

  72. jhyan chaitanya says:

    After clicking press here to poot,
    It’s showing error code. 22 su binary was not written
    Pls help sir.

  73. Hi,

    I will do that. Subscribe to our updates and you will get the tutorial pretty soon!

  74. Why dont u reply??, people r asking inckuding me what to do its saying error code22:su binary was not written

  75. how to root my samsung gt7562 (s dous) without pc or laptop

  76. prateek says:

    buddy i have s dues 2 s7582 ! does it worl for d same or not ? kindly plz rpy .

  77. Sathish says:
  78. How can i unroot my sumsung galaxy s dous 7562 without pc or laptop

  79. Did you root it by following this method? Let me know which rooting app you have installed in your device. I will provide the unrooting tutorial.

  80. varinder says:

    when i open poot.apk app and choose first option than error no. 22 shown plz tell me solution.

  81. benzon says:

    hi do you have for LG optimus l7?

  82. Sathish says:
  83. Rituporna Das says:

    Dear Satishji,

    I am facing very very dificulty to handlinģ Samsung S duos 3 (SM-G313HU). therefore i want to root it. So that i request you to kindly provide me root package.

    Thanking you.

    yours faithfully,

    Rituporna Das

  84. Sathish says:

    I will provide a working tutorial for your device shortly.

  85. Rituporna Das says:

    Shtishji pls try to provide at your earliest. Because it was very big punish for me to waiting.

  86. Mahesh R says:

    Dude need it urgently how to root note 3 n900 lollipop version without pc 🙂 reply asap

  87. Sathish says:

    Hi, Rooting your device without PC is not possible at all. Follow this guide to root it with computer:

  88. I can’t download the rooting package

  89. it shows a demon occurred plz help

  90. I’ve been trying to root my Samsung Galaxy s Duos 3 – VE SM-G316HU through various resources. Nothing works for me. No Kingo root, towelroot, kingroot, the odin mthod is too complicated. I’m at my wit’s end. Can you help me find a solution for this device?

  91. Sathish says:
  92. Sathish says:
  93. Ashish Bhandari says:

    How to root canvas a1

  94. Sathish says:

    I will provide a working rooting tutorial for your device shortly.

  95. I am rooting s duos with this method it says a demon occured

  96. I am rooting s duos with this method it shows error code 22

  97. Sathish says:
  98. hannahestelle says:

    Help me my phone just says “downloading….. Do not turn off target” after i tried to install cwm… Is it still okay? It’s been an hour already… 🙁

  99. Danish Hussain says:

    Sir I want to update my Samsung galaxy s duos 2 to lolipop
    then, how to root my mobile

  100. I will provide a working firmware upgrade tutorial for your device shortly.

  101. hi sir i hv done lik u said fpr samsung galaxy duos gt7562 bt i dnt see the three option aftr dwnloading mistro 2 libraries…. and thn two option cums.. pres her to poot and build in root check
    bt aftr tht the three option u sayn doesnt show… why its lik tht..

  102. mikah magana says:

    Hi how to unroot samsung s duos 2 ? Pls help

  103. If you have rooted your device by following this procedure:, then open the iRoot software in your computer, connect your device with PC and click on “Unroot”!

  104. Thanks for the reply. I’ve been to this page already but I’m apprehensive due to the specification dynamics. Mine is SM-G316HU whereas the above one is for SM-G313HU. Is it safe to use the same for mine? I thought small differences made a huge impact if done incorrectly.
    Would this help android version 4.4.4 and baseband version G316HUDDU0A0d1 and I think the last numbers are changed for the SM-G313HU. Thanks in advance for bearing with me and my questions.

  105. The instructions are for SM-G313HU and mine is SM-G316HU. Would there be serious problems is used as I’ve learnt that small differences can lead to large glitches. Thanks in advance for your answer and being patient with me. I don’t know if the previous reply got posted at all.

  106. Sathish says:

    Hi, this procedure won’t affect your device in any negative way. So don’t worry about anything.

  107. hariprasad says:

    sir how to root my samsung grand prime 4.4.4 .. plz tell me.. after root my phone don”t show memory card in gallary.. and even songs also.. plz tel me

  108. Sathish says:

    I will provide a working rooting tutorial for your device shortly.