How To Root Samsung Galaxy Star GT-S5280

This tutorial will explain about how to root Samsung Galaxy Star GT-S5280 smartphone. So, if you are the user of such phone and want to root the same, just try this tutorial.

But before you try to root, just make sure about the device model number, as this procedure is one and only for Samsung Galaxy Star GT-S5280 smartphone. Implementing this procedure in other models or variants may brick your device. So, make sure that you have the same model number as mentioned here.

In case, if you are not familiar with rooting process get a help from some experienced person, so then you can avoid any major problem. Otherwise, just read this article to know what is meant by Android rooting and what are all its advantages and disadvantages. So, then it will be easy for you to rectify the problem, in case, if you are facing any issues.

Root Samsung Galaxy Star


1.As I have said earlier, make sure about your phone model number. I’m not sure whether this procedure works in other model numbers.

2.Next, backup all your important data’s, before you try to attempt the rooting process in your phone. So, if in case any thing goes wrong, you can recover your data’s and get back to its original stage.

3.Then check the battery percentage level of your phone. Make sure that the battery level is above 75% or charge it fully. So, then you can avoid any power issues.

4.Next download and install the Samsung USB Driver on your computer. In case, if you have already done this, just skip this step.

5.Then enable the USB debugging option on your phone by following the path Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging.

Disclaimer : Please follow the given below procedure at your own risk. In case, if you have got any damage in your phone by following this procedure I would not be held responsible or liable.

Procedure To Root Samsung Galaxy Star GT-S5280 Smartphone:

1.First connect your phone to the computer.

2.Then download and extract the Extract Cydia Impactor tool on your window PC.

3.Once you have extracted that tool, you will see the files like below:


4.Now, open the “Impactor.exe”- see the image for reference (5th file).

5.Once that file was launched, you will see the screen like below.


6.Now, to start the rooting process on your phone, just click the “Start” Button.

7.Just wait until the process is finished. Once it is completed, just restart your phone.


Now your phone is successfully rooted. To check whether it was rooted or not, just open the application menu in your phone and search for SuperSU app. If you can see that app in your application drawer, then it clearly indicates your phone is successfully rooted.


Alternatively, to check the same, just download the “Root Checker” app from Google Play Store and check its status.

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  1. In root processing the impactor detectin the devis but when i press start its begine after litell time it telle me ( error buge inviallable) pliiiiz helpe me

  2. After i searching a solutions i think thats the rom instaling in my phone its new hey gays we have to flashing an owldest rom to find the signatur bug in impactor i see thats in a video

  3. Finaly i root my devise gt-s5280 withe impactor but after i flash an oldest rom of 2013 ,the new rom of 2014 can’t be rooted this is un eror buging invialable so i we have to flash a oldest rom

  4. most sites say that a samsung galaxy star GT-5280 has 4Gb of storage. Mine has 2Gb available. How can i access the other 2Gb of storage

  5. when i tried to root my phone it always say signature bugs unavilable and more tha one device,please help me…..