How To Root Sony Xperia C (C2305)

This tutorial explains how to root Sony Xperia C (C2305) smartphone with a computer (If you would want to root Sony Xperia C without PC, check out this tutorial: How To Root Sony Xperia C Without Computer). So, if you are such user and looking for the best tutorial to root your device, just have a look to the given below procedure and make a try on your phone.

But do at your risk. I would not be held responsible in case, if your phone was bricked or any unwanted things happened by following this procedure.

Sony Xperia C (C2305)


1.Sony Xperia C (C2305) smartphone with minimum 80% battery level

2.A Windows PC

3.A Micro USB Cable

4.Rooting package

Procedure to Root Sony Xperia C (C2305):

1.First download the rooting package from here to your computer.

2.Once you downloaded the package, just unzip the package and save them in your desktop.

3.After that enable the USB debugging option in your phone by navigating to the path Settings > Developer Options. In case, you could not see the developer option in your phone just go to “About Phone” and tap it 7 times on build number, there you can find that option.

4.After that connect your Sony Xperia C (C2305) to the computer by using USB cable.

5.Once your computer recognizes your device, just run the Sony Xperia C Root.exe that you have extracted earlier and save the same in your desktop.

6.Allow the rooting package to root your smartphone.

That’s it. After finishing the process, your phone should have the root access. If you have doubt whether it is rooted or not, just download the root checker app from Google Play Store and check the status.

141 thoughts on “How To Root Sony Xperia C (C2305)

  1. Having xperia c

    Want to upgrade
    To xperia z feature and Latest android version4.4

    Tell me, if possible than how?

  2. hello satish
    i rooted my xperia c now i want to change my interfarence so plz tell me some thing about that ,i installed many launcher and apply some theams but not working so good
    so tell me some thing by which i get some good interfance

  3. hello satish
    message contious to last one ,i also want to upgrade my version so plz tell about that also

  4. Anyone trying to upgrade their Xperia C can download a custom rom(just google it) or use Xpose(that is an app, not the movie) to change your android’s looks.

  5. dun root yours phones…engineers are not mad that they were including some restrictions….can anyone tell me….root is of plant??? or we can root phone…it is said by the famous engineer james claut in his confrence

  6. Hi Satish,

    The Rooting Package is in Chinese. Isn’t there any english version of it. ?

  7. Root access is generally restricted because the general public is not as techo savve as some of us. Google welcomes us with open hands when we want to root our device. Rooting is not illegal (android won’t be open source if it was). its just that you can screw your drvice up if you do it wrong. these are the only disadvantages. nothing else.

    Happy flashing!

  8. I have Sony xperia c. It has device memory and internal memory. I couldn’t able to download app’s in internal memory instead of device memory as it shows full. I want to club both the memories. Does Rooting resolves my problem

  9. How can I transfer the basic applications to external memory in the phone Sony xperia c

  10. You should try link2sd. The app is on Play Store. It only works for rooted devices ofcourse. You will have to create a partition in your sdcard first. They you will link the apps to sdcard. If all yiu just read sounds mumbo-jumbo, google about it.

  11. my Xperia C ‘s warranty is not over..
    if I Root my phone, is there any possibility to claim warranty???

  12. Hi!!! I have never rooted any of my phones ever.. What are the possible risks that can happen while rooting or after rooting my phone??

  13. There are no possible risks associated with rooting because you can simply unroot your device or install Stock ROM firmware again to make your device work properly.

  14. got my Xperia c one month ago and I want to know about rooting since I don’t know please help me out I want android l user interface in my Mobile jus help me out dude !!!

  15. Hi Sharan,

    Android L ROM for Xperia C isn’t out yet. Will post about it here once it’s available.

  16. Hello,
    What does rooting the device means…. What does it helps us in ou system…. What are the disadvantage and advantage of rooting the device….

  17. Is it really safe method for rooting?
    I want to combine device memory and internal memory and if occured any problem or error then should I recover?

  18. i have rooted my phone 2 months ago. Now I reseted my phone and play store doesn’t logs in . Ihave successfully unrooted my phone before resettingmy phonebut play store doesn’t login i also tried rooting my phone using kingo root but it failed it shows some server error please tell me what should i do and how can i get warranty of my phone because rooting the phone makesit out of warranty.

  19. rooting fails…
    did as per it shows…
    usb debugging is also On..
    don’t know what’s d problem..

  20. Right now there is no way to do it. If i find a way, I will publish a tutorial here in this website.

  21. There is a ROM available for it, but it is having lot of bugs. I will publish a tutorial here once it is ready.

  22. I tried this method to my xperia c3 dual. Everytime I ran the application, after 5-7 seconds, my handheld rebooted, it happened again and again. Could you please help me with this problem? Thanks in advance

  23. I just rooted my Xperia C and it feels like nothing has changed… Can you please tell me what changes did I get after doing this ?

  24. Hi,

    Rooting your device will provide you root privileges, which you can use for installing custom ROM firmwares or apps which support rooted devices.

  25. Hi,

    Pls help me.. rooting failed in my XC, even i uninstalled antivirus.. other than enabling USB debugging option any other thing needed to be done.. please help me…


  26. I got my Xperia C one month ago, the perfomance was above my expectation. Only thing is that the 8mp cam is not good enough. The pics look not so decent and pixels appear immediately on zooming. Can you suggest some way to make the cam quality better.

  27. There are plenty of useful camera apps available on Google Play store. Download and use any of them.

  28. Pl provide rooting method for xperia c 2305 and use of rooted phone for increasin internal memory.

  29. How do I root it with the help of a software that is completely in Chinese? Especially when there is a risk of the phone getting bricked if a wrong button is clicked even accidently?
    Is there some other alternative?

  30. Nope, your device won’t get bricked by following this process. Don’t worry about it and just proceed.

  31. Hey framaroot isnt working on xperia C3 !! Can you please root my C3 without PC….i even tried Kingoroot!! It isnt wrking as well!!

  32. Dear Sathish,
    How to move apps to sd card, Every time we get MEMORY FULL MESSAGE.
    Any solution, how we can use the memory card for phone app storage.
    If we root the phone, then will the problem resolved.
    Paresh Mahida

  33. Can i root my xperia c (C2305)?
    Cause,sony secret menu *#*#7378423#*#* show that (Rooting Status : Bootloader unlock allowed : No)

  34. Hello….,

    When I starts to root my mobile (Sony Xperia C2305). It’s interrupt and shows that driver is not installed. So please help me to figure it out.

  35. i read all the coments and replies and realised that you really know well about rooting an android phones. pls i need the guide on how to root my sony xpera C. and how to change the os to kitkat. either by using a pc or using the phone directly.

  36. I want to ask one more thing that, can I do factory reset and all that stuff after rooting my xperia c

  37. If you do factory reset after rooting, it will wipe out all your data just like doing the same before rooting. Rooting has no control over factory reset.

  38. Nope, it won’t allow you to do that. But you can uninstall the unwanted system apps after rooting.

  39. yoo…i have rooted my xperia c…and also able to move buid-in ap in sd card…
    Thank you

    Also tell me if Android Lollipop available for my xperia c

  40. How to increase apps memory for xpeia c its only 1 GB unable to install game or any other stuff.

  41. Hi Naveen,

    Android L is not available for Xperia C yet. But I will post a tutorial as soon as it is available.

  42. If you meant internal memory, then you could root your device and transfer the built-in apps to SD card thereby freeing the space of Internal memory.

  43. Yes, you can. Just don’t install any ROM’s or don’t update your Android version after rooting your device.

  44. Even after applying lot of efforts as mentioned in your website and rooting the phone, still some part of the app is still installed in the phone memory, how to get rid of it.
    I want to move all my apps to the phone memory. Is it possible ???
    Paresh Mahida

  45. Satish thanx.
    My main concern is xperia c has 4 gb inbuilt memory, 2.2 gb user available and thats divided in 2 part 1 gb for apps memory and 1.2 for pics media or other things so cam we increase that 1 gb apps memory or merge both memory so apps have 2.2 gb memory.

  46. Hi Sir,
    I am a big follower and fan of your work, I want to update my Xperia C to Kitkat as, sony announced to not to provide any further update to Xperia C,
    I have just rooted my handset,
    Is it possible for me to install Kitkat ROM on it now?
    If yes, Would you mind uploading a great tutorials, like your previous ones, for people like me, who are new to this Android Developers Community, I shall be greatly thankful to you for this,

  47. i want to move all to SD card my phone is going low…tired of this ??
    pl help me ??

  48. Can I merge device memory and internal memory after rooting…. Because for apps its having only 750.mb memory. ….and with the help of app2sd app only some part of app goes to sd card…. Some part remains in device memory… So it is always showing memory full….

  49. Hi sathish I have rooted my xperia c, but facing a small problem. Before rooting when I connect 1t.b segate hdd to my phone it just connects and disconnects repeatedly so I unable to use my hdd using phone. But after rooting if I connect, my mobile is restarting continuously. Untill I disconnect. Actually this is the main purpose for what I rooted my will u please suggest me any other option other than unrooting.


  50. Hi,
    Am successfully rooted my Xperia C device using farmawork.apk. But, I cant move any inbuilt app like Facebook etc. to my SD card. What should I do to move those apps. Please do help. Thanks.

  51. Hello Sathish, I have rooted my Sony Xperia C2305 with method
    Step:-1 Download Framaroot.apk

    Step:-2 After download install this app in your Sony Xperia C

    Step:-3 Now launch Framaroot.apk In your Phone

    Step:-4 IN Framaroot.apk U Can see 2 options [1-Boromir and 2-Faramir]

    Step:-5 First set SuperSU in drop down Menu and Try First option Boromir if u get any error then Try 2nd option Faramir (Click on any one option,if superuser is installed in your Sony Xperia C then U got successful messes in your mobile)

    Restarted My phone and it was showing sucesses

    Done..!! Now you can see superuser app in your app menu(it mean your phone is now rooted)Now you can use all apps which Need root Permission

    Step:-1 download recovery.img

    Step:-2 Copy recovery.img and paste in to your phone memory(Do not paste it in any folder)

    Step:-3 Now Download Mobile Uncle Tool.

    Step:-4 Open Mobile uncle tool in your android and then click on Update recovery option now select your downloaded recovery.img from your memory card and install it will ask u (what can u reboot in recovery mode-click yes)

    But after following these steps my phone is not starting. I have tried all option ie. used reset button, used reset button with volume key. But still its not starting. Please help me to start my Phone.

  52. Are you sure that the recovery image you have used is for your device? I think that is the root cause of the issue and to fix it, you will need to flash stock ROM.

  53. Hey Sathish, my phone is not starting even not charging I think there is no way to flash stock ROM. If you have any idea how to flash the ROM, please share with me ASAP.

  54. Hi Amerjeet i have also xperia c 2305 and today i have followed the stem like amerjeet but my phone is not starting…..even not charging…kindly help me in this issue ASAP.

  55. It seems both you and Amerjeet have corrupted the Software. Take it to a nearby Sony service center and let them fix it.

  56. Hey Sathish, the way you provided above is completely foolish to root phone. No more words to say. I am very disappointed my phone is just like a toy now. I gave my phone to Sony service center they Said motherboard has gone. They are charging 6200 Rs to make it again.
    May be this trick is helpful for someone or used correctly but for me it was totally worst. Please don’t take it negatively and provide better solutions to people. Keep up working on it.


  57. I am not sure what went wrong for you but this is the exact same procedure I have used to root my device.

  58. sir, i was rooting my phone according to above process…..but my root cancelled in between automatically. an extra application king user is coming which is not getting removed…….also my play store is also not working ……..when i tried to again root it , its not working…….sir please help me what should i do…….i am in problem sir… me

  59. but when i checked yusing root checker it says “root access is properly installed on this device”… that means py phone is rooted??????…..also sir now play store is also working……..but sir now also move to sd card option is not coming on inbuilt apps????? and sir also tell me about kinguser what is its funtion..and should i uninstall it or let it remain on my phone

  60. Hi,

    Leave king user as it is. Now you will be able to remove system apps by installing System App remover and to move them, use Apps2SD.

  61. Sir, I have xperia C2305… How can i develop it in Kitkat 4.4
    please tell me

  62. Hi,

    There are no Android 4.4 KitKat ROMs available for Xperia C. If i find anything, I will let you know.

  63. i have done update of rom android lollipop 5.0.1 on my sony xperia c and it works well now. if i choose to go back to previous original factory os jellybean 4.2.2 how i do it. can you please tell..

  64. You will have to flash stock ROM to get back to Jellybean. If you are not sure how to do it, let me know. I will post a tutorial here. Now, I have a query. Which ROM did you flash in your device for Lollipop upgrade?

  65. I installed Frameroot bt when I rebbot my experia c nothing is happening what should I do???

  66. How can I unlock boot loader when I dial the no.It is saying unlocker boot Mode-no

  67. it is sccessfull for xperia c but is it possible to flash the same xperia with the kitkat or lollipop

  68. Yes it is possible to follow this procedure and root your device on both KitKat and Lollipop.

  69. It is giving me a failed to connect to driver error, USB debugging is on.
    Kindly assist

  70. I want to root my Sony Xperia c(2305)
    is it possible,
    plse tell me after the condition of phone

  71. I want to root my xperia c(2305)to android L
    is it possible, & any problems before or after
    this process
    plse help me

  72. You can update your device to Android L. To know the steps, keep checking our website regularly. I will post the content soon!

  73. Just follow the tutorial given here to root your device. Nothing wrong will happen.

  74. I have installed CWM in my xperia c, but if i update my phone by sony pc companion,would it retain CWM or i have to install it again

  75. If you do that, then the CWM recovery will be replaced with stock recovery!

  76. Hi sathish, firstly i really appreciate your efforts… You are one of a kind… Secondly my issue is with trying to change my imei which has led me to wanting to root my sony experia c 2305, cos it wont let me tweak without first rooting it… Now after i installed the sony experia c root, i turn on usb debug… Connect my phone… It starts to see the phone but nothing happens… It just shows the android icon crying… I really need to knw what it is i am doing wrong… It wouldn’t start the root process it enda before it begins… Thank you

  77. Hii satish
    I rooted my xperia C using framaroot
    While placing da image using uncletools
    The device asked to reboot.. When i clocked on OK its screen went off… . Ntn s now functionable in the phn… No keys r working… its isnt switching onn.. .. Only a red led light in da sensor s on

  78. On running, sony xperia c root.exe

    It is showing that

    Failed to install drivers.

    Pls help as soon as possible 🙂

  79. If I root our sony xperia c handset after that any problem will be created or not ……

  80. fonts changed successfully but after rebooting my experia c is hanged on sony logo from 1 hour, what i do now plz help me, i am waiting your reply, it is charging normaly after power off by pressing power+volume up button, what i do now?

  81. Hi
    Is there any Samsung launcher which can be used/install in xperia c.could u provide it.

  82. hi m installing lollipop version in my xperia c but full system can not install then what i do