How To Root Sony Xperia SP Running On Latest 12.1.A.0.266 Firmware

If you are looking for a guide to root Sony Xperia SP running on latest 12.1.A.0.266 firmware, follow this tutorial.

In case, if you are a newbie to the rooting process, then I highly recommend you to check out the basics of rooting and what are all its advantages and disadvantages. So, then it will be the issue for you to recover your device, in case if you are stuck at any step.

Xperia Sp

Before start with the procedure, don’t forget to follow the given below pre-requisites:

1. First, backup all your internal data which was available in your phone. Because, rooting procedure will wipe out all your data, in case if you have a backup you can easily restore them all in your newly rooted phone.

2. Next make sure about your device model number, as this guide should be applicable one and only for Sony Xperia SP C5302 or C5303. You can check your phone model number by navigating to the path Settings>About Device.

3. Along with the device model number check out the firmware version of your phone. The given below procedure is one and only for the Sony Xperia Sp smartphone which is running on 12.1.A.0.266 firmware version.

4. Next check out the battery percentage level of your phone, in case if it is below 75% charge them fully.

Disclaimer : Use the given below instructions at your own risk. I won’t take any responsibility/liability for any damage occur to your phone by following this procedure.


1.First, you need to install Clockworkmod recovery in your phone. After that download the file from here.

2.Next place the downloaded file on SD card.

3.Next boot your phone into the ClockworkMod recovery on your mobile. To enter into this mode, first you need to turn off your phone.

4.After that turn your phone ON, when you see the Pink LED and press the Volume up button rapidly.

5.While doing, you will see the CWM recovery interface.

6.Once you entered into the CWM, select “install zip > Choose zip from SD card > Select> Yes >”

7.This will flash the file in your Sony Xperia SP smartphone.

8.Once the flashing process is finished, just reboot your phone.

9.That’s it! Now your phone have root access.

To check whether your phone was successfully rooted or not; just look for supersu in the app drawer of your phone. Alternatively, you can install the “Root Checker” app from Google Play Store. It will show your status.

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