How To Root ZTE Mustang Z998

The given below procedure will help you to root ZTE Mustang Z998 smartphone. So, if you are using this phone and want to root the same, check this one.

ZTE Mustang Z998


1.Make sure the ADB and Fastboot were installed on your phone.

2.Then ensure appropriate drivers are installed on your Windows computer.

3.Backup all your important data’s with the help of backup applications.

4.Then check the battery percentage level of your phone if it is less than 80% charge them fully, otherwise you may face power issues.

5.Enable the USB Debugging option and developer option in your phone.

Disclaimer : Follow the given below procedure at your own risk. If it fails, or your device was damaged due to any reason by following this procedure I would not be held responsible/liable for any damage.


1.First, download the Z998-cwm-recovery.img on your computer and save the same on your desktop (i.e C:\on windows or home directory on Linux).

2.Download one of the given below zips from this link and place it on your phones SD card.





3.Next plug your phone into the computer and open a terminal (Linux) or cmd.exe(Windows) on your computer.

4.After that type


adb reboot bootloader

and press enter
5.Once your phone vibrates you should be in fastboot mode. Now type


fastboot boot z998-cwm-recovery.img

6.Now go to “install zip from SD card” option on your phone and find and install the root and/or recovery zip you have already downloaded.

7.Once the installation process is finished unplug your device from computer.

8.Then reboot your phone finally.


If you did not put the z998-cwm-recovery.img in your home directory or your C:\ directory for windows then in step 6 where it says Z998-cwm-recovery.img you would need to put in your file path to where the actual Z998-cwm-recovery.img is.

For example:


fastboot boot C:\your\path\to\Z998-cwm-recovery.img

where\your\path\to would be the file path to the Z998-cwm-recovery.img

Also, the no file_contexts error in cwm can safely be ignored.

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