Tutorial To Root Alcatel One Touch Glory 2S 4010X

The given below tutorial will help you to root Alcatel One Touch Glory 2S 4010X smartphone and installing Superuser.

So, if you are looking for the same, just check this one. But do that at your risk, if any thing goes wrong on your device by following this procedure, I would not be held responsible for that.



1.Windows OS for root tool,

2.Original USB data cable.

3.Obviously Alcatel One Touch Glory 2S 4010X


1.If you are trying anything newly on your phone, then you advised having a backup of your phone. So, then if any thing goes wrong you can get back all your data’s with the help of backup.

2.After that charge your phone fully or up to 75%, so then you never face any power issues while you are rooting your phone.

Procedure to Root Alcatel One Touch Glory 2S 4010X:

1.First, download the Vroot app from here.

2.Next install the Vroot program in your Windows computer.

3.After that open the vRoot Application. It will be running and waiting for you to plug your Alcatel One Touch Glory 2S 4010X smartphone to the computer.

4.So, plug your phone, but before that make sure the USB debugging option is enabled on your phone. So, then your phone can communicate with the computer.

5.Once the phone is turned ON and booted up, connect your phone to the computer using USB cable.

6.Now the vroot app must recognize your device and give a screen at below:

7.Click the green button now. After that your phone will reboot within few seconds.

8.When it comes back, your phone must be rooted, but with the Chinese su binary which we will now replace with an English binary.

9.Please be note that, when the application pops up to give root access to a program, you must push the right side button to grant access.

10.After that, you can search for and install “Superuser” by ChainsDD from the Android market.

11.After that start Superuser (from the market page after installing) and click on the “i” for information at the top of the app.

12.At info part, it must say su binary v3.x.x with the option “tap to check for updates.”

13.Now check for the updates and then click the update button. It will replace the Chinese binary version with an English version.

14.Now you can see the normal superuser icon in the app drawer and it will start receiving prompts in English.

15.Download the root app and delete from the play store.

16.Next go to system apps and find the Chinese superuser and uninstall.

That’s it.

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  1. SVP,mon telephone est un Alcatel 4010 D,2.3.6,gingerbread,MT6575M.Si vous pouvez m’indiquer le rom prsonnalisée ,pour passer à 4………:qui convient è mon phone.Mes remerciment.