Tutorial To Root Nexus 4 Running On Android 4.4.2 KOT49H KitKat Firmware

If you are a Nexus 4 smartphone user and received the latest bug-fix update via Android 4.4.2 KOT49H Kit Kat firmware from Google, follow the given below procedure to root your phone. It further guides you to install Clockworkmod recovery on your phone.


Disclaimer: Android root guide will not be held responsible/liable for any damage occur to your device during or after rooting. So, follow the given below procedure at your risk. But the damage is very unlikely if you follow the given below instructions properly.

Still I advise you, not to follow the procedure, unless you don’t understand any step properly.


1.First, check your phone model number and make sure it is correct. I’m not sure, it will work on other variants of the Nexus 4 of other carriers.

2.Next make sure the phone is factory unlocked and bootloader unlocked.

3.Next ensure the Nexus 4 is running on Android 4.4.2 KOT49H software version.

4.Next backup all your important data’s which was available on your phone.

5.To root your phone, you must connect your device to the computer. For that the USB drivers for LG Nexus 4 must be installed on your computer. So, download and install the same on your computer.

6.Next enable the USB debugging option on your phone by following the path Settings > Developer Options.

7.Finally, charge your phone fully or at least up to 80 percent. Because, if it is switched off during the middle of the rooting process due to battery low, your phone may get bricked or dead permanently. So, be aware of that and avoid this situation while you are rooting.


To download the necessary files visit this link. The downloads are available at below this article title.

Step-by-step instructions to root Nexus 4 smartphone:

1.First download Android SDK from Android developers website and install with USB drivers.

2.Next download fastboot and extract it to Android-SDK windows platform-tools directory. Next create a new directory if it does not exist.

In case, if you already have them then skip the first two steps.

3.After that download SuperSu v1.80.zipfor Nexus 4 on your PC.

4.Next connect your phone to the computer and mount your Nexus 4 USB mass storage.

5.After that copy/paste the Update-SuperSu-v1.80.zip file to the internal storage of your phone.

6.Then power OFF your Nexus 4.

7.After that download CWM or TWRP and save it to the Android-SDK-windows platform-tools directory on your computer.

Use any of the two custom recoveries : TWRP or CWM, as per your requirement.

8.After that boot your phone into the bootloader mode by pressing power key and volume down key for few seconds, until you see the text on the screen. The text confirms that you are in bootloader mode.

9.Next go to Android-SDK-windows platform-tools directory and open Command prompt. To open the command prompt press Shift and then right-click on space.

10.Next type the given below command there and hit enter.

fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-touch-

11.Once the above said command is executed, select recovery option from the fastboot menu and phone your Nexus 4 into the recovery mode.

12.Then in clockworkmod recovery, go to “flash zip from SD card” option and tap the power button to select that option.

13.After that again select “choose zip from SD card” option by tapping the power button.

14.After that go to update-supersu-v1.80.zip by using volume keys and select that option using power keys. Confirm the installation process on next screen now the rooting process will begin on your phone.

15.Once the process is finished, hit Go Back option and select “reboot system now” option from the recovery menu.

16.Within 5-10 minutes, your phone will reboot. Don’t disturb your phone until it is rebooted.

That’s it! Now, your phone has root access. To check the same, open the app list on your phone and now you can see the SuperSu app there.

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