Tutorial To Root Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus GT-S5301

If you own Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus GT-S5301 and would want to root this smartphone for installing custom ROM firmware or for installing rooted Android apps, then try this tutorial.

Before that kindly note about this:

1.The given below procedure will affect the state of the “Custom BIN Down” counter in your phone which means you may have problems with the official warranty.

2.Since this solution is provided with no warranty, it may brick your phone, in case if you did anything wrongly. For that I would not be held responsible. Try at your risk.


Before Proceeding:

1.First, check the model number and device name of your phone, by navigating to the path “Settings > About Phone.” Once you have confirmed the device name and model number, then proceed further.

2.It is highly recommended to take a full backup of your data with the help of backup applications. So, then if anything goes wrong and all your data’s was deleted, you can easily get back them.

3.Then check the battery level of your Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus GT-S5301 smartphone, so then you will never face any power issues during the middle of the process.

Procedure to Root Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus GT-S5301:

Step 1- Get the software:

1.First download the Odin, modified stock recovery, update package from this page. Along with that download the Samsung drivers from here.

2.While downloading the files, if it will open the zip archive just click “File” menu and click “Download” (or use Ctrl+S).

Step 2- Flash the updates:

1.Switch off the device first and then hold the Volume Down button and Home button and then press the Power button.

2.When your phone was Switch ON, release the power button but hold the Volume Down button and Home button until you see the download warning message.

3.Now connect the USB cable in your phone and press the volume up button and continue the process. The phone will load in ODIN download mode.

4.Next run ODIN 3.0.7. Don’t change any setting, just leave them in the default state.

5.Now, your phone must appear in the ID: COM part of the screen as a serial device (i.e., “COM38”)- if not check if your USB port is working properly and installed correctly.

6.Next click the PDA button and choose modified recovery file saved during step 1.2. Don’t rename or decompress the file. Otherwise it will not work.

7.Wait until ODIN decompress the package and check the checksums. After that press the Start button and wait until the process is complete.

8.Copy the update package for rooting on SD card and put the same in the device’s slot.

9.Next switch off your phone. Then Hold Volume Up button and Home button and press the power button to switch ON.

10.Don’t release Volume Up button and home button until the recovery is loaded. Using volume up and volume down button go to menu item “Apply update from external card” and press the power button to commit the operation.

11.After that go to Root_Superuser_3.1.3………zip file and press the power button again.

That’s it! Your phone was rooted now. To check whether your phone was rooted or not download the “Root Checker” app from Google Play Store.

10 thoughts on “Tutorial To Root Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus GT-S5301

  1. I have a slight problem sir. The Odin step went smoothley and bug free. The problem Im encountering is flashing the “Root_Superuser_3.1.3_Busybox_1.20.2-
    Update1-signed.zip ” I done all the steps as instructed. insted O get an error, “Failed etc in red text. ” It shows a thin grey line loading & it load 1/4 & fails, I click again it goes on to 1/2 , then 3/4 & finally 4/4… but still shows failed. And the superuser did not install. I had no problem rooting my GT-S5300 but now my GT-S5301 is a problem

  2. Hi Oyama, the rooting process works without any error here. Not sure why you are encountering this error. Anyway, I will find a solution for you shortly.

  3. Exact same problem as the other two, guide is completely useless…

    When opening the file, it says “E: failed to verify whole file-signature”

  4. Hi. It’s been awhile since I did this root but I’ll try to remember what did the trick for me and lend a hand here. The key is to boot into the custom boot menu right when ODIN has done it’s magic. So, when the phone boots itself after the ODIN -operation, press (iirc) the volume up and home button. If you miss this (or if I remembered the keys incorrectly) then the custom menu will not work right. Don’t worry though, just run the ODIN part again and you should get it right. Other than that, just follow Mr Varatharajan’s guide.

  5. What Ripa says is totally correct. You must install the root_superuser, when ODIN restart the cell. After maaaaaany ways, this is how it works. Otherwise, you´ll obtain the failure of the hack. Thank you very much, Ripa.

    (sorry about my english, i´m from Argentina)