Tutorial To Root Samsung Galaxy Trend GT-S7392 Smartphone

This guide will clearly explains how to root Samsung Galaxy Trend GT-S7392 smartphone. So, if you are using this phone and want to root this device to extend its features, check out the given below tutorial. The given below instructions will show you how to root your phone using Root Master application on windows computer.


Root Samsung Galaxy Trend GT-S7392
1.Before you begin, don’t forget to back up all your datas which you have saved in your Samsung Galaxy Trend GT-S7392 smartphone.

2.Next thing you need to do is to charge your phone fully or upto 75%, so that you never face any power issues.

3.Next, download and install Samsung KIES on your windows computer. In case the KIES is already installed in your computer, just skip this step.

4.After that enable the USB debugging option on your phone by navigating to the path Settings>Developers Option>USB Debugging and tick the option to enable.

Disclaimer: Follow the given below procedure at your own risk. We would not be held responsible for any damage occurring to your device.

Instructions To Root Samsung Galaxy Trend GT-S7392 Smartphone:

1.Once you have followed all the aforementioned instructions, you are now good to follow the actual procedure.

2.First, download and install the Root Master application to your computer. Be aware that the application will be in Chinese Language.


3.So, once you have installed the application in your computer, open the same and connect your phone to the computer.


4.Once you have connected your phone, the app will automatically recognize it.

5.Now the application will show the “Root” button. Just tap that button and the rooting process will begin in your phone.


6.Once the process is finished in your phone, it will automatically reboot and SuperSu app will be installed in your device.


7.The installation of SuperSu app shows that your phone is rooted successfully. To check the same, just open the applications menu and there you can see a SuperSu app. In case, if you can’t see it, your phone isn’t rooted and you will need to repeat the whole process again.


8.Alternatively, you can use the Root Checker app to confirm whether the rooting process is successful in your device or not. It is available in Google Play Store so, download from there and check your phone status.

That’s it. Now you have successfully finished rooting your Samsung Galaxy Trend GT-S7392 Smartphone.

63 thoughts on “Tutorial To Root Samsung Galaxy Trend GT-S7392 Smartphone

  1. Hi sathish it’s Shayon… Actually recently i am using Samsung Galaxy Trend Duos GT-S7392… I am really upset because i have tried mostly all type of rooting softwares but my device is not rooting everytime at last it’s pop up with a error… That your device can’t be rooted… I am confused that is my galaxy trend duos GT-S7392 can be root or not??? pls guide and help me….

  2. Hi Shayon,

    I am sure it can be rooted. We have used the tutorial given here to root the device and it worked. I will post a more advanced tutorial for rooting your device soon. Just wait for it.

  3. I am using samsung galaxy trend gt-7392 this was mobile very slow response please help for speed up my mobile

  4. Tell me sir plssss….when i have rooted my galaxy trend GT S-7392 …it has 4.1.2 or 4.2.2android version

  5. Hi,

    Your smartphone’s Android version won’t get upgraded just by rooting your device. You will need to install a custom ROM or stock ROM firmware to update it.

  6. my Samsung gt7392 is not root
    jab maine root karta hu tab 1 Mobile me option aata hai backup pin use ye root nhi ho raha .plz help me sir-G

  7. WILL rooting my device clears all the items stored in it !! like apps , videos , pics etc ??

  8. Hi Satish! It’s shayon again… thanks for the reply i have rooted my device successfully now is there iny custom rom’s available for galaxy trend GT-S7392? i am afraid because i have searched a lot for my device but there is no rom’s available for my device… pls help… or pls give me the link’s if any rom available…

  9. Hi,

    There is no ROM available for your device yet. I will let you know once it is available.

  10. hi satish. After finishing the process of rooting how to upgrade samsung GT S7392 to kitkat?

  11. You mentioned “install a custom ROM” are Custom ROMs available. No i suppose. then anyother solution for this question?

  12. Hi, thanks for the rooting solution. When do i disconnect the phone from PC? after restart?before restart? should it restart when still attached to pc ?

  13. Hi I am installing a new game it will take more time and did not acknowledge the receipt in download status how to check ? it is processing or not. if download completed some time received some times not receive need permanent solution.

  14. if i’m playing games with my samsung galaxy trend gt s-7392 the always running at times its goes off, but if i will it running okay?

  15. I’ve all da sets but it ain’t still rooting. do I have to install da samsung kies online or offline? plz I need help bcoz ma samsung galaxy trend GT-S7392 ain’t rooting bcoz I’ve tried softwares still no result… tnx alot fpr all

  16. I m using Samsung gt s7392 .someone downloaded a software name S Connect ,I m not able to uninstall or removed it.it records my all conversation to his mobile kindly helped me

  17. these type of one click root apps installs
    malwares also in phn which displays ads afterwards like root genius exe.so r u sure abt this app.is it safe na…anybody tried it??

  18. Hello sir. I would just like to ask because iRoot wont connect my device. It just goes on connecting for so long and nothing happens. 🙁

  19. No matter what I do, it won’t root my phone. I have followed all the instructions. In between, it asks for an encryption key to restore data, even if I accept or deny to restore the data, my rooting fails all the time. Help please.

  20. hi sathish……
    my Samsung gt s7392 has less ram…. so can I root my device to increse my device performance…..????

  21. me passa o tutorial de enrraizar meu samsung gt-s7392 pois ja tentei diversos programas e nao conceguir com nenhum ..

  22. Você seguiu tutorial dada aqui? Se sim, o que aconteceu? Você não tem o seu dispositivo enraizada?

  23. I tried rooting my samsung GT-S7392 but didnt work 🙁 now my internal storage turns to 0 bytes used while i have installed apps in my device, then free space became negative numbers..huhuhu..please help. What will I do to fix my phone internal memory?

  24. hi satish i am unable to download root master plz provide me link . i am using samsung galaxy trend duos and my phone is working very slow . i wanted to know that after rooting is my phone will work well. plz provide me link to download root master. plz…

  25. Hi satis thnks for the link bt i followed all ur steps mentioned above bt at last vroot software shows cross sign and nothing happens. I hv tried it for many times bt each time same result
    What to do.

  26. Hey, you want to root gt s7392. Its very simple without computer. I search a lot on internet and every sites told install that software and this will root your mobile. But no software is useful. Finally find kingroot. The kingroot root ur mobile in just one click.

  27. Hii satish plzz give me ur whtsapp no.
    If i will have any problem in rooting i will just msg u …..
    plz …

  28. KitKat ROM for s7392 is not available yet. I will let you know once it is available!