Easy Way To Root Xolo Phones (A600/Q700/Q800/Q3000)

If you are a user of Xolo phone of these models (A600/Q700/Q800/Q3000) and want to root your phone to enjoy its features, just check this page. This is the very easiest method to root Xolo phones.

By using Framaroot application, you can easily root the Xolo phones. The from root application helps to install the Superuser and SU binary on the Android phones (but compatible only for few Android devices).


Before Proceeding:

1.Take a full backup of your phone by using appropriate backup applications.

2.Once you have backup your important data’s which was available in your phone, check the battery level of your phone.

3.Incase, if it is low charge them fully, so then it never gets switched off during the middle of the rooting process.

Disclaimer: Follow the given below procedure at your own risk. I would not take any responsibility for any damage of your phone.

Steps to root all Xolo Phones (A600/Q700/Q800/Q3000):

1.First, download the framaroot.apk from this page of Xda-developers.

2.Once you have downloaded, this application installs the same in your device.

3.After that select the SuperSu from the dropdown menu.


4.Select the Boromir now and reboot the phone.

5.That’s it! Now, your phone has root access, and you will get success message which implies The SuperSu and Su binary was installed.

framaroot success

6.After seeing this message on your mobile, just reboot your phone.

66 thoughts on “Easy Way To Root Xolo Phones (A600/Q700/Q800/Q3000)

  1. please tell me how to root xolo one with android kitkat 4.4.2 framaroot isnot working

  2. I couldn’t root the device running on Android KitKat. Will let you know if i find any solutions.

  3. suggest ways to root my Xolo q600s Without pc. I’ve tried much but failed to do so please help

  4. How to root xolo q800 device .
    I can’t root the xolo mobile help
    I want up gread 4.4.4 kit kat my mobile

  5. Yes, it won’t work on Android 4.4.2. I will post a separate tutorial shortly for devices running on Android kitkat.

  6. Xolo q600s I tried both method using PC and without PC but both method failed my phone still not rooted so please help me.

  7. I am Having Xolo Q3000 ,This method is not working ,If we download Frama root apps ,fully virus only .Not working ,Pls share and guide with good Apps ,16GB storage we are having ,but apps can install only 1 GB .FB & WHATS UP & Anti virus taking all memory ,Not able to install other apps .PLS HELP AT EARLIEST .

  8. Follow the tutorial given here to root your device. Once done, you will be able to install a custom ROM which is running on Android KitKat.

  9. I have xolo a500., I used all framroot ,unvirsal,root but not root pls help me yaar!!!my whatsapps no is 7669337933

  10. if u anyone use android kitkat use kingroot apk its working on kitkat os,jelly bean only suitable for frame root….

  11. abe gandu madarchod sirf traffic ke liye ma mat chodwaya kr chutiyapa kr k burmari ke randi ke bachhe

  12. Hi. I have a Q800 X edition running 4.2.1 Jellybean (not 4.1.2 stock rom).

    Can i root my mobile using framaroot?

  13. I am not 100% positive but it might work. Why don’t you give it a try and let me know what happens?

  14. I am scared to do this. I have only one mobile phone. And everywhere all websites mentioned only about rooting for Xolo Q800 X edition 4.1.2 Jellybean and not 4.2.1 edition which i have.

  15. Hi,

    Your device will never get affected when you try to root with Framaroot application. So don’t worry at all. Just install this app and try to root using an exploit. If it doesn’t work, you can uninstall the app and have the device working properly again.

  16. Hi. I tried the Framaroot and it works fine for me. I used SD maid and found out all dead corpses and useless logs affecting the mobile speed

    Can you please tell me some tricks now that my mobile has been rooted? Any specific apps for Xolo mobiles that will help my mobile considering that it is rooted now. ..

  17. My phone xolo one is now operating version 5.0 lollipop . but I have root now please help me

  18. I have a xolo one with android. Lollipop. I can’t root it. Can anyone help me?

  19. hey…bro…tell me how to root Xolo q3000 KitKat 4.4.2…till now i have tries sooo much apps but it didnt work…

  20. Plz plz plz…. help me
    How to root xolo q900s tried many apps but failed to plz reply amd help me thankeww..

  21. Sathish Sir, Im using xolo x910……will framaroot work for my phone…..mine is an intel core processor…..so I tried kingroot and root genius but it didn’t work…….will framaroot work?

  22. I haven’t tried rooting your device model. Will publish a tutorial after giving it a try.

  23. Exploit Result.
    Faild :-(…Exploit wark but installation of supperuser and su binary have faild

  24. Hi
    I am tried to root my device and failed lot of times . can u help me to root my device
    My mobile is xolo a600
    Thank u