How To Root Acer Liquid S1 Tutorial

If you are using Acer Liquid S1 smartphone and want to root the same follow the given below tutorial.

Please be aware that, rooting your Acer Liquid S1 smartphone will void the manufacturer warranty of your phone. So, think twice before you are rooting, if you don’t care about the voiding of your phone warranty, continue the procedure.


Before Proceeding:

1.Since this is a rooting procedure, it may wipe all your data’s completely, so backup all your data’s.

2.Next charge your Acer Liquid S1 smartphone fully, so then you never face any power issues while rooting.

3.Make sure you have installed the necessary acer driver on your computer before proceeding.

4.Next go to Settings > Security> make sure you have checked on the unknown sources checkbox.

Disclaimer : As always, root the given below procedure at your own responsibility. Before rooting your android phone, you must be aware of both the advantages and the consequences (void of warranty, bricking, boot-loops etc) of rooting.

Procedure to root Acer Liquid S1:

1.First download the framaroot apk from this page.

2.Once you have downloaded the file keep that file on your desktop.

3.Next connect the acer liquid  S1 to your computer.

4.After that copy the framaroot apk from your computer to your SD card.

5.Next open the file explorer app (if you don’t have on your device, then you may want to download either ES File Explorer/Astro File Manager) and install the Framaroot apk by tapping on its icon.

6.Open the framaroot app from your app drawer.

7.From the Framaroot app, select the install superuser option under the select an action to execute after root section as shown given in the picture.


8.Next select either Boromir or Faramir exploit to root Acer Liquid S1.

9.Once your device has been rooted, you should see a similar pop-up as the one above on your screen.

10.After that reboot your phone.

That’s it! Now, your phone must be rooted. Congrats!

One thought on “How To Root Acer Liquid S1 Tutorial

  1. hello, is there any other method of rooting the acer liquid s1? bec it seems this phone must be very well locked. even the superuser isn’t working. thankz.