How To Root Cherry Mobile Spark TV

This is the tutorial which explains how to root Cherry Mobile Spark TV. So, if you are using that smartphone and looking for the tutorial to root the same, check this one.

At below, I have given two procedures try anyone which works for you.


Before Proceed:

1.Take a full backup of your internal datas with the help of appropriate backup applications, so then it will be safe. If anything goes wrong you can get back all your datas with the help of backup applications.

2.Then make sure the battery percentage level of your phone is not less than 75%, otherwise you may face any power issues while rooting. In case, your phone gets switched off due to low battery while rooting, it may brick your phone so, please be aware about that.

3.Finally, follow the given below procedures at your own risk. I would not be held responsible, if anything goes wrong on your phone.

Downloading files:

To download the appropriate files, kindly visit this link.

Procedure to Root Cherry Mobile Spark TV:

Method 1:

1. First download and install the drivers.

2. Next download and install VRoot.

3. After that extract the drivers.

4. Next install the drivers *choose folder if x82 for 32bit and x64 win7/8.

5. Install the vRoot and enable the USB debugging from your phone by following the path “Settings > Application > Development > USB Debugging”.

6. Next open the Vroot and connect your phone to the PC.

7. After that click the Chinese green button and wait until your phone will restart automatically.

8. Once your phone was restarted and now you check your phone it was successfully rooted.

9. But still, you want to confirm the rooting process download the root checker app from Google Play Store and check the status.

Method 2:

Files Needed (Visit this link to download the file):


(b)Download and install Vroot

(c)Download ADB Driver to make sure that your phone detected to computer.

(d)Download this PdaNet.

1. Make sure the USB Debugging option and Unknown sources are enabled on your phone.

2. Install the PDA Net

(a)Run the PDA net installer, do not plug in the CM Spark TV to your computer.

(b)When it is asked for your device type, select “Other” option.

(c)Then, it will ask you to plug in your device to complete the driver installation. Connect the Cherry Mobile Spark TV to computer using USB cable. It will install the drivers.

(d)If it says “Complete”, you will see the “Device is ready to use”.

2. Next run the ADB Driver, connect your phone to the computer. Once it is connected, exit from it.

3. Run the Root.exe and make sure your phone is connected (You will see some Chinese text).

(a)After that Turn OFF your phone and wait to vibrate. Make sure now your phone is not connected.

(b)Next go to recovery mode by long pressing the Power Button and Volume Up button. Then wait until you enter into the recovery mode. If you are now in the recovery mode, do not press anything and plug your phone.

(c)In computer, run the Vroot and click the large button and wait until your phone will restart (Do not unplug your phone).

That’s it! Now, you have rooted your phone. Congrats!

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