How To Root HTC Wildfire S Smartphone?

If you are a HTC Wildfire S smartphone user and want to root your phone, follow the given below procedure.



1.A HTC Wildfire S with unlocked bootloader or S-OFF. In case, your bootloader is still locked, navigate to and unlock the same.

2.A file (custom recovery UI) or ClockworkModRecovery. You can use either one of the file, but I recommend CWM for its excellent features.

3.A file (this helps to install the su binary, busybox and superuser on your HTC wildfire S smartphone) and microSD card on your phone formatted FAT32.

NOTE : To download the files visit this link


1.Since this is a rooting procedure, it may wipe all your data’s completely, so backup all your data’s.

2.Next charge your Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 smartphone fully, so then you will never face any power issues while rooting.

Disclaimer : As always, root the given below procedure at your own responsibility. Before rooting your android phone, you must be aware of both the advantages and the consequences (void of warranty, bricking, boot-loops etc) of rooting.

Procedure to root HTC Wildfire S Smartphone:

Step 1: Flashing the custom recovery UI:

1.Initially, just ensure your phone is S-OFF and your memory card is formatted FAT32.

2.Place the file in your SD card and disable the fastboot from your phone settings (settings > Power > Disable Fastboot).

3.Next turn off the phone, hold down the power button and volume down button for few seconds until you see the HBOOT screen.

4.Don’t press anything, the system will scan for some files and it will prompt you for an update. Move the cursor to OK to start the flashing process.

5.Once it is finished, press the power button to restart the system, then let the android boot and delete the zip file from your SD card using USB cable.

That’s it! Custom recovery has been installed on your phone.

Step 2: Flashing the rooting script:

1.Next copy the file into your SD card and turn off your phone.

2.Next turn off your phone. Boot into recovery mode. To do that, hold down the power button and volume down button for few minutes until you see the HBOOT screen.

3.Allow it to do this thing and then select “install zip from SD card > choose zip from SD card”.

4.Then find the “” file on the list. Select “YES” option.

5.Allow the script to do its thing, until you see the “Install from SD card completed”.

6.Select “Go Back” on the menu until you find the “power off” option and select it.

7.Turn your phone back on and let android boot.

That’s it! Now the superuser will be installed on your phone along with su binary and busybox.

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