How To Root Micromax Bolt A24

This tutorial clearly explains how to root the Micromax Bolt A24 smartphone. It is a low-end smartphone which was released in the month of January 2014. It is preloaded with android gingerbread 2.3.5 firmware. It is capable of running hardly Temple Run. But it is impossible to run the HD games on this phone.

Rooting your Micromax Bolt A24 smartphone will help to increase its speed and performance by using two apps with adequate SuperUser permissions. Since this is a rooting procedure will void the warranty of your phone.


After you have rooted your phone, you are advised to install ChainFire 3D. It helps to improve your gaming performance. Also helps to run some games which require some graphics.

You are also recommended to run Root Uninstaller, it helps to backup and uninstall all the bloat applications that comes preloaded with the device. It helps you to freeze some RAM consuming applications for a time period.

The Root Uninstaller also helps to save some of the memory. Some of the apps that comes pre-loaded with the stock ROM, this helps to remove that application.

1.First, take a full backup of all your internal data’s. As this is a rooting procedure, it will wipe all your data’s so, have a full backup of all your important data’s.

2.Next, check the battery percentage level of your phone and make sure it is not less than 75%. If it is low, plug into the charger and charge your phone fully.

Disclaimer : Follow the given below procedure at your own risk. I would not be held responsible for any damage occur to your device by following this procedure.

Procedure to root Micromax Bolt A24:

1.First download the Bin4ry rooting tool from this page.

2.Once you have downloaded the file, extract the same with the use of any external softwares like Winrar.

3.Next enable the USB debugging option in your phone by going to the Settings menu.

4.After that connect your phone to the computer by using USB cable. Just ensure your phone was attached to the computer properly, in case if it is disconnected while rooting, it may brick your phone. So, be aware about that.

5.After that open the Runme.bat from the extracted folder. A command prompt dialog box will be displayed on the screen.

6.To root your phone, select “Normal” as your device type. Just type 1 and press enter.

7.Your smartphone will be detected shortly. ADB will be initiated soon and you will be seeing the device ID of your phone.

8.Wait for sometime, you will be seeing a Superuser application in the application drawer.

9.In this process, in case the ADB not detect your phone, install the Android SDK from here in the root directory.

ie c:\android\. So, if you have any device/chipset specific drivers, do install them. They might be useful.

That’s it! You have successfully rooted your micromax bolt A24 smartphone now. Congrats!

33 thoughts on “How To Root Micromax Bolt A24

  1. Good Day Sir. My Micromax Bolt A24 doesn’t Support’s Rooting, So please provide me some easy way to root it.

  2. Rooting didn’t work. CMD says something like ‘Failure to open port, trying port [some port number];
    Daemon starting or initializing something like that; then Daemon started successfully.’ This is all that in the cmd. Nothing is happening after that even if i kept the phone for half an hour. I installed driver separately the one you gave is not working [Driver not successfully installed]. I also used VROOT , but after clicking ‘ROOT’ button it also shows ‘Rooting unsuccessful’. I installed Superuser whether to find out if it rooted and didn’t showed a notification but the phone is Not Rooted. Any help appreciated

  3. hi… im using Micromax A24 Bolt
    i tried this cmd method its not working just showing “running…”
    what to d0 now…? help anyone pls

  4. hii, i have Micromax A24 bolt set .. i hv a grt problem with its battery backup n BT service … its not working propery .. wt shud i do?

  5. Hi,

    I am not sure whether rooting will solve your issue. Flash the stock ROM again on your device. It might help.

  6. hey i m having this micromax bolt a24!!! but i wanna root dat. the bin4ry is not working for this. actually i dont wanna root. i root the device because i wanna uninstall google play store!! bcos is disgusting. while i use the phone suddenly playstore comes and bla…bla…bla… pl say how to uninstall play store or root the device!!

  7. Hi,

    You can uninstall Google Play store easily after rooting. Just follow the procedure given here and root your device.

  8. Micromax A24 can be only rooted by iROOT. I have done all the methods. But found iROOT successful. Go For iROOT.


  9. I tried the above method to root the bolt a24, But it failed…
    The major problem is with the adb driver.
    I think the 15 sec adb installer doesnt support the bolt a24.

  10. iRoot is working perfectly fine.
    Just Connect your phone and start iRoot and click on Root.
    It will Root your phone whitin seconds

  11. in above mentioned comment..
    mr. sagar has given wrong number..

    i need help to root my Micromax a24.
    iRoot says “Micromax a24, No Rooting Permission”

  12. guyz plz help me…i have downloded the latest version of iroot in my mobile but it say “Micromax a24 no rooting permission”
    Guys plz help me out…n admin u too i belive u’ll me the better solution among all…plz guyz plz…itz a reqst

  13. Rubbish…. none of these trik worked… each and every method tried… is there any other method.. iroot is for froyo, jellybean, and other Android vertions, same as kingoo, kingroot, oneclick, super one click, binfry, farma root, can any one tell me why rooting failed on that device, i have no issue with driver…

  14. My a24 suddenly turnd off and on after showing “E:Unknown volume forpath [] restore into recovery” it turned off.again and again it shows this.and also the recovery mode/boot menu is not can i fix this problem? Plz help

  15. A24 will be root by useing first install iroot to your pc thn turn on then usb debuging mode and connect to pc.then open iroot the device will be shown in iroot then just click root into iroot your device will restert and root will be sucess.thank u.

  16. frndz i finally rooted my Micromax a24…
    but for this i had to give away all my files….
    u have to flash ur Micromax a24….download files from this link…
    and also download a new upgrade downloader software from searching on google dont use the given flash file itz not working…..

    for futher info….
    my whatsapp contact–9962694922

  17. Tried every app every method but it does not root bloody micromax
    If any other sugestion contact 9422710163

  18. i have a method first hard reset your phone and then apply the same methode ( top of the page) really yeh kaam karega