How To Root Samsung Galaxy Star Duos (GT-S5280/GT-S5282)

If you are a Samsung Galaxy Star Duos (GT-S5280/GT-S5282) user and want to root your device, to enjoy more on your mobile, just follow this tutorial. Rooting the android phone, helps you to customize the android phone. Moreover, it helps to increase the speed and performance of your phone. So, by following this procedure just root your phone and enjoy more rooting features.


Root Samsung Galaxy Star Duos
1.Before start with the procedure, first make sure about your device model number, applying this procedure in any incompatible device will brick your phone. So, first check your model number.

2.Please be aware that rooting your Samsung Galaxy Star Duos will void the manufacturer warranty of your phone.

3.Do full backup of your internal data’s with the help of backup applications, because rooting procedure will erase all your data’s. If you have a backup you can easily restore them.

4.Next enable the USB debugging option in your phone by navigating to the path Settings>Developer Options. If you are unable to find that option, just scroll down to About Phone tab and tap the build number for about 7 times. It will enable the USB debugging option on your phone. After than download Samsung USB Driver for your smartphone and install it in your computer.

5.Finally, charge your phone fully before try to root your device. In case, if it is switched OFF during the middle of the process, due to low battery it will brick your phone.

Disclaimer: Follow the given below procedure at your own risk. We would not be held responsible for any damage occurring to your device.

Procedure To Root Samsung Galaxy Star Duos:

Method 1:

1.Initially, you need to download the Root Package. So, first download that from here.

2.After you have downloaded the file, just extract them on your desktop.

3.Now, connect your phone to the computer with the help of USB cable, at this point just be sure you have installed the USB driver into your computer already.

4.In case, if you have not installed the driver, do that immediately.

5.After that come here and run the impactor.exe.

6.Then ensure that you have got the same option as shown in the given below image and your Samsung Galaxy Star Duos is connected in your computer correctly.


7.After that click the start button to initiate flashing the root exploit on your phone.

8.Once the process is completed, open the Google Play Store app on your phone, download and install the SuperSU and BusyBox application in your phone.

9.That’s it! Now you have root access on your Samsung Galaxy Star Duos (GT-S5280/GT-S5282) smartphone.

10.To check you have successfully followed all the steps, go to Google Play Store again and download the Root Checker app and verify the root access.

Once that app said, you have rooted your phone, you can install root-accessing apps on your phone. You can even flash the CWM recovery or TWRP recovery, it helps to flash the custom ROM on your phone.

Method 2:

1) If you get “Signature bugs unavailable” error using the above method, then follow this method. The reason you are getting that error is because that the above method will work only on older firmware versions and for updated firmware versions, we can’t use it.

2) To get started, Download ODIN, recovery image and Super SU to your computer. Once done, install Odin in your computer. Now connect your device to the computer using USB data cable and transfer the SuperSU app into the device’s SD card. Once done, switch off your device.

3) Now boot your device into the download mode by pressing and holding the power, volume down and home key simultaneously. Once you are in download mode connect your device to the computer. If you have installed Samsung USB drivers properly in your computer, Odin will identify your device and the COM:ID will turn yellow.

4) Next, press the PDA button in Odin and select the recovery.img file which you have downloaded into the computer. Once selected, press “Start” to flash the recovery image. Once the flashing is over, disconnect your device from the computer.

5) Now boot your device into the recovery mode by pressing and holding the Power, Volume Up and Home button. Now in recovery mode, flash the SuperSU zip file.

That’s it. Now you have successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy Star Duos Android smartphone. If you encounter any issues while following this tutorial do let me know via comments.

75 thoughts on “How To Root Samsung Galaxy Star Duos (GT-S5280/GT-S5282)

  1. tnx that was helpfull but I have a problem when i hit the start bottom on impactor ill see this error “more than one devise”
    plz help me 🙁

  2. hey, in the 2nd method at the last stage i could not find supersu zip file in recovery mode…. though i have copied it in my mobile….please help

  3. Transfer the file to SD card, go to recovery, select install zip from SD card and choose the super SU file.

  4. When I press Start button it says,

    ” Added!!
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:3)..
    File analysis..
    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)”

  5. I have copy Update supersu zip in sd card,but i get error “E:signature verification failed”

  6. in recovery mode supersu zip file doesnt flash
    there is an error generate and recovery fail


  8. Hi Sathish,
    Thank you providing this tutorial on how to root the galaxy star. I have tried method 2. I have reached the last step where I have to flash the device with superSU. But the problem is that even after flashing the recovery, the device is rebooted in the old recovery. Hence, I think like the others above, I cannot see and select the option- ‘Install zip from SD’ option. Can you help us out here. Maybe we might have missed a step.


  9. Hi there, Mark here, I had posted a comment about getting stuck at the last step- installing supersu from recovery.
    I found out the reason as to why I was not able to get the option- install zip from SD card.
    This is because the recovery file that you provided was incorrect. I almost gave on rooting this one as none of the options available online worked.
    I finally hit a gold mine and downloaded the correct recovery file- CWM 5, I installed that using odin and then was able to flash supersu.. You can get in touch with me for further info on the recovery file.
    Thanks again..


  10. I can not understand method 2 line 4 And when we do it see failed plz help me plz and give me your no.

  11. i am getting the problem of
    the program cant be start because adbvie.iil is missing on comp , try re innstalling

  12. i had successfully flash the recovery,after that device automatically rebooted .after that i switched off the device and entered in recovery mode by vol up home key and lock button.then i selected apply update from sdcard it taken to the supersu zip file when in selected that it showed me the error
    E:signature verification failed”
    PLease help me.

  13. had successfully flash the recovery,after that device automatically rebooted .after that i switched off the device and entered in recovery mode by vol up home key and lock button.then i selected apply update from sdcard it taken to the supersu zip file when in selected that it showed me the error
    E:signature verification failed”
    PLease help me.

  14. I have copy Update supersu zip in sd card, but i´am getting an error “E:signature verification failed”. When i flash in Recovery Mode it works , but it stops at about 50% flashing and I´am getting an error “E:signature verification failed”. So what to do?

  15. Hi Hassan,

    The file which we have given here might not work some variations and it seems yours is one of them. Can you please tell me your exact model number with build number?

  16. This is my Model:
    Model GT-s5280, FCC-ID A3LGTS5282, SSN S5280GSMH Jelly Bean 4.1.2

    May you can help?

  17. I guess that´s what you want:
    This info is from MTK droid Root n tools
    Hardware : SP8810
    Model : GT-S5280
    Build number : JZO54K.S5280XXANF1
    Build date UTC : 20140624-072154
    Android v : 4.1.2
    Baseband v: S5280XXAMJ1
    Kernel v : 3.0.8-1553019-user (se.infra@R0301-01) (gcc version 4.6.x-google 20120106 (prerelease) (GCC) ) #1 Tue Jun 24 16:17:17 KST 2014

  18. Hello,
    I followed what Mark has mention.. you guys will run around in circles if you dont follow the steps properly.. Use method two and then follow what Mark says if you receive the error he has mentioned. Its no rocket science guys.. open your eyes and read stuff and dont wait for someone to give you all the answers.. hope this helps.
    N. Wick

  19. in cwm recovery mode, i selected “wipe data/factory….” my phone is not rebooting what to do pls help me

  20. Mostly 5-10 minutes. If it takes longer, you have boot into CWM again and do Wipe cache and reboot.

  21. firstly when odin says pass remove the phone’s battery immediately and then go to recovery without starting the mobile then you will reach to cwm and then install su
    now you will get no error

  22. I’m doing the second precedure and when I go to recovery and give in SuperSU I get
    -file document
    E: signature verification falied
    because I get that?
    Help me please I thank you all

  23. When I hit ‘Start’ in Cydia Impactor, it shows an error dialouge box saying ‘more than one device’. Could you help me with the problem.

  24. You will have to download a custom ROM which is using the latest Android version and flash it in your device after rooting it.

  25. Hey, I installed the imapctor, but when i clicked ‘start’ a new dialogue box opens which says ‘error, more than one device’. Please help!


  27. i done with the odin , but the recovery is still stock, what can i do….cydia impactor also shows invalid…JZO54K.S5280XXANG1-buit number

  28. In Method 2, I have completed till step 4. In recovery mode, after selecting supersu zip file it shows “E: Signature verification failed”. Could you suggest me a suitable version of supersu for samsung galaxy star gts5282. My build number is JZ054K.S5282XXANF3 , Baseband versionS5282DDANF1 and Kernel version 3.0.8-1553213-userse.infra@SWDA2308 # 1 Tue Jun 24 20:41:54 KST 2014 .

  29. i rooted my phone sucessfully with 2nd method but when i check with root cheker app to verify root it tell ur device is not completely rooted… pls help sir

  30. Hi, I had problem with the device connection .I installed the Samsung USB driver and after that I clicked on impacter.exe .It opened up then I clicked start It said device not found I hope u can help me out

  31. If you can see SuperSU app in your device then forget what the Root Checker says!

  32. Thanks sir for reply.Can you please help me to get Custom rom for my device samsung star gt-s5282.

  33. Recovery does not showing option to flash .zip file, how could i flash superSu.
    Odin flashed recovery successfully, no problem with that. Just can not flash superSU.
    Root apps not working as they require permission by superSU.