How To Root Xolo Play T1000

Are you a Xolo Play T1000 user and do you want to root your phone? Then try any one of the given below methods. Before starting to proceed just make sure about your Xolo phone model number. Applying this procedure, in any incompatible device may damage your phone. So, first make sure about your device model number.


1.First, backup all your internal data’s with the help of backup applications. Since, it is a rooting procedure, it may wipe all your data’s. So, backup everything and after you have successfully rooted your phone, you can easily restore them.

2.Next check the battery percentage level of your phone. In case, if it is less than 75%, charge it fully or otherwise you may face the power issues while rooting. In case, if it is switched off during the middle of the process, it might brick your phone. So, charge your phone fully.

Disclaimer : Rooting the android phone will void the warranty of your device. We and the developer of this rooting procedure will not be held responsible/liable if any undesirable consequences may occur to your phone. So, follow the given below procedure at your own risk.

Root Xolo Play

Procedure to root Xolo Play T1000:

a) Method 1:

1.First reboot your phone in the normal mode.

2.Once it was started, launch the dialer app.

3.Type *7813294# and touch the green button which you use for making a call.

4.A new window will appear on your phone screen, asking for confirmation to root.

5.Check the “I accept terms and conditions” and then proceed. That’s it. Now you have rooted your device.

b) Method 2:

1.For this method, you need a Windows-based PC or laptop.

2.To follow this procedure, you need to enable the USB debugging option in your phone.

3.Once you have enabled the option, just download and install the Xolo Play USB drivers in your computer.

4.After that download the MotoChopper app from here.

5.Once you have downloaded the app extract the same.

6.After that connect your phone to the computer with the help of USB cable.

7.Then open the folder where Motochopper zip file is extracted.

8.Now, you will find a run.bat file in there. Run the same.

9.After that, you will see a pop up on-screen asking for permission.

10.Next, click on grant and your device will reboot.

11.Once it has been rebooted successfully, open the SuperSu app from app drawer and update its binary from internet.

That’s it! Now your Xolo Play T1000 phone was rooted successfully. Congrats!

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