How To Root iPhone 4S Mediatek Android Phone (Korean clone)

Some people tend to buy iPhone just by a tendency to occupy an Apple Product. When they land up with iOS, they find it difficult to use and not much customizable in comparison to Android. If you are facing same situation, it’s time to change your device from iOS to Android.

Even your iPhone 4s may feel boring to you and you may set your mind to install Android OS in it because Android is much more customizable, and lots of free applications are there in the market. Rooting with SuperOneClick is pretty easy, and you’ll love to do it yourself. You will find a Step by step guide to root your iPhone 4s Mediatek with Android using a rooting software called SuperOneClick.

iPhone 4S Mediatek Android Phone

Procedure To Root iPhone 4S Mediatek Android Phone

1.Before you move towards rooting your device make sure to backup your phone’s data on a computer or cloud based server, where it’ll be safe. Rooting will erase all your device memory. So, eject your Memory Card also.

2.Rooting takes quite long time and more battery than normal phone operation. So, make sure to change your phone’s battery full and keep the option of eclectic ready for emergency low battery signal.

3.Put your iPhone to Debugging Mode from the menu. Without this SuperOneClick won’t be able to install Android in it. In order to perform this task go to Menu then select Settings then select Applications then Development then click USB Debugging checkbox.

4.For better communication among your iPhone and PC make sure you have installed your device on your computer or else your PC may not detect your device for rooting.

5.Download and extract SuperOneClick from here. Then turn off your antivirus while extracting it, otherwise your antivirus may detect it as a virus. Even if it does don’t be afraid – we promise it’s not a virus, it’s just the exploiting code running behind this software that is getting detected as a virus.

6.Now run SuperOneClick with administrative privileges to make sure the software is permitted to function fully without any restriction from your computer’s Operating System. SuperOneClick has a universal rooting method for rooting all devices.

7.Just open SuperOneClick and click the Root button on left-top side of SuperOneClick Window. Your device is now being rooted with Android. When rooting is finished just turn on your device and see Android installed in it.

Bingo! Your iPhone 4s Mediatek now has Android in it, and you can enjoy all the features provided by Android in your iPhone 4s Mediatek.

4 thoughts on “How To Root iPhone 4S Mediatek Android Phone (Korean clone)

  1. Hi. Actually am new here. One thing I would like to know from you. 2,3 days before I got a iPhone 4s copy its a china product. I don’t know which operating system is installed on it. But really I want to install android on it. Is it possible. Because which is already in the phone is totally crap………

  2. Hey,

    I am not sure whether it is possible but let’s find it out. Please let me know the exact model make or model number. I will find a solution for you.

  3. Exact name and model which is printed on the phone back is this,
    Designed by apple in california Assembled in U.S.A
    Model A1387 EMC 2430 FCCID: BCG-E2430A IC: 579C-E2430A