How To Root Lenovo A766

The mobile market is rapidly growing these days. Companies are launching numerous numbers of phones to serve out the best. The most selling phones today are the Android Smartphone’s that is the first choice of every user. As it is a machine, it will definitely encounter certain problems too.

Because of its storage capacity as fast speed people tend to save lots of data on it hence leading to the hanging of the phone. Usually games and the other applications make the Smartphone low in speed.

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For such kind of problem what you need is the proper guide to solve out the problem manually. The Lenovo A766 phone is very popular these days and one can easily root the phone for achieving back its efficiency.

Procedure to Root Your Lenovo A766 Row

  1. You just need to follow these steps for rooting the Lenovo smart phone A 766; at the initial stage the user has to keep a check that he/she has created a back up of all the phone data into his computer because while rooting the Lenovo A 766 there is a risk of losing the data.
  2. As it is a 4.2 Quad core processor android phone, the user may get involve in downloading games and software data but he is not known to the implications of the same. These may cause harm to your device soon. No need to worry because the article is explains the solution to the same.
  3. Just be sure that your Smartphone has enough of the battery life to perform the rooting function. If there are any chances of switching off then kindly charge the phone. Don’t forget to remove the external SD card.
  4. Kindly download the tool for rooting the Lenovo A766 from the given link. Enable USB debugging on your Lenovo handset by going on the settings and clicking the developers option. Install the drivers for the PC.
  5. lenovo A766

  6. Using the software available on your desktop kindly extract out the file downloaded. Extract out the file and copy these files to root your SD card if required. Run the flash tool. As the smart phone flash tool will open just go on to the options and open the DA download as and switch over to the speed part.
  7. After this a dialogue box will appear where you have to scan through the scatter loading. Now you just have to switch off the device and connect back to the PC. CWM recovery is installed. If the phone is on then turn it off. Just hold the power button, volume+, and volume- until you see the Lenovo logo.
  8. You should be in CWM recovery mode till now. Use the volume+, volume- button to navigate and Power button to confirm options. Select, “install zip from SD card”, select” choose zip from the SD card. So on to the root option and select yes and install.

Your Lenovo A766 Smartphone is rooted now!!

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