How To Root LG Optimus E435 Dual Sim Processor Smart Phone

The LG Optimus L3 or the dual e435 is a smartphone with the dual sim facility. Therefore, it is a medium of running Google’s operating system that is android on board. However, this phone has been a topic of discussion throughout various boards since it is found out that this smart phone is quite incompatible with some of the many rooting methods.

Root LG Optimus Dual LG E435

But there have been no satisfying results due to poor luck out of these rooting methods. There is an XDA user who found that there is something that is extremely interesting in this device. To these users there is a certain working root available in this device, which helps to root such devices and also helps in installing the super user app in this device.

Now in order to root your LG e435 you might be interested in giving a shot to this rooting method which is as follows:


  1. This rooting system is known to void your entire warranty system. But you can again get back your warranty scheme by unrooting your phone and reinstating it to its previous position if only any kind of an unrooting procedure is available in the device.
  2. You will have to have the correct rather definite drivers installed in your PC. If you don’t have them then you surely will have to download them to go on with your rooting procedure.

Required files will have to be downloaded are:

  1. KDZ firmware
  2. KDZ tool
  3. Framaroot

Rooting the LG Optimus E435 Dual Sim Processor Smart Phone:

  1. You will have to place all the three files you downloaded in your desktop.
  2. Now extract the files from the various archives that you downloaded in your desktop.
  3. Switch off your device.
  4. Now connect your device with the desktop with the help of the USB cable.
  5. You will have to press and hold both the volume and the power buttons together in order to get your phone into the download mode.
  6. Double click on the KDZ firmware and the it will launch.
  7. In the tool you will have to change the options to 3GQCT and DIAG.
  8. Now browse the KDZ firmware and select it for flashing.
  9. The flashing process will start and then wait till it finishes.
  10. When the process is done you will have to reboot your device.
  11. Now starts the procedure of copying Framaroot in your device and APK over in order to root of your SD card.
  12. Install this APK.
  13. When the procedure finishes launch it from the app drawer.
  14. Through this app you will have to select super user then Gandalf and the rest of the job will be done by itself.

Thus, LG Optimus E435 is rooted by now!

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  1. hey! i need help…can u tell me any custom rom i can install on this device? couldnt find it