How To Install Android x86 In Your PC / Laptop And VM

Many of you would want android even in your PC’s and laptop’s or VMs. Well you can definitely get that now only without any hassle. Here is a tutorial, which explains how to install android x86 in your PC / laptop/ VM. All these machines are well-built to support the android system.

If you are in love with Android, then you will most definitely want to have it in your computer as well. In that case, follow the procedure given here and enjoy the features of Android not just in your phone or tablet, but in your PC or Laptop or Virtual Machine.


Install Android x86 In Your PC

  1. First thing required is a working laptop or a PC.
  2. Bootable USB stick/ free space for VM/ R/W CD.
  3. Android x86, which is the ISO.
  4. The most important part is the free partition, which is the other android versions.


  1. You will have to download the android x86.
  2. If you are using the USB stick then download the Unetbootin.
  3. If you are using the CD or R/W then you will have to burn the android x86.
  4. If you are using VM then set up the machine and tweaks it for configuration.

android x86 on VM

Procedure To Install Android x86 In Your PC / Laptop and VM:

  1. Now we know how to download the version is our PCs, laptops and VM machines. Now you will have to make sure that the ISO file is running properly.
  2. You will find the android x86 grub menu and from there you will have to copy it to the hard disk.
  3. Wait till it gets loaded and then select to partition android x86.
  4. Again if you are not sure about it, then don’t have to format the partition.
  5. Then format the partition to the ext3 and then upgrade the bootloader grub.
  6. Then you will have to answer yes in order to convert it into rw.
  7. If any input of SD card is asked, then for safety purpose insert a 2 GB SD card.
  8. Now reboot the system if the procedure is done.

This is the whole method of installing the android x86 in your PCs, laptops and the virtual machines. If only you are interested in getting it installed then you surely can give this procedure a shot and experience the whole idea by yourself. This is indeed a very technical procedure requiring expert knowledge. But if done properly you will get the enjoy the benefits of Android. So follow this method and give a joy to your mind.

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