How To Install Custom ROM On Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus GT-S5301

After a long time of research and wait, finally the users of the phone model Galaxy Pocket Plus GT S5301 can have a sense of relief due to the introduction of a custom ROM for this model.

It was about time when users were disgruntled due to the old stock ROM and no capability and features enhancement of the phone model, but due to introduction of this custom ROM, thing will change, no longer will the users be deprived of all the customizations!

Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus GT-S5301

What to expect from this ROM:

1.Not only there is a major improvement in the performance, but the lightness of the ROM will also be very much evident.

2.The practicality of this ROM will be a huge major advantage too.

3.This ultra lightweight ROM will be only compressed within 300 MB space on your phone as against the 700 MB on stock ROM.

4.You can also expect the zippy performance, no longer you have to deal with frequent slowness and slowdowns that are annoying to the phone owners.

5.The known bugs of this device are also practically addressed via introduction of this custom ROM.

6.You shall also get the high quality beats audio engine that is pre-installed in order to provide higher quality sound.

7.The camera app is also a significant change here. The quality of pictures and video taken are clearer than ever on this phone model. Now videos can be recorded in 480p as compared to only 360p mode available before.

8.Needles to say, there are no bloatware, only 108 installed apps as compared to the 198 installed which is far perfect.

9.In this ROM, the developers have envisioned performance and not merely making menus and things beautiful.

10.There is a plan to release weekly or monthly updates with improvements to both sides – performance and beauty.

To avoid installation problems, please chose a safer method, take all relevant backups!

Procedure To Install Custom ROM On Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus GT-S5301

Disclaimer: Although the given below procedure is safe, do at your own risk, if anything goes wrong in your device, I would not be held responsible.

1.Download and extract the zip ROM (DR – ) recommend extracting the PC with 7-Zipper It is free and can be found at this Link.

2.Download the Zip the ” Update 1 “.

3.Place the folder ” ClockworkMod ” right at the root of your SDcard and zip the ” Update 1 ” also (Not for extracting Update 1).

4.Start the CWM (ClockWorkMod).

5.Go to “Backup and Restore ” menu and then ” Restore”.

6.Select ” 2014-01- “.

7.Wait ends, When finished, back to the main menu of CWM , Wipe From ( Date ).

8.Now install the “update 1 ” in the same way you install any other zip in CWM.

9.Restart the phone.

10.Wait 4 ~ 5 minutes in the boot (Dalvik cache).

11.Enjoy! Now you’ve successfully installed custom ROM on your Galaxy Pocket Plus GT S5301.

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