How To Root Micromax A75

Micromax has come up with a model A75, another phone in the Superfone range. The Micromax A75 is a Dual SIM phone that is powered by 650 MHz processor and runs on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread).

This rooting guide will show you how to gain root access to Micromax A75 phone model. A developer named Ninad aka ninadchaudhari developed the rooting method for this phone model. The phone model is difficult to root as the common methods and exploits are unsuccessful in rooting this smartphone.

MIcromax A75

Prerequisites To Root Micromax A75:

  1. The instructions of the tutorial must be followed exactly till the last second of rooting your android phone
  2. Battery backup must be around 80-90%. This gives a room for power to boot your device if things take long and rooting takes time to process.
  3. You need to install drivers specific to the phone model on your laptop and computer. These drivers are needed for your computing device to issue rooting instructions to your Micromax A75.
  4. You also need to download the rooting app combined with a lot of patience to wait for the rooting process to finish without hasting any process.
  5. It is a must that you need to take relevant data back up of all your contacts and other files, because his process is bound to provide data loss.

Procedure to root Micromax A75

  1. Firstly make a fresh download of the Mixromax A75 rooting app from this link. This link contains all the necessary files and folders that we shall require to process rooting on Micromax A75 as described in the following set of instructions.
  2. The .zip folder will contain rooting app combined with many other utilities. This package also contains the drivers necessary for USB connectivity of your Micromax A75 to your laptop or PC. The drivers are necessary to issue instructions that shall download files on your phone via USB and root your phone.
  3. Navigate to the USB VCOM drivers folder and double click on the .exe file for driver installation. The relevant file for this purpose is named as InstallDriver.exe. This file when clicked will automatically select the driver version based upon detected Windows version and smartphone model connected to your PC. Once the driver installation is done, you’re ready to go.
  4. Once the drivers are installed successfully, the flashing of the phone needs to be done via the SP Flash Tool. Open the SP Flash Tool folder and run as Administrator for Flash_Tool.exe. You need not run as Administrator if you have already logged in Administrator.
  5. Now the application tool opens where you need to give path for the scatter file that is specific to your phone model. The scatter file will be located inside the folder downloaded earlier. Just navigate to the appropriate scatter file and select it.
  6. Once scatter file is loaded, you shall see a list of file names with checkboxes on the left. There may be a possibility that Android version cannot be seen after loading scatter file. In this case, close app applications, log off and log in again so that you can see the android files when you retry.
  7. You need to select all the files except PRELOADER. Please uncheck Preloader. Now click on the Download button. A timer will start and prompt you in the status bar to connect your phone. You need to POWER OFF and only then connect your phone immediately. There should not be much delay in connecting the phone after clicking the Download button. If there are delays, your phone might not be recognized and the timer will go OFF and show error that phone cannot be found, in that case you need to perform this step all over again.
  8. When phone is connected at the right time, the rooting process will begin and the progress of the same will be indicated via the progress bar at the bottom. If in spite of the rooting, there is an error with the flash of your device, do not panic, it is a known issue. The same issue will vanish if rooting process is performed all over again.
  9. The tips are tedious, but as said earlier, the conventional rooting methods do not work with this phone model, so one needs to bare these little things in mind. While this tutorial show how to root Micromax A75, you also need to make installation of BusyBox and sort out Wi-Fi problems if your phone is not able to fetch correct IP address from your Wi-Fi network.
  10. Now if you copy the Rootchecker app on your SD card and check root status, you shall see that the root status of your phone is successful. This is a sure shot way to identify if things have worked correctly in rooting Micromax A75.

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