How to Flash Sprint HTC One to Page Plus

Buying a high-end cellular phone and making its best possible use are two different sides of the same coin named Technology. The verse of technology has been so promising that with the mere object of flashing a sprint phone into page plus seems attractive as it allows one to choose from many CDMA cellular networks with the same phone.

Wireless carrier requires to overwrite the existing network programming from one’s cellular device. CDMA phones are meant with an object to run without a SIM card and are instead designed to function with a specific carrier’s cell towers. Flashing phone changes the idea of connecting to the all towers of page plus instead of sprint.


The idea what strikes a mind is the next steps which are how to perform the same and what all is to be done. Following are the constituents required:

1) A sprint HTC one
2) Drivers (Install HTC sync), standard drivers.
3) DFS CDMA tools download (free version)
4) Page plus PRL.

The steps to be followed are as under:

  1. Create an account with Page plus, giving them the information from your phone such as identification number which will open up help begin using your phone with the page plus network immediately after flashing it.
  2. Download to your computer flashing software from an online retailer that specialises in flashing and unlocking phones such as Flash to talk, Your cellular and Remote squad.
  3. Connect your sprint cellular to the computer via USB and open the flashing software and follow onscreen instructions to begin flashing the device in the form of simple step by step directions.
  4. Disconnect the device once the process of directions passes the final level and turn off the phone. Wait for at least 30 seconds and then turn it on. As it powers up the reprogrammed automatic software or flashed with the starting logo, the phone should find the page plus cellular network instead of sprint.

If after following the above steps fail and the phone results into non operation of flashing software programming, one requires to check if the performance is over latest firmware available, and if not, one needs to download the same from manufacturer’s website and reboot the device to enable running of flashing software for one more time with repeating the whole process.

1. It is always a safer option to take backup software installed within the device in order to avoid any future losing of vital information stored like contacts, passwords, accounts, etc.

2. Buying an unlocked phone is important so one can use it with a different carrier. Or when a locked phone is bought, one can always order for unlocking codes.

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  1. I’m concerned about bricking my phone though I plan to use a professional. What are the chances of a brick happening?