How Can You SIM Unlock Your HTC One Sprint for Free

Every HTC One Sprint could be unlocked; you simply need a little patience and some fundamental knowledge about the unlocking procedure. The unlock process is PERMANENT, so you won’t lose it in the event that you streak another ROM.

The unlock works just on the SENSE ROMs, so you can’t unlock it on AOSP, CM, or GPE ROMs. Even after you have unlocked you won’t have network in non-sense ROMs.


Pre-requisites For SIM Unlocking your HTC One Sprint

Make sure your network frequencies are supported by the phone. Utilizing the services of US network suppliers will be a bit unreliable, because the frequencies the phone uses don’t cover all the regions. You may lose network coverage often and may have problem with the wandering connection.

Some users reported that the newest radios square domestic meandering, so you can attempt directly result Three which will downgrade your radio likewise, or downgrade it physically by blazing THIS radio in recovery. It is additionally suggested that you attempt a great ROM which has manual roaming system.

The unlock works great outside the US:

Before the release of 4.3 ROMs the process was very easy. On the off chance that you are still utilising the SENSE 4.1.2 version of ROM with the access to root than you should simply use the Sprint HTC One Unlock SIM Helper from the Play Store. Presently with the release of 4.3 Sprint the unlocking process is made more troublesome. The unlock uses a file called Htcomadm_spcs which was modified in 4.3, so the unlock no longer lives up to expectations.

There are 3 possible answers for this problem:

1. Use the modified Htcomadm-spcs. You have to glimmer this in recovery and then the process is the same as with the 4.1.2 ROM

2. Use a file manager to replace the Htcomadm_spcs in/system/application with this. Than the process is the same as with the 4.1.2 ROM. After the unlocking process you will get the VDM client’s crashes. It’s not a problem, because later on you can streak any of the ROM and there after you will remain unlocked.

3. The above mentioned process is the lengthiest way. Do this just if the previous methods come up short. If you are using S-OFF then:

  1. Fist start with downloading the Sprint HTC One M7WLS
  2. Extract flash to a folder on your pc
  3. Boot into boot loader (different ways)
  4. Utilizing fast boot, type this CMD: fast boot OEM lock this will relock the boot loader
  5. From pc, run setup.exe from the extracted folder. It will run the RUU utility & blaze once more to stock Presently you have to unlock your boot loader, install a custom recovery and root.

You can get S-OFF pretty easily on h-boot 1.55 with rumrunner.

In the event that you are on the latest 1.56 h-boot you can get s-off with Firewater. Pretty simply insert a SIM card and in the event that you don’t get the “SIM lock enabled” message than the unlock process is more likely in-complete.

You may in any case have no bars and be unable to make calls however. Use this simple steps to unlock the HTC One.

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