How to Root LG L70/L90/G2 Mini

The moment someone enter android ecosystem, they may hear of rooting. Rooting is basically allowing apps to gain full control of the device. Rooting may void that device’s warranty.

Rooting LG L70/L90/G2 mini is not easy. It requires careful steps and precautions. If anyone doesn’t follow these steps, they might brick their device. It can also be used to root LG L40 too. Please read the steps carefully first.

Root LG L70,L90,G2 mini

Tools neededMiniTool Partition Wizard, Ext2Fsd tool,, ADB.rar, LG USB drivers

Procedure to Root LG L70/L90/G2 Mini

1) First start with formatting external SD card into ext2. This is to be done to reduce the chances of corrupting the SD card. Formatting SD card into ext2 converts it into ntfs or fat, which cannot be detected by recovery. If the ext2 mode doesn’t work, try ext4. Chances are less that it won’t work.

Use MiniTool Partition Wizard to partition the SD card into ext2. Install it and run it. Connect the phone via USB cable into computer and put it into storage mode. Here the external SD card can be seen as ext2 partition. Right click it and in the menu that appears, Uncheck “mount volume in read-only mode” and click Automatically mount via Ext2Mgr. Now click apply. Use Ext2Fsd tool to mount the ext2 partition to windows 7.

2) Now download, which contains super user binaries that enables root access. Move it to your external SD card (not in any folder) and plug it out.

3) Install LG drivers if it isn’t installed.

4) Install ADB in the computer that is used to root LG L70/L90/G2 mini. ADB is also available when Android SDK is installed but since that may be a heavy download, just download ADB.rar.

5) Turn on USB debugging. Go to settings, scroll to the bottom ,click General and click developer options. There will be USB Debugging option in there. If it’s not, Goto Settings – General – About phone – Common – Software info . Click Build Number continuously for about five or ten times. Now there will be developer options enabled in the phone.

6) Connect the phone to the computer via USB cable again. Phone will ask if to allow USB debugging. Choose yes.

7) Goto the folder where ADB was installed. Press shift and simultaneously right-click in the folder. Choose the option “open command window here”.

8) In the command window that is opened, Type the following command;
adb devices

  1. This will show the devices connected. If the phone is connected to the computer successfully, the command window will show;
    List of devices attached
    LGD410a123456 device
  2. In the next line, type;
    adb shell
  3. Click enter and type the following command in the next line.
    reboot recovery
  4. Click enter.
  5. Now the phone will reboot into stock recovery.

9) Now unplug the phone and insert the SD card.

  1. Touch won’t work in the recovery mode. Use volume up/ volume down for scrolling up and down. Power key to choose an option.
  2. Select “apply update from external sdcard” option and click on
  3. It will show that update is complete. Now choose “reboot system now”.

When the system is done rebooting, phone will be rooted. As a proof, there will be new superuser application in the app drawer.

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    My phone Dual SIM LG L70
    Either version Afzarysh V10g-AME-XX
    Can be routed to Windows Phone 8.1

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