How To Root Verykool s732 Android 2.3

When your new Android model is out of the box, there are many limitations of manufacturers and fewer opportunities that it can explore the world. But with rooting, there is much more to the normal activities your phone can perform.

verykool s732 Android 2.3

In simple words, rooting is nothing but giving yourself the root permissions over your phone. One can also define it as a process in which one obtains access to the administrative functions and the commands of an operating system of the phone.

The most common need for rooting an android is the need for updated version of the operating system or to save the battery life. And when the use of cell phones has reached the zenith today, the need to root the phone has also increased simultaneously.

We will discuss a step by step guide to root a verykool s732 Android 2.3 in the following paragraphs.

Procedure To Root Verykool s732 Android 2.3

  1. The first and the most important thing you ought to do before rooting your phone is storing all the data in your phone in your personal computer or in some safe place as there are chances of losing the data.
  2. The mounting curiosity of people compels them to download new games and applications. This leads to increasing frequency of the phone getting hanged.
  3. It is also essential that you take out your external SD card before you start the process. This process will enable your verykool s732 Android 2.3 to function with a high speed and greater and speedier performance.
  4. Also make sure that your phones battery is fully charged. If it is draining be cautious to plug it in for charging.
  5. To start the process of rooting, download the binary rooting tool and extract the actual file with the help of software like WinRar. Then click on settings option in your phone and enable the USB debug option in the cell phone.
  6. Immediately after this, connect your android to the computer in order to prevent the bricking of the cell phone. Now from the extracted folder open the Run me.bat file and a command prompt dialog box will pop up on the screen.

Select the ‘Normal’ option as the type of device and then type 1 and click on enter. Your verykool s732 Android 2.3 will be detected automatically. ADB that is Android Debug Bridge will be initiated and you will be able to see the device ID. The application drawer will show the super user application after the wait.

If at all you find it difficult to detect the ADB for your cell phone then simply install the Android Software Development Kit along with the particular drivers of the chipsets for the SDK and install them also. And there you go with the completion of the rooting of your verykool s732 Android 2.3!

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