How To Fix md5 Checksum Mismatch Error In ClockworkMod Recovery

While rooting you Android device, you have to do the process of restoring backups that was taken before in ClockworkMod (CWM) recovery. While most of you will be successful in restoring the backups, some of you will get the “md5 sum mismatch error”. This is a tricky error, and it requires quite of lot of efforts to fix it.

There are lots of ways to fix the md5 sum mismatch error using terminals, ADB, and other tools, and almost all those processes are complex to do. But here I have written an easy, simple and quick method that will help you to fix the md5 sum error without involving complex tools.

Prerequisites To Fix md5 Checksum Mismatch Error in CWM:

Fix md5 Checksum Mismatch Error In ClockworkMod Recovery

A good root explorer or File manager which will let you create new files and folders on your Android device is the only thing you will require to do this process. I prefer the Speed Software Root Explorer app, but it will cost you. So choose any root explorer app of your choice and install it on your Android device.

Tutorial To Fix md5 sum Mismatch Error:

1) Once you have installed the root explorer, open it and navigate to the folder: clockworkmod->backup->(choose the backup that you would like to restore) on your SD card. In the folder, you will see a file named as “Android.md5” that actually contains all the information about the ROM on which the backup was made previously.

2) Now backup this “nandroid.md5” file and delete it. Once you have done that, go to the options in your explorer app, create a new file and name it exactly as “nandroid.md5”. Make sure that you don’t use CAPS while naming the file.

3) Once you have successfully created the new “nandroid.md5” file, save it and exit the root explorer without touching anything else.

4) Now enter into ClockworkMod Recovery and restore the backup that you have just modified. I am pretty sure that you get the mismatch error, and the backup restoring process will be successful.

That’s it. Now you have successfully fixed the md5 checksum mismatch error.

Few cases of Backup Restore Failure:

1) A damaged or bad backup.

2) Problems with kernels that are related to mounting and unmounting ( /system,/data,/cache ).

3) Renamed backups (you should never rename your backup or else you will get the error).

In these cases, the method which i have written above won’t work to fix the md5sum mistmatch error. So, please use some other methods.

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  1. hi sathish, i being in problem,i have done with rooting but phone is trap in starup from past 3hrs
    .its seems like kernel enters into deadlock. can i have any salution for that. its moto e ,rooted with cm12. thanks