How To Root Asus FonePad 7 K00E ME372CG / K00Z Android Tablet

Asus FonePad 7 is one the best Phablet’s (a combination of mobile phone and tablet) in the market right now. The notable features of this 7 inch HD tablet is 3G data function, Intel Atom Processor, and 5 mega pixel rear camera. If you own this Android Phablet and would like to root access it for installing rooted apps, then check out the tutorial given below.

The step by step instructions that we have given below is only for Asus FonePad 7 WW build. If you phone has another build, then don’t try this rooting process as it may brick your phablet.

WARNING: The instructions given below will help you root Asus Fonepad 7 but if for some reasons the process gets failed and your device gets bricked, we shouldn’t be held responsible.

Root Asus FonePad 7

Prerequisites To Root Asus Fonepad 7 WW Build:

1) The first step to do before rooting your device is to take the full backup. Use all the necessary backup applications and backup all your data. You can use this backup to restore your date, if in case the rooting process goes south and you lose the personal data from the device.

2) Remove all the unwanted antivirus and antispyware applications from your device. Avoiding this step will result in unsuccessful rooting process.

3) Keep your battery backup level above 80% as the rooting process is a time-consuming one and you will need full battery.

Once you have done all these steps, you can move on to the main rooting process.

Tutorial To Root Asus FonePad 7 K00E ME372CG / K00Z:

1) To get started, download this file package and extract it on a folder in your PC hard drive.

2) Once done, download the ASUS USB driver for your Android device and install it on your PC. Once done, connect your device to the PC using data cable.

3) Now download any of the root files given below based on your Asus Fonepad 7 build number.

WW Build:

Android 4.2.2:




Android 4.3:




Android 4.4:



Other Build:

3.2.4 TW

3.5.2 TW

5.2.2 TW

5.2.5 TW

5.2.5 CN

K00Z Device Build:


3.5.7 TW

5.3.4 WW

5.3.5 WW

5.3.6 WW

5.3.8 WW

5.4.2 WW

5.5.0 WW

5.3.8 TW

5.4.2 TW

4) Once you have downloaded the root file for your device, its time to enter “DROIDBOOT“. You can do this by switching off your device and then by pressing the power plus volume keys up together.

5) Now copy the root file you have download to the folder where you have extracted the package (step 1).

6) Now everything is ready. Open “OPEN.cmd” and enter the following command:

fastboot flash update

x.x.x denotes the build number of your device.

7) Now, the flashing process will go on for few minutes, and once its get completed, your device will be restarted automatically. Upon restarting, you will see the “Installing System Update” message.

8) After few minutes, you can access your device without any issues.

That’s it. Now you have successfully rooted your Asus Fonepad 7 phablet. If you encounter any issues while carrying out the rooting process, do let us know via the comments section below.

129 thoughts on “How To Root Asus FonePad 7 K00E ME372CG / K00Z Android Tablet

  1. Hi Roger, there are no working rooting tutorials for your build number. When we get one, we will post it here.

  2. Have a nice day Mr. Sathish .. I’m happy for this website and want according to your instructions to carry out its root K00E ME372CG and have free phablet .. I do not know whether it will lead me, but I’m sure if downloaded files will work. Thank you for the opportunity .. I’m sorry that I write through a translator because I can not English. Greetings from Czech republic Vasek

  3. Hi Vasek,

    Thanks for taking time to comment on my website. I am sure that the rooting tutorial will work. Just follow it properly.

  4. i,ve updated my me372cg to build no 6.4.4(released 22/9/2014)!can u please upload the file for me???

  5. How Can i install Windows 8 on my ASUS Fonepad 7?
    Any help would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance

  6. Hi Ankit,

    I am not sure it’s possible to install Windows 8 on ASUS Fonepad 7. But i will look for a way.

  7. Hi, I want to ask whether the fonepad 7 is running Linux on
    asus tablets?
    LINE ID : hq666

  8. I had a Fonepad 7 with stock android 4.2.2 and i updated it to 4.4.2 recently. But on updating the tablet the floating apps like video player, calculator etc are no more available. Will downgarding to android 4.3 as per your steps, bring back the floating apps? If yes can I use root package 5.2.5?

  9. Hi there,

    Upgrading to new Android version won’t remove the floating apps. It would have been caused by something else. Did you use a Stock ROM firmware or custom firmware for upgrading to Android 4.4.2?

  10. I am not sure. I did a check for updates from my tablet and it prompted that you can upgrade to 4.4.2 kitkat. I just installed that one itself along with the new build version.

  11. Alright. This is a stock firmware update. Seems the company took those floating apps out of the new update.

  12. Thqnks for your replies.
    I had posted a complaint in the Asus website. They replied that doing a factory reset will make my tablet as one which i had bought and then do a system update. Will a factory reset solve the problem? Can i downgrade as per your method?

  13. I think doing a factory reset will solve your issue. You don’t need to use this method.

  14. i tried rooting my asus m3272cg as per your guidelines. wanted to know, after enetring the command, fastboot flash update does it show, “waiting for device” and takes how long to root? and also wanted to know, whether we have to enter the punctuation ” before flashboot? as as shown by you..

  15. Don’t enter the punctuations. You have to enter the text and numbers after the punctuation.

  16. Yes. Rooting will help you to install rooted apps, custom ROM firmwares, and even some paid apps for free.

  17. hi satish. thanks for your help. i rooted my asus device me372cg. i need to know which is the best custom rom for this device? how to get it?

  18. Daniel after upgrading to 4.2.2 do you still have the floating apps like video player, calculator etc? Mine has gone since update.

  19. tried to install custom rom from xda forums, but our device kooe is not listed anywhere. to install custom rom, i need to instal custom recovery first and in both cwm/twrp recoveries our model is not listed. so how do i install it? thanx

  20. Did that other guy confirm the root forAsus Fonepad 7 K012?
    I would like to try it out for everyone out there but I’ve only been using android for a day I don’t even know what build number or maybe I don’t understand how it works ‘coz I see a very long number.

    Also, are there any articles I can read to get started?

  21. Hi Rylie,

    Go to about phone and look at the details displayed there. You will find the Build number for sure. And yes, the tutorial will help you to root your device!

  22. I’m using Asus fonepad 7 K102,When i root as same step by step 1 to 6,My device working on verry good,but in step 7.Affter it reboot,One message have been appear ” Installing update ” but then about 3 seconds,the ” error” coccursion ,! Who’s can help me ? i mistake where step ! thanks for support
    mail to :
    send to message at facebook :

    thanks all !

  23. Hi Sathish,
    I have a FonePad 7, KOOY ME372CL, and it is KVT49L.WW_FonePad-V5.4.1-20141021.
    Is there any chance of a root file?
    I would be most grateful.

  24. my build number is KVT49L.WW_eepad-V6.5.0-20141001

    does 6.5.0 will work for my pad….
    I have downloaded the file from 1st link ” download this file package” but it is an .exe file. How can I extract it like a zip file.

  25. Save the file you have downloaded in the first step in a folder and copy the root file to that same folder.

  26. i do all parfectly..but when the system updating page come and continue upgrading it show eror..thn take a restart and back to normal….HELP

  27. is this instruction or files for asus fonepad 7 kooe me372cg ???? Because the pic up there isn’t of this model and the blog is about this model..?? Pls rply

  28. This tutorial is for asus fonepad 7 kooe me372cg! I have added the picture absent mindedly. Will change it soon!

  29. First :I have an android version of 4.4.2, what should i choose from the files above?
    second: does this work on ASUS fonepad 7 K00Z dual sim?

    a reply would really be a great help! God bless!k .

  30. While.i left my phone for charging,my younger did something horrible and then when I came back I saw..tht on the screen it was written “erasing followed bt an hourglass….since then I m not able to use my phone as it is not able to start..kindlyhelp me …to reinstall the android software!! Is it possible? ?? N if yes then how????

  31. Which variant of Asus Fonepad are you using? I will need to know your device details before I can help you.

  32. Greetings, is there any way to root my fonepad 7 ME372CG KitKat4.4.2 build KVT49L.WW_epad-V6.5.0-2014100????? need to hear from you soon because i always see notification that there is another system update on my fonepad. till now i’m wanderin around try to google some question with no luck of finding the answer. need your advice, help will be highly appriciated. Big thanks

  33. For Android 4.4.2 Kitkat, we don’t have a root package yet. Will let you know once it is available.

  34. I root my fonepad k00e using your guide, now i cant access play store or gmail, supersu said i have not installed any binary something. Can u help me how can i change the etc/host file i cant access or change it completely it says that is the only way to for me to sign up at gmail and enter google i need to re root? Can u please teach me?, been trying for almost a month now..

  35. I upgraded to 4.4.2 my build number is 6.6.1
    what is the way to root..?
    (my device asus fonepad 7 kooe)

  36. Hi Sathish,

    I’m really struggling here. I can’t seem to root my device after several different methods.
    I have a K00E running 4.4.2 with Build KVT49L.TW_epad-V6.4.1-20140813. I can’t even seem to be able to downgrade it. Any advice?

  37. hi sir ,
    if the process fails then what are the possibilitys of damage to fonepad 7 [me372cg]kooe with 4.4 kitkat

  38. Sathish is working on 6.6.1 and wil release it soon …

    See my question on january the 14th…

  39. Can we expect a root for build no .kvt49l.ww_epad-v6.6.1-20141119 by Feb 10..? KitKat 4.4.2
    Plzz reply sathish

  40. Hi Sathish, thank you for your effort in helping others. Can I know which root file should I download for my device (k00z V5.5.1) ?

  41. Hi
    I have an unusuall problem with my asus me372
    when i’m charging battery for exaple up to 72% and then disable charge,the battery percent stick on 72%
    and after it,if i use tablet,the battery percent sticking on 72%
    please help me
    i could not found any flash file for this model
    build number ww_v6.6.1
    andoid v4.4.2

  42. Which version of Android version your device is using? Select the download file based on the Android version and give it a try.

  43. for your infornation i use fonepad 8
    why while installing system update for, system error?? and appear that your device recovered for factory configuration??

    some one please help me.

  44. Hey bro one more problem- I have Kitkat 4.4.2 so I need a root file for it can you tell where to find or can you upload it. It would be really awesome if you do so. Thanks in advance.
    Do reply.

  45. It says that “fastboot” is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. please help.

  46. I followed all the steps then when I opened “open.cmd” typed the code it showed this.
    I wrote the exact code without quotes and replacedx.x.x with 5.5.1.

  47. It says that “fastboot” is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.I followed all the steps then when I opened “open.cmd” typed the code it showed this.
    I wrote the exact code without quotes and replacedx.x.x with 5.5.1.

  48. Sathish, please help us root our fonepad7 kooz with android version 4.4.2 and buid number v5.5.1
    I have been waiting for 9 months in sites such as xda for someone to root this. Please help. I am not happy with a device that is not rooted, I have limited options. Please find a way to root this…. Thank you, very much in advance.

  49. i had asus fonepad7 fe 375 series, i rest it beoz my phablet said that my media unfortunalely stopped process but when i reset it i could not open my phablet plz help me

  50. hi sir plz help to root my asus fonepad7 kooz DROIDBOOT VERSION
    i want to root it coz i want to run an app. name xmode
    plz help me how to root my dvice
    TY and more power

  51. hi Sat i have a asus fonepad7 KOOZ dual sim i want to root my unit to play x mode can you help plz
    thnks in advnace & GOOD DAY

  52. does it have a way to root my device? my build number is kvt49L.TW_epad-v6.3.6-20140630, Kitkat4.4.2?

  53. Hello!

    I posted this question on the 14th of january:

    “Can we expect a root for build no kvt49l.ww_epad-v6.6.1-20141119?”

    And the reply from you were soon, how is it developing, is the work still going on? 🙂

  54. I am still in the process of developing it. Will publish it in the website once it is ready.

  55. If your device is using any of the build number as given in this page, then you can root your device easily.

  56. hey sathish, can I flash a custom rom of lollipop 5.0 in my Fonepad 7 Model – FE170CG
    I have only 4 gb of Internal memory, 1 gb of Ram and 1.2 Ghz processor.
    please give your valuable suggestion..

  57. hello sir i upgraded my tab to build android 5.0 please develop to root it thank you

  58. can i flash a lollipop 5.0 ROM to my Asus Fonepad 7(K012) Model – FE170CG
    I have 4 GB Internal memory, 1.2 Ghz processor and 1 GB Ram.
    please give your suggestion.

  59. I am not aware of any custom ROM with Lollipop based firmware for Asus Fonepad but I will still look for it and will get back to you shortly.

  60. asus fonepad 7 k012 model fe170CG how to upgrade jellybean to kitkat please tell me ,my number 09032250554 please tell me sathish

  61. Hi, we don’t have rooting kit for your device right now. Will let you know once it is ready.

  62. Hi Sathish,

    I am not able to execute the fastboot flash update command – followed the instructions on this site, the CMD just gives an error cannot load

    I am trying to root Asus Fonepad7 (K00Z) 3.5.6 build

    Any way around this


  63. Pls help me, ive rooted my asus fonepad 8 but function when calling the screen appear to blank so I cant switch off my call. Then I go to cwm fastboot tethered and erase everything including formitting factory,data,system,sd_card and factory restory without backing up. so now my phone only have logo and will stuck on there forever. Please help. Tq

  64. Hi Sathish,
    First of all I want to thank you for your website and your commitment. II have two questions for you, I have ASUS Fonepad 7 K012.
    b. Where can I find good custom rom for my Asus
    b. Is it possible to install Windows 8 on my ASUS.
    Thanks from Sweden!

  65. Is there any kit for ASUS Fonepad 7 (ME175CG) K00Z Device Build WW_V5.5.4

  66. hi
    thank U for this tutorial.
    My android version is 5.0, witch root file do I have download?

  67. None is available right now. But I will let you know once I come across something.

  68. hi i buy asus fonepad 7 today.want to root before use..after rooted can i upgrade from jelly bean to kitkat

  69. Just follow the steps given here to root your device. And for your second query, yes you can upgrade from Jelly bean to KitKat if you flash any custom ROM which is running on KitKat.

  70. Dear sir,
    I m using FonePad 7 With android version 5.0 Lollipop. I want to remove useless internal apps from my device, so can I use more of the space.
    Is there no other way to uninstall internal apps besides rooting the device? Please help me sir.
    Yogesh kumar

  71. i have problem here with asus fonepad 7 k102 with new update to 5.0…how to root it??can help me??i cant open some apps coz the auto-start manager always block it..and i cant even stop the auto-start function..can help here?

  72. Hello, I am planning to buy Asus Fonepad 7 ME175CG-1A007A, Pls suggest will I be able to root the device with the steps mentioned above.


  73. Hi,
    I’ve updated my asus fonepad 7 (KOOZ me175cg) to lollipop 5.0 🙂
    I’m very glad
    But I don’t find a way to root it, there is no “zip file” to do this with the 6.3.7WW build version.

    I wait 🙂


  74. I want to root my device Asus Fonepad7 K012 running on lollipop 5.0..
    It was running on KitKat recently i got a stock upgrade to lollipop.
    Please help..

  75. Hi Sathish,

    My tablet’s build number is v6.3.7 with android 5.0. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

  76. Hello Monsieur Sathish J’ have asus fonepod KOOZ with android 5.0. But some software important for me does not work anymore good. It is possible to restore android 4.4.2. (No more) or have you android 5.1 which works better build LRX21V.WW_fONEPAD-v63.7-20150420 Thank you for your help