How To Root Micromax Canvas HD A116

Micromax Canvas HD A116 is an Android Phablet running on a 1.2ghz processor along with 1GB RAM. This new age device has a 5-inch screen and 8 mega pixel rear camera. This is one of the best-selling Micromax devices and many people have purchased this Android phablet. If you are one of the users of Micromax Canvas HD and would like to get the better experience with the device, then rooting would be the ideal option.

We have written a full step by step rooting tutorial for Micromax Canvas HD A116 below. Follow the tutorial, root your device and install rooted apps, custom firmware, etc., of your choice.

WARNING: We should not be held responsible for any damages that may occur while following the rooting tutorial given below. Proceed at your own risk.

Micromax Canvas HD A116

Prerequisites To Root Micromax Canvas HD:

1) Take a complete backup of your personal data in your device using required applications. Failure to do so may result in the permanent lose of personal data.

2) Remove all the antispyware and antimalware applications in your Canvas HD as they sometimes cause trouble while following the rooting procedure.

3) Make sure that your Canvas HD’s battery backup is above 60% as the rooting process is a time-consuming one. If you start the rooting process without enough battery backup, and if your device dies while following the procedure, then it will get bricked. So charge your battery fully before getting started with rooting your device.

USB Debugging Mode Canvas HD

4) Enable USB debugging in your device by following this path: Settings -> Developers Option -> USB Debugging -> Tick! If you are using Android 4.2.2 or higher version, then developers option will be hidden. To enable it to follow this path: Settings -> About Phone -> Built Number (tap on the Built number for 5-8 times).

Once you have done all these prerequisites, its time for rooting your Micromax Canvas HD.

Root Micromax Canvas HD A116:

1) Download USB driver for your device and install it on your computer.

2) Now, download Root Genius application and install it on your computer.

Root Genius Application

3) Once done, open Root Genius and connect your Micromax Canvas HD device to your computer using original USB cable. If your device is connected successfully to the computer, Root Genius will automatically identify your device and will ask for rooting.

Root Micromax Canvas HD

4) Now just click on “Root It” and wait for the rooting procedure to get completed.

That’s it. Now you have successfully rooted your Micromax Canvas HD. You can download and install the Root Checker Application to check whether your device is rooted or not.

If you get any doubts while following this tutorial for rooting Canvas HD, do share it with us via the comments section given below.

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  1. मुझे रूट करना नहीं आता तो मुझे स्टेप बाय स्टेप बताओ

  2. I successfully downloaded drivers. Installed in windows 7 system. When i run root genius, It says error in finding drivers. please help.

  3. Hey bro.. I tried rooting A116 couple of months back but then I don’t know how but my IMEI got reset. Will this accidentally reset my IMEI or is there any precautions I can take to avoid such a thing to happen . Plz help

  4. okay.. Thanks a lot bro.! Also.. My Canvas HD has a USB issue.. It automatically disconnects data transfer from the phone to the laptop and I again have to connect my phone to the laptop by removing the USB and plugging it all again.. So in this case.. Is it possible to root because rooting requires usb debugging to kept on during the process.. Plz help !

  5. drivers for my MM canvas hd a116i are not being discovered by root genius. hence i’m not able to proceed ahead for rooting. plz help.

  6. I have done everything to unroot my phone as u have suggested . At last root genisis software have shown my device is rooted . But my phone is same as such

  7. I had followed same process on my canvas hd a116 but after coming to 64% process, it shows an error “your phone is so tuff to root”. I had tried 3-4 times but same error. Plz suggest needful…

  8. I followed the steps and after finishing root genius step i checked with root checker ,it shows “sorry,root access is not properly installedon this device.”

  9. If you can see SuperSU app in your device, then forget what Root Checker says. Your device is completely rooted.

  10. after root & uninstall preinstall app, can i again i unroot it or can i make it as it was same b4 root…

    i waana do only some change as remove preinstall app.+game & little bit change,

    & 1st root & then unroot can bring any s/w , h/w damages in my phone..