How To Root Samsung Galaxy Core Plus (SM-G3502)

Samsung Galaxy Core Plus (SM-G3502) is a high-end smartphone that comes with 1.2Ghz dual core processor, 5 mega pixel camera and it runs on Android 4.2 Jelly bean version. If you are a user of this smartphone and would like to root it, to use rooted applications then, you are in the right place. Here you will find the exact tutorial that will let you root your smartphone successfully.

WARNING: We should not be held responsible for any damages that may/may not occur while following this tutorial. Proceed at your own risk.

Prerequisites To Root Samsung Galaxy Core Plus (SM-G3502)

Root Samsung Galaxy Core Plus SM G3502

1) First and most important thing to do before rooting your smartphone is, backing up the entire data of your phone somewhere safe. Use the required backup application and get an entire backup of your smartphone. You can use this backup to get back your data if in case the root process goes unsuccessful.

2) Remove any anti-virus or anti-spyware apps you have installed on your Samsung Galaxy Core Plus, because sometimes these apps will cause trouble while rooting the phone.

3) Make sure that your battery backup is well beyond 75% as the rooting process is timing consuming one and if your battery dies during the process, your device might get bricked.

4) Download Samsung USB Drivers for your smartphone and install it in the computer.

5) Enable “USB Debugging Mode” in your smartphone by following “Settings->Developer Options->USB Debugging Mode.”

Now you are all set to root your device.

Tutorial To Root Samsung Galaxy Core Plus (SM-G3502)

1) Download Kingo Android Rooting software from here to your PC.

2) Once you have downloaded the software, install it on your PC.

3) Now connect your Samsung Galaxy Core Plus smartphone to your PC using USB cable in “USB Debugging Mode”. If you haven’t installed the USB drivers for your PC, download them from here and install them.

4) Once your device is successfully connected to your PC, you will see the Kingo Android software opening up automatically. Select your device model and Android OS version in it. Your device will ask you to “Grant” permission. Approve it.

5) Now you will see “Root” option. Just click it and wait for few moments so that the rooting process gets completed. Upon successful rooting, your Samsung Galaxy Core Plus will reboot, and you will be able to log on to the device with super user permissions.

That’s it. Now you have successfully rooted Samsung Galaxy Core Plus smartphone version SM-G3502. If you have any doubts regarding this rooting process, do let us know via the comments section.

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  1. fiz como no toturial baixei o king …e o draiver ele conecta mais aparece uma menssagem escrito falha

  2. Hi,

    I think you haven’t installed the Samsung phone driver on your computer. Install it and try again!

  3. bonjour j’essaye temps bien que mal a rooter mon galaxy core plus mais toujours avec un échec aider moi svp

  4. Também tenho o G3502T e não consegui fazer root.
    Assim que alguém conseguir, favor enviar email avisando, obrigado!

  5. parceiro o meu Samsung Galaxy Core Plus (SM-G3502 é 4.3
    você pode me ajudar a faser o root dele
    agradeço se poder me ajudar

  6. boa noite,no meu quando conecto junto com o kingo root,ele fica no wainting for divice direto,,o que eu faço

  7. Infelizmente , no galaxy core plus tv ninguém está conseguindo fazer o root !
    Se alguém conseguir, estou na fila pra fazer tambem !

  8. sera se eu fazer no meu sm-g3502t sera q eu perco a tv pq pra mim com tv ou sem tv tanto faz pq na onde eu moro n pega tv

  9. Hi, thanks for the tuto but kingo is not working with my chinese sm g3502l.
    Any help will be much apreciated !

  10. Dears,

    I think, that you can use the ABD Toogle App first ( on your phone from Play store) to activate the Debugging Mode of the phone.
    Than it should work.

  11. Thanks for the reply but I know how to activate the debugging mode, no problem for that.
    And the thing is that I want to root my phone in order to install the play store (which is a bit difficult with chinese phones)…

  12. Sorry!
    It seems, that I hadn’t read the rest carefully!
    I don’t know, if it works without a Play Store installed at your smartphone, because I couldn’t test it, but at my phones it is possible to access the play store with any windows PC and install the apps directly on my phone using the phone number and my google account.

  13. Hello, I have been trying this root process but with no success.It reads my phone,checks for root status, downloads some needed files and then it’s stuck at waiting for device. I have granted all access, usb debugging is on. Any idea what could be wrong?

  14. ola meu amigo tenho um celular samsung core plus duos tv mas não encontrei o root pra ele alguns programas até reconhece mas não da root pode me ajudar ?pode enviar me um e mail caso tenha um root especifico pra ele

  15. ola o meu smart é um core plus com TV modelo SM-G3502T não consico rootealo voce pode mi ajudaR????

  16. Yes it is by downloading and waiting for the device and do nothing .

    What else can I try to do the root?

  17. Seems you haven’t installed the USB drivers yet. Install it, open the Kingo app, then connect your device. Your device will be identified and there will be an option to root. Just by pressing it, you can root your device.

  18. I have installed the mobile driver, he even cehga the long run , but in the end says that the root was not possible.

    I found no Forun to do the root this device.

  19. The new method which I have given here works for almost all devices. Anyway, I will look for a solution.

  20. hello the method What you do not work there not passed windons 32 bit ‘s? I downloaded everything just right More time to open the Speech Program That not and Pará A valid application windons 32 valid please AjUDE me a Galay core rootear as SM- 3502t

  21. Hello I’m from Brazil , I am also looking to make root in g3502t and so far not succeeded. Can anyone help me ? Thank U

  22. I tried the method you submitted here, but it resulted in failure.
    What do i have to do now?

  23. Estou disposto a dar um tutorial enraizamento trabalhando para o seu dispositivo em breve.

  24. No meu core plus g3502t não funciona mesmo com a drivers tudo certo.
    Já saiu um novo tutorial

  25. Oi, este tutorial trabalhou para o dispositivo que tive antes. Se isso não funcionar, vou postar um tutorial trabalhando muito em breve.

  26. preciso fazer root no core plus SM-G3052T
    obrigado se alguem poder ajudar…

  27. I can do not root in the galaxy core plus sm- g3502t with tv, as if let me know in the email .

  28. SM-G3502T…………….PARA QUEM QUER FAZER ROOT NO SAMSUNG SMARTPH GALAXY CORE PLUS PTOB Faça o backup dos seus arquivos com o SAMSUNG KIES para se salvaguardar em caso de erros no sistema. Depois baixe no seu pc o KINGO ROOT, link: Instale no pc e depois abra o programa. Em seguida conecte no pc seu Smartphone core plus 3502T via cabo USB. Apenas siga as instruções do programa e depois que o seu Smartphone Samsung core plus 3502T reiniciar. observe que foi instalado, não o SuperUser e sim o KingoUser que é o superusuário…..