How To Root Samsung Galaxy Note SHV-E160L (New Method)

In this session, we will teach you how to root your Samsung Galaxy Note SHV-E160L. Here we are going to use vRoot Software on your Windows Computer.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any damage done to your phone during Rooting.

Basic Requirements:

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note (SHV-E160L)
  2. Computer
  3. USB data Cable
  4. Phone Charger (You won’t expect your phone to die of the battery during rooting)

Now we move on to our step by step procedure. (Do follow each and every step and read them carefully to avoid any problem for which we will not be responsible.)

Root Samsung SHV-E160L

Procedure To Root Samsung Galaxy Note

1. First you have to download all the drivers for Samsung SH-E160L on your Computer.

2. The second and most important thing to do is, enabling USB debugging. For this, you will find Developer options in your Settings option and then Enable USB Debugging.

Developer Options

In Android 4.2.2 the Developer mode is hidden and to unhide it, go to Settings and then in about option go to System Information. Inside this, you will find Software information, and then there you will see “More” option, inside which you will get Build Number. Tap on this option for 5-8 times and then a message will appear, “You are now a Developer” which means that the developer option is now shown under your settings option that was earlier not present.

3. Now the next step is to download vRoot and install it on your Computer.

4. Now open vRoot and then mount your Samsung Galaxy Note to your computer through a USB cable.

5. The vRoot will automatically search for your smartphone once its connected to your computer and it will automatically detect when your phone is attached.

6. Now, click on your phone name in vRoot and in the next window that appears, you will see a root button. Just, click on it.

7. The vRoot software will automatically start rooting the phone and will automatically install SuperSU app in it.

8. Now you have Successfully Rooted your Samsung Galaxy Note SHV-E160L. To verify that you have successfully rooted your phone, go to your menu and then search for SuperUser app. If you found that app then it means the device is successfully rooted and if not, then please repeat the process carefully.

Note: Your Manufacturer Warranty gets Void when you root your phone. It means that they will charge you for any damage that you cause to your device. So proceed after making your mind and making clear of what are you doing. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE THAT YOU CAUSE TO YOUR DEVICE DURING ROOTING.

If for any reason you want to Rollback all you have done, then go to Play Store and just Download SuperSU (ChainFire) and install it. After installation, open the app, move to Settings and then select Full Unroot. Your device will be brought back to the earlier stage.

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