How To Unbrick / Debrick A Hardbricked Samsung Galaxy S3

Disclaimer: This method is hoped to work on all Modem/Bricked phones. We don’t guarantee that this method will work for your situation. But as far as I have tried, it has always worked for me, and all the things can be undone by just restoring the SD card with proper partition.

How To Unbrick Debrick A Hardbricked Samsung Galaxy S3

Basic Requirements:

1) 16GB or if required 32GB Class 10 MicroSD cards

2) A hard Bricked Samsung Galaxy S3 US based

3) PC

4) A Card-Reader where the card will be mounted (Make things clear in your Mind that you can’t use another cellphone as it requires to reparation the SDcard)

5) Any Partition editor and for your convenience download it from

6) Reliable Charger.

These are some Debrick images for your device that will be useful for you in this process.

  1. US Cellular R530
  2. Sprint L710
  3. AT&T I747
  4. T-Mobile T999

Now here comes the main step by step procedure.

Procedure to Unbrick / Debrick A Hardbricked Samsung Galaxy S3

1) Take your SDcard and after mounting that into your Card-Reader plug it in the USB of your Computer.

2) Now you need the download images and an image burner to insert them in your Card.

3) Take the backup of your card as it requires to reparation the Card and the card will be wiped when the image is to be mounted on it.

4) Use an image burner to burn/insert the image on your SDcard.

5) Take out the Battery from your S3.

6) Mount the SDcard in your S3.

7) Re-insert the battery in your S3.

8) Now your S3 may boot itself, or you have to boot manually your S3 by pressing the Power Button.

9) If any update that created trouble or bricked your S3 is also Messed with the system, then you just have to constrain the Odin Mode to force the stock firmware into your cellphone. Though I was not much successful to get my stock firmware into my S3 still you can use it without any trouble.

10) And now the next step is to stop worrying about your Bricked phone as it has been now recovered without spending a penny on it.

Note: Your phone will not be able to boot if you have removed your SDcard. With your SDcard inserted your phone will work properly but without it will not be able to boot.

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