How To Root Karbonn Titanium S1 Plus Android Phone

Karbonn Titanium S1 Plus is a low-budget android smartphone which comes with a lot of top end features. This 4-inch capacitive touchscreen display device comes with a pixel resolution of 800*400. The device is powered with a 1.2 Ghz quad-core processor supported by 1 GB RAM and it runs on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean operating system. The device also comes with a 5 mega pixel camera for high quality image capturing. All in all, this is the best android phone you can get at a cheap price.

If you own Karbonn Titanium S1 Plus and looking for a tutorial to gain root privileges, so that you will be able to install Android apps which only supports devices which are rooted or for installing custom and advanced ROM firmware, then you are in the right place. I have given a rooting tutorial with step by step instructions to root Karbonn Titanium S1 Plus below.

WARNING: Rooting your Karbonn smartphone will VOID its warranty and you won’t be able to claim it. Also, your phone might get bricked by following the tutorial given below. Proceed with CAUTION.

Root Karbonn Titanium S1 Plus

Prerequisites To Root Karbonn Titanium S1 Plus Android Phone:

1) The rooting process I have given below is not a data-loss process. So you don’t need to worry about taking backup of your personal data like contacts, pictures, musics, etc. before getting on with the rooting tutorial.

2) Please make sure that your Titanium S1 plus has a good battery backup. Also uninstall antivirus apps before rooting your device as they have a knack of disrupting the rooting process resulting in phone getting bricked.

3) Download Karbonn USB Drivers for your smartphone and install it on the computer!

4) You have to enable USB debugging mode in your Android phone. For this you have to enable “Developer Options” first which you can do by visiting “Settings“, then “About Phone“, then tapping on the “Built Number” for 7-8 times. Once done, you can go back to “Settings -> Developer Options -> USB Debugging” and tick the box to enable it.

Upon finishing with these prerequisites, you can move on to the rooting tutorial given below.

Tutorial To Root Karbonn Titanium S1 Plus:

1) To get started, you will need Open Root Genius Application for Windows. Download it and install it on your computer. Once done, launch the application.

2) Next connect your Karbonn Titanium S1 Plus smartphone to the computer in “USB Debugging” mode using original USB data cable. If you have already installed the drivers for your smartphone in the computer, then the connection will be successful, and the Root Genius Application will automatically identify your device.

3) Now just click on the “Root It” button in the Root Genius Application and take a break. The application will do all the necessary things to root your device and upon finishing the process, it will reboot your device. Now go to the apps menu and look for “KingUser” app. If it’s there (it will be there for sure), then you have successfully finished rooting your Karbonn Titanium S1 Plus Android phone. Alternatively you can use the “Root Checker” app to verify the rooting process.

If you encounter any issues while following this rooting tutorial, do let me know. I will try to help you as quick as possible.

68 thoughts on “How To Root Karbonn Titanium S1 Plus Android Phone

  1. Please suggest some solution. I am not able to root through this method.
    When checked with root checker it says rooted withg improper root access.
    Please help urgently. thanks.

  2. Hello sathish,
    I have mailed u the attachments of screenshots at info email. But it is bouncing back. I have emailed u at ur gmail email Also. Please check in spam my 9 attachment s are there & help me at the earliest. If not received, pls give alternate email address . thanks very much. Kumar.

  3. Please help me sathish. i have already sent you the snapshots at your email id.
    please help me urgently with rooting my mobile. karbonn titanium s1 plus.
    thanks very much.

  4. Hi,

    I haven’t found a solution for you! Please be patient. I will get something for you shortly.

  5. Bro I have updated my titanium s1 plus with official kitkat update but now I’m unable to root with any software even by root genius and unlock root pro please help me
    Thanks in advanced

  6. Does this help to take the back up of the phone? as my screen is spoilt so i need to give it in the servicre centre so before that i wanna take a back up.

    does root mean back up?

  7. Mandar
    how u get official kitkat update on your titanium s1 plus ..i m also using it but no OTA is there..?
    plz tell me

  8. Bro I have updated my device with kitkat 4.4.2 and now I’m unable to my device with any method…. Please help me….

  9. Br0 ..
    If U HavE’t Updated your Device To KiTKat
    Pls Backup YouR FirmWare Nd UploAd It To Us BecOz I ThiNk ItZ AlMosT impossible To RooT The KiTkat
    PlZ Br0 BacKup Nd ShaRe WiD All Of Us
    If U Haven’t Updated!!
    Tnx In AdvanCe

  10. the root genius software link for karbonn titanium s1 plus is showing error …..plz help

  11. karbonn titanium s1 plus is not getting rooted by dis aap….when i click on root , ma phone starts rebooting nd aftr sometime it says dats ”such a tough phone”. i want to root it as fast as possible. plz help me!! waiting fr ur reply. ma email is plz suggest me a solution

  12. sir,
    i bought karbonn s1 plus, My karbonn titanium s1 plus use to shut down. I disabled clean master app, so its working now. But internet speed is very very slow. does anybody has any idea of increasing speed of the internet in this device? if yes then plz reply…….waiting……..

  13. my karbonn titanium s1 plus is continuously shutting down. anybody has any solution apart from rooting?

  14. Get it to a Karbonn service center and ask them flash stock ROM again or else give us sometime. We will post a guide by ourselves and you can use to flash your device with stock ROM.

  15. I am not success to to rooted Titanium S1 plus please guide me ….. i try it ….. root genius but not be success

  16. I went to the karbonn service center and that person told me ‘software maar ke dunga’. Is this the same thing you are talking about sir?

  17. can’t root my titanium s1 plus with root genius. Getting error “such a tough phone” every time. plz help.

  18. Thanks for reply. I hope you give me working method.
    Can these problem occur because root system partition is full.

  19. can’t root my karbonn titanium s1 plus with root genius.
    Showing error “such a tough phone.
    can these problem occur because my root system partition is full.
    When I first use root genius it push su in bin and xbin. Busybox in only bin and only 4 KB size of kinguser apk in system/app.

  20. hiiii sathish

    mere pass bhi Karbonn titanium s1+ h me jo bhi download krta hu wo phone memory me chla jata h ise kese change kru pls tell me asa fast as…..

  21. Gyus if you are unable to root this on kit kat you have to install jelly bean in care center again ….. because kit kat dosent has any method to root device

  22. Finally I got kit cmw fix….. just you have to do a thing is download Philz.img recovery and android tools copy philz.IMG to andriod tools folder ….


    hold left shift key+right on andriod tools folder on your pc you will get this option here command on it
    And now you are in adb mode
    .. next ….
    power of your device and go into fastboot mode holding volume up+power button you will now go in fastboot mode and NOWconnect device using data cable and enable USB debugging….. NEXT
    in previously you were in command prompt you have to type this commands (fastboot device) ENTER if it shows some numbers or letters than your devices is connected now type this command (fastboot flash recovery recovery.img) it will do its necessary things when it says finished….NEXT
    Now remove your battery from your device and hold volume down+power button now you will go into philz recovery …. That’s all ….. Rememer….. you should have USB driver
    You can get it from Google type free download PDA net driver just download it and install it on your PC ……THATS ALL…… IT WILL WORK…… THERE WERE SOME PROBLEMS FOR KIT KAT CMW WAS NOT INSTALLING THIS PHILZ RECOVERY WILL HELP YOU… TRY THIS METHOD FOR KIT KAT DEVICES

  23. Have you followed the tutorial given here? If yes, what did it do? Haven’t you got your device rooted? Let me know.

  24. I could not install any app seems an error that “unfortunately package installer stop working”. And I could not hard reset my mobile .I tried many ways but not working..please help.

    model name of handset- Karbonn titanium s1 plus.

  25. I have error to detecting the drivers in my computer.. What will i do???

  26. Dear Sathish, please send me ur email I’d to be able to send u snapshots.# abhinandan kumar

  27. Hi plz help me when I click on root it the rooting process is started and showin percentage but it reach to the 79% and stop it show that “your phone is so solid to root…”

    I try four time but it process unto the 79%only. Please help me

  28. I am not sure whether it is possible but I will look for a solution and if I find one, I will share it with you.

  29. Bro ,someone updated my k titanium s1 plus to kitkat and i am not able to root it, can you help me rooting it.

  30. Bro ,i have titanium s1 plus kitkat version and i am not able to root it, i try with Root Genius, iroot, kingo root,framaroot,poot, baidu root and more but it impossible to root.can you help me rooting it? or if you can upload rooted kitkat rom

  31. i rooted my phone through Philz recovery. use android aio flash tool to flash philz recovery. it is very easy

  32. Hi,

    Where do you get the Philz recovery? If you can give me the link it would be of great help.