How To Root Micromax Canvas Elanza 2 A121 Smartphone

Micromax Canvas Elanza 2 A121 is a 3G Android smartphone with a 5-inch TFT HD Touchscreen display. The phone is powered with 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Quad-Core Processor and it runs on Android 4.3 Jelly bean OS. With 8 mega pixel rear view camera, the phone offers high quality image capturing. If you are looking for a smartphone under 10000 INR with good features, then Micromax Canvas A121 would be the ideal choice!

If you are a user of Micromax Canvas Elanza 2 and would like to gain root access for installing rooted apps or custom ROM’s, then the following tutorial will help you. I have given step by step instructions for rooting Elanza 2 smartphone below.

WARNING: If your Micromax Canvas A121 smartphone gets bricked or gets damaged while following the tutorial given below, we shouldn’t be held responsible. Proceed at your OWN RISK.

Root Micromax Canvas Elanza 2 A121

Prerequisites To Root Micromax Canvas Elanza 2 A121 Smartphone

1) Take the complete backup of your personal data in the Micromax device using appropriate apps. Although the root process won’t affect them, its safe to keep a backup.

2) Remove all the Antivirus applications installed on your smartphone for virus protection since sometimes they will cause trouble while the rooting process is going on.

3) Charge your phone battery and keep its backup level above 80% as the rooting process drains the battery. If you don’t have enough battery backup, and your device gets switched off during the rooting, then surely it will get bricked. Avoid it by having a good battery backup.

4) Enable USB Debugging mode in your device by following the path: Settings -> Developer Option -> USB Debugging. If you don’t see the Developer options, then you are using a new version of Android OS. Just follow this path to enable “Developer Options”: Settings -> About Phone -> Tap on Built Number several times and then enable USB Debugging.

5) Download Micromax USB Driver for your smartphone and install it on your computer.

Once you have done all the above-mentioned tasks, you can move on to the rooting tutorial given below.

Tutorial To Root Micromax Canvas Elanza 2 A121

Method 1:

1) To get started, download VROOT from here and install it on your computer. Once installed, open the application.

2) Now connect your Micromax Canvas Elanza 2 smartphone to the computer using the “USB Debugging Mode”. If you have installed the required USB drivers for your phone on the computer, then the VROOT application will automatically detect your smartphone.

3) Now just click on the “Root” button shown on the VROOT window and let the rooting process begin. The smartphone will get restarted several times during the process. So, don’t panic. Once the rooting process is finished, the device will reboot for one more time.

That’s it. Now you have successfully rooted your Micromax Canvas Elanza 2 A121 smartphone.

Method 2:

1) This method is for the people who can’t root their device using vRoot. To get started with this method, download Root Genius and install it on your computer. Once done, open the application window.

2) Next, connect your Micromax Elanza 2 smartphone to the computer using the “USB Debugging Mode”. If you have installed Micromax USB drivers properly in your computer, then the Root Genius program will automatically identify your smartphone.

3) Now just click on the big green “Root” button and your device will be rooted within no time.

That’s it! Now you have successfully finished rooting Canvas Elanza 2 Android device. If you want to confirm whether you have successfully rooted or not, use the “Root Checker” app. If you encounter any issues while following this rooting tutorial, do let me know via comments.

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  1. Dnt Knw Hw to Root my Mob Micromax A111 i instald D Framaroot & Tried Too Bt Nthng Changd It seems . . . Could U pls Help n Tat ???

  2. Sir I m not satisfied, because this process can not working on my elanza 2. I was 25 time do all this steps but no result. Vroot shows a massage ur device not rooted just try manual root. And Vroot install lots of fake and infected app on my phone please give a proper solution.

  3. While rooting micromax canvas elanza 2 using vroot it shows driver install error:0*000007d1 bt y?????

  4. my micromax canvas elenza2 has a phone memory get it self filled automatically… and my apps unable to run such as the photos of what’s app unable to send….plz help me

  5. Hi,

    I will post tutorials for it shortly. I don’t think that there are plenty of ROM’s available but will look for it and will give you a detailed tutorial in this site.

  6. Hi Anand,

    Root your device and see whether it solves the issue. If not, you have to reinstall the Stock firmware again.

  7. Hi Asad,

    In that case, use Odin to root the device. You have to find the .tar file for it. If you can’t do it by yourself, let me know. I will post a tutorial.

  8. Sir me having the same problem , can u please provide me with a tutorial of rooting by Odin.

  9. Sir,
    Is the V-root can make any harm for “Micromax canvas elanza 2 a121” Device….?
    such as phone crash, or mother board damage or software damage……?

    Plz, reply

    Thank you

  10. Does rooting allow me to connect otg cable to my device(elanza2)?
    If no, how can i connect it?

  11. Hi.
    Sir have u posted new toturial for canvas elanza? If not yet i request u to post it soon and my canvas elanza having so much issues regarding internal memory,it showing memory full but it still memory available help me in this issue.


  12. hi,
    there is good method i have done just root with mobegenie then again root with
    vroot. its root sucessfully. if any question just ask

  13. once completing the above steps when we click on the root button it shows that it is acquiring permission from the system.
    what to do if it is just checking permission from the system all the time

  14. hii satish
    i need a help
    i wnt to root my canvas elanza 2 on phone itself by framaroot app can u give suggestions for how to use this app for rooting my device
    im new to this area of rooting
    ur help is needed

  15. I am not sure whether it will work but follow this procedure.

    1) Enable Unknown sources (Installation of app from unknown sources)
    2) Download Framaroot.apk (Google it)
    3) Install it.
    4) Choose boromir or whatever option you see.
    5) You are done!

    Let me know whether it works!

  16. I am not sure that there is one available for this device. If i find one, I will let you know.

  17. Sir, I have micromax canvas elanza a121 & i have inserted 16gb sd card but moblie is not detecting the sd card at all & i can’t download anything, what i have to do

  18. I want to root my a121 …..
    can there will any problem in my mobile
    like any hardware and software damage…?????
    plz tell me…

  19. Rooting will provide your root privileges which you can use for installing custom ROM firmware’s or for installing rooted apps or for uninstalling bloat ware. So as far as I can say, it won’t cause any hardware change.

  20. Facing battery drain issues after rooting the way you posted here. Please help me resolving this issue

  21. Plz help me
    i want to root my micromax bolt a065
    i tried some apps like framaroot and root genius
    but not rooted

  22. Respected Sir,
    I’m the one of your instruction follower, & i asking you to submit a video tutorial, can u submit a video tutorial for using this V-ROOT software on Micromax Canvas Elanza 2 A121…?

    I am expecting your good suggestion.

    Thank you

  23. thank you for your respond, & i’m wetting for your v-root tutorials…
    hope i will get this tutorial from you soon……………!

    This is my mail
    (for quick response)

    thank you.

  24. I have Micromax Elenza Canvas 121. I have a problem with phone memory it shows full all. how can i resolve this prob.

  25. Sir, I have MICROMAX canvas elanza 2A121. Please tell me how can I use USB flash drive with the above android device? Thankx in advance!

  26. Hai bro i realy need mmx a065 root But,.,
    you post the link for a65 Not A065 ok
    so plz help me to root my phone
    Thank you in advance!!!

  27. Sir,
    Is this software called VROOT need Internet connections during rooting process.
    or it will work without any internet connection on PC to root Micromax Canvas elanza 2 A121

    please reply

  28. Sir,
    Thank you very for your support, now i have rooted my a121 phone to load big size hd games from external SD. And your rooting process is awesome its take only(less than 15 min) to complete full task, This Vroot Software is rooted my a121 phone, now i can do whatever i want

    thank you
    thank you
    thank you very much

    (I will give this tutorial as *****5/5 star)

  29. Hello sir I want root my Micromax A121.I have tried vroot1.7.3 and framaroot both not working.please help me.

  30. hello sathish i want to reboot my phone…micromax A121 elanza 2….. i will use vroot and root genius both r not working … do needful…waiting for ur response…

  31. In A121 downloads files are not store in
    external sd card by the help of root can this
    problem be solved?

  32. I tried to flash my canvas elanza 2 using TWRP & after that the phone rebot & showed some options….the first option was to instal zip file,so i downloaded stock rom for my phone which was having a size of 567 MB……but after that when i tried to install it showed MD5 missing & failed to install….so how can i fix my phone??? Plz help me out of this problem 🙁

  33. What was your problem actually? Have you installed a custom ROM frimware and looking for a way to install Stock ROM? Please explain.

  34. Hi,

    Right now there is nothing available for this device. I will let you know once I come across any new ROM.

  35. I have rooted my device successfully but root application is in Chinese language which is not understandable. Do i have any option to uninstall that application and use other one like Supersu…

    Further, when i transfer any application from internal to external SD, it directly goes to Internal SD and not to external SD which doesnt enable me to play heavy games of size more than 1 gb or more.

    Pls help…

  36. My mobile Dont show the option of memory selection , it every think store in inter memory card like what’s app , Bluetooth data . What to do plz say

  37. Don’t uninstall the chinese app. That’s the main app which controls your device’s admin privileges.

    Concerning your second query, have you tried App2SD?

  38. Sir hav u any idea about to make app drawer transparent ………..??.
    In micromax a121..
    Plz… Tell me..sir.
    I hav xposed installer..

  39. I have tried using App2sd but this app transfer to Internal SD which is still is problem for me. Pls help.

  40. hello sir . i wanted to know that is there otg cable will support in micromax canvas elanza 2 or not . i wanted to use it for external storage for movies or other files .

  41. Sir have you ever saw micromax a121 device because you are just replying to the comments by saying “will do it shortly” what is this???

  42. I have posted this tutorial after rooting my Micromax A121 device. When I say “will do it shortly”, I am looking for a solution for all the queries. Hope you will understand.

  43. Hi,

    Yes you can do that. Just install the app from Play store, open it and click on the apps which you would like to move and follow the on-screen instructions to move them (you can’t move preinstalled apps).

  44. Sir I am extremely sorry for my words
    Can you please provide a video of rooting of canvas a121 and also can you please tell me about the way to install cyanogenmod rom on canvas a121
    I have tried to install it several times but every time my computer says device not detected

  45. I understand. I will prepare a video tutorial and will post it shortly (it may sometime as I am busy with some other works as well). Regarding CM installation, I haven’t tried it yet. I will look for a way and try it in my device. If it works, I will post a tutorial.

  46. You can’t do that but you can uninstall the bloat wares which will free up your Internal memory.

  47. Sir will i be able to install huge games like asphalt 8 or any other app greater than 1 gb after rooting canvas a121

  48. Sir can you please tell me,does elanza 2 support micro usb???As it is shown in flipkart that it supports micro usb.And if it supports then can you please tell me if it will support SanDisk Ultra 32GB Micro USB 2.0 OTG Pen Drive??

  49. Sir did you try cyanogen mod on this device???
    Really need cyanogen rom for my elanza 2
    Thank you in advance

  50. how may I root my Micromax bolt A065 which supports android kitkat 4.4.2 & can it be rooted by kingroot app sucessfully?
    please answer fast ,plz.

  51. Sir can you tell me what version of vroot software you used to root your canvas a121 or suggest me any suitable version of vroot to do so

  52. Hey Satish did you found lollipop ROM for elanza 2 if u have please forward link to me plz plz

  53. Sir I want to root my Micromax A121, but worried about bricking the phone completely! Is Battery life above 80 percent adequate to prevent it from bricking? Any other precautions that can be taken beforehand?

  54. Don’t worry much about bricking when rooting your device. I don’t think that it will happen at all.

  55. Hey friend my a121 is rooted through vroot and control whole process is super user every thing is fine.
    1).And I m using twrp2.7 when I’m gone to twrp then goto advance option I don’t have an portion SD card option .
    2).another is try to portion in mini tool portion whole type were try like ext2,3,4 also mount script was created when I reboot then open link2sd again portion type selection window appear(means select ext3,2,4,fat32.)
    So help me on these two points

  56. Respected Sir,
    Can you tell me any process to Increase usable Phone storage of Micromax A 121 Phone without rooting….

    i am waiting for your reply

  57. Sir,
    I am having problem in finding a custom ROM. Even the websites showing rom availability are ad jammed and no ad works neither the rom downloads…Please find me a kitkat/ lolipop rom for Canvas A121.. Its damn important.


  58. Sir , please provide a tutorial to upgrade my elanza to a higher version like 4.4 or 5.0 version and also a video tutorial for partitioning the sd card .Hope you will reply soon .

  59. Hi, can you help me to root my micromax canvas Elanza 1 a93 which runs on android 4.2.2?

  60. Sir,
    I hav rotted my micromax canvas elanza 2, but when i try to attach any thing on whatsapp , or massenger my ph storages gets full every time. Please tell me what to do

    Thank you

  61. i have rooted my micromax canvas elanza 2 successfully using vroot. But now i wanted to unroot my device can you help me please.

  62. i doon know where my camera turning fornt 2 rear is icon hidden ………….. plzzzz help me what i do now …micromax A121

  63. I have only 1 issue that the phone memory fills after every few days and i have to erase all data.
    i have tried to send the apps in memory card but there is already two partitions in internal memory, 1st of 1.2gb for installing app and 2nd of 1 gb for data storage. on transfering the apps it does not goes to memory card but it goes in this 2nd partition. i hav a xperia m but this type of prtition is not done there and apps get transfered.