How To Root Micromax A65 Smarty Android Smartphone

Micromax A65 Smarty 4.3 is a new-age Android smartphone which supports Dual SIM. The device runs with 1 GHz processor along with 512 MB RAM and it runs with the Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread operating system. The smartphone is powered with 4.3 inches 480×800 touch screen display and it has a 2 mega pixel camera. All in all, the Micromax A65 is a wonderful smartphone for people with low-budget.

If you own Micromax Smarty 4.3 A65 Smartphone and would like to gain root privileges for either installing rooted apps or for installing custom ROM firmware, then the following tutorial will help you. Using this tutorial, you can root Micromax A65 quickly and effectively.

WARNING: There may be a possibility that your Micromax A65 smartphone might get bricked, while following this tutorial. If it happens, we shouldn’t be held responsible at all. Proceed at your OWN RISK.

How Root Micromax A65 Smarty

Prerequisites To Root Micromax A65 Smarty:

1) Take a complete backup of your personal data in your smartphone using appropriate apps. We can always use this to restore your data if incase all your mobile data gets wiped out.

2) Ensure that your device has a good battery backup. If you phone gets switched off due to lack of support while the rooting process is going on, it will surely get bricked. So charge your device battery before starting the rooting procedure.

3) Download Micromax A65 smartphone USB driver and install it on your computer.

4) Enable “USB Debugging” as well as “Install From Unknown Sources” options by visiting developer settings.

Once done, we can get started with the rooting process.

Tutorial To Root Micromax A65:

1) The first step in rooting process is unlocking the Boot IMG. To do that, download insecure boot.img, downloader tool and drivers, and stock firmware. Once download install the downloader tool and drivers on your computer. Also, if you are using Windows 7, download driver signature enforcement overrider and install it. Or if you are using Windows XP, download virtual box and install it on your PC.

2) Once done, open your device manager and make sure that you don’t have the yellow sign showing up on ABD interface, the two COM ports, and the two emulators.

3) Now open research download in your computer and click on the first button. Once the new windows open, load the PAC file. Now click on the second button and change the Baudrate to “115200“. Once done, select the unlocked boot.img which you have downloaded and saved in your computer for BOOT_IMG option.

4) Now select the Calibration tab and uncheck all the files. Once you have done it, plugin the USB Cable (not your phone, just the USB cable). Now click on the Play button.

5) Once you have done the above step, press the “Volume Up” key of your Micromax A65 and while holding it, connect it to the computer with the USB cable.

6) Don’t release the Volume Up Key until you the download message which starts usually within three seconds. If not, check your driver installation and retry the step. Once you see the download gets complete, disconnect it from computer and remove its battery for few seconds. Now reinsert it and restart your device. That’s it. Now you successfully unlocked your Micromax smartphone boot.img.

7) Since the boot.img is successfully unlocked, we can easily root your device. To get started, download Unlockroot and install it on your computer.

8) Now connect your Micromax A65 smartphone using the “USB Mass Storage” option. Once you have successfully connected your device, the unlockroot will identify it and it will show the “Root Now” button. Just click on it.

9) You will be prompted with a “Install Battery Saver App” message. Just ignore it and wait for the rooting process to begin. Once the rooting process gets completed, reboot your device.

That’s it! Now you have successfully finished rooting Micromax A65 smartphone. You can use the “Root Checker” app to check whether your device is rooted successfully or not.

If you encounter any errors while following the tutorial, do let know via the comments section.

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  2. Friend i download adb setup and installed but i cant open it
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  3. There are plenty of apps available for rooting Android devices but you can’t use all of them and get your device rooted. Follow the instructions given here to root your device.

  4. Unlockroot is not working,its says root fail.
    Plz help me..
    Is there any other software?

  5. I have tried many things to root my micromax a65 but nothing works.. I want to run custom rom on it.