How To Root Colors XFactor Idol 4.0 Android Phone

XFactor Idol 4.0 is a fully featured Android smartphone from Colors Mobile. The device comes with a 1 GHz processor supported by 256 MB RAM running Android 2.3.5 operating system. With 4 inch, QVGA Capacitive Touchscreen display the device looks quite big, and the 2 mega pixel camera will let you capture good quality images.

If you own this Colors android phone and would like to root it to gain root access for installing apps which only supports rooted applications or to upgrade your firmware to a newer Android version, then you are in the right place. The tutorial we have given below will let you to root your XFactor Idol 4.0 device easily.

WARNING: Rooting your Colors device will void its warranty and you will not be able to post a claim. So think well before you proceed with rooting the device. Also, if your phone gets bricked or if anything happens to your device by following the tutorial given below, I should never be held responsible. Proceed with CAUTION.

Root Colors XFactor Idol 4.0

Prerequisites To Root Colors XFactor Idol 4.0

1) The rooting process of XFactor Idol phone we have given here is not a data-loss process. So there is no need to take backups of personal data. But if you still feel not comfortable in proceeding with the rooting process without backup, then use necessary applications and take a full backup.

2) Ensure that your Colors Android phone has enough battery backup to carry out the rooting process or your phone will get bricked. Also, uninstall antivirus and antimalware applications from your phone before getting started with the rooting procedure.

3) Enable USB Debugging mode in your device by following this path: Settings -> Developer Option -> USB Debugging.

Once you have done all the above-mentioned steps, you can proceed with the main rooting process given below.

Tutorial To Root Colors XFactor Idol 4.0 Android Phone:

1) To begin, download Root Genius Application from “Shaume” and install it on your computer. Once you have installed it properly, launch the application.

2) Next connect your XFactors Idol 4.0 smartphone to the computer using the “USB Debugging Mode“. If you have the smartphone drivers installed on your computer, then the Root Genius Application will automatically identify your phone and will begin the rooting process.

3) Now just click on the big green “Root It” button. The rooting process will be carried out by the root genius application and after finishing all the tasks, your device will get rebooted.

Now look for “KingUser” app in your device. If it shows up, then your device is successfully rooted.

That’s it. Now you have successfully finished rooting Colors XFactor Idol 4.0 android phone. If you face any issues while carrying out this process, do let me know via comments.

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