How To Unlock Android Phone?

Most of us at some time or the other would have been in a state of frustration by forgetting the pattern set to unlock on our Android phone or tablet, scratching our heads and trying our best to unlock the device. Not being able to unlock the Android phone despite the best of our efforts with substantial time spent on the endeavor can test our patience to no end.

Pattern lock is of paramount importance for those with sensitive data or personal files on their Android devices. Using the pattern lock will help one to prevent their Android phone from unauthorized usage, but the problem arises when we forget the pattern set. To help you get out of the mess and enable you to unlock Android Phone or tablet, we suggest you try using the following methods.

How To Unlock Android Phone: Using Google Account

How To Unlock Android Phone

In the case of trying different types of patterns and still being unable to unlock your phone in 5 attempts, a message pops up and shows 2 buttons, the first one “next” and the other “try again.” Click on the next button and you would see 2 options for unlocking the Android phone. The first one would be to answer the security question and the second one is to provide the details of your Google account.

Most of the users do not set a security question. In case, you have set it, all you have to do is simply answer a question and unlock your phone in a matter of seconds. For those who have not set the security question, click the Google account option and click next. Provide the Google account user name and password relevant to your phone and click sign in.

After this step, you will be directed to choose a new pattern, and you can unlock your phone using the new pattern set. Sounds simple and straightforward doesn’t it.

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Unlock Pattern Without A Google Account

In the rare scenario in which one has forgotten their Google account details then what next? The proposed solution for this scenario is to do a factory reset on your Android phone. We will tell you how to go about it in simple and easy to understand steps. First power off your device. Press the volume up, home and power button simultaneously and wait till your device boots up.

When you see the logo screen release the power button, but keep pressing the other 2, the volume up and home buttons. Now the screen should show android system recovery mode, and there will be a list of options. Use volume down or up key to select the desired option from those listed. Now select the factory reset option and press the power button to start the process.

It will ask you for confirmation, and you should select yes. After completion of the factory reset, it will again show you the android system recovery mode. Select reboot option now and after the restart it would not ask you for the pattern.

It is really important to note that this method deletes all your applications and data. During the step 2 of the method, we told you to use 3 keys; the power, volume up and home keys. In some phones, the home button may not be available. On such phones, you can press volume down and up along with the power button.

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We certainly hope this article on how to unlock Android phone or tablet in the frustrating situation of having forgotten the pattern would have been quite helpful to you in unlocking your device. Do try them methods given above and let us know about the results in the form of comments in the section below.

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